How to help your partner cum

We naively believe that all sexual acts for a man necessarily end with violent orgasms. We do not assume that a partner cannot always reach the desired climax. If he does not finish, then we frantically begin to look for the reason in ourselves, and this should by no means be done. Do not berate yourself, but rather help the man to overcome this situation. Together, you must learn the floor if you know what to do.

1. Stimulation

If it becomes obvious that a man cannot come, do not torture yourself and him. Move on to stimulate his penis with your hands. The upper part of the penis is especially sensitive. Pulling the foreskin at the same time increases arousal and brings the moment of orgasm closer.

2. Bridle

A kind of scar in the lower part of the glans penis is a very sensitive area, the stimulation of which will increase the chances of getting the desired climax. You need to caress the bridle not superficially, but very tangibly, pressing on it with your tongue or hands. But you should not be too zealous, otherwise it is fraught with painful sensations for the partner.

3. Rotations

Caressing the penis, make rotational movements with your tongue or hands, this is very exciting and at times accelerates the onset of orgasm. Do not forget to lubricate the organ with saliva or special agents so that the manipulations are not carried out dry.

4. Masturbation

According to sexologists, no man will remain indifferent, watching a woman engage in self-satisfaction. Such a spectacle deprives them of their self-control, increasing the degree of excitement to the limit. If you are able to bring yourself to orgasm in front of a man, then you will get a double benefit: you will help him to finish, and you yourself will not be left without pleasure.

5. Trump cards

Men are highly organized creatures, not sex machines, so it is quite possible that individual reasons can knock him out of the right mood. But this also means that each of them has addictions and weaknesses that are capable of instantly bringing the body into “combat” readiness. For some it is music, for some it is striptease and watching porn videos, and for some it is enough to hear rude words from the lips of a partner. If you’ve been with your partner for more than a year, then you probably know what drives him to the highest degree of arousal. Use these trump cards just for times when there is a hitch with the climax in sex.
If the problem in bed is systematic, this is a reason to visit a doctor or take a vacation, since nervous tension and burnout at work can negatively affect his sexual health. In any case, everything is fixable, so do not panic, but act competently and confidently.

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