How to become a sperm donor

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is no longer a fantastic and unique method of conceiving a child. Childless couples or unmarried women who dream of becoming mothers turn to reproductive specialists , so the demand for donor biomaterial is growing.

You can help people become parents and earn a certain amount by surrendering their own ejaculate. What are the requirements and how to become a sperm donor, how much can you earn?

What is a sperm bank

Sperm donors donate their seminal fluid to a special repository – a bank. There it is subjected to analyzes, checks, after which it is placed in sterile test tubes and frozen in cryochambers using liquid nitrogen.

Storage in this way can last for decades until the bank client chooses this donor as the father of the child. The test tube is thawed and the fertilization of the female egg is started and, in case of successful conception and development of the embryos, their further replanting to the woman.

Bank clients do not know the donor’s personal data (last name and first name), they do not see his photographs. Select according to the following criteria:

  • age (at the time of sperm donation);
  • nationality;
  • the presence of children;
  • physique (height, weight);
  • eye, hair, skin color;
  • nationality;
  • education.

Each sperm bank has its own criteria, some organizations indicate the degrees of donors, their hobbies, eating habits, and others.

How to become a sperm donor?

The first requirement for a man who decides to sell his ejaculate and help childless couples become parents is an age limit. On average, this is a period of 18 to 40 years, but each repro bank has its own requirements and sometimes they are reduced to 32-35 years.

Just the desire to become a donor is not enough, before donating sperm and getting paid for it as for biological material, the guy must go through the preparatory stage. It consists of:

  • a comprehensive biological examination confirming his full health;
  • examination by a “male” doctor (andrologist, urologist);
  • psychologist consultations.

Sperm donation is a troublesome business and can take several months, so you need to be prepared for the fact that some tests will have to be repeated, because. their shelf life is short.

To assess the quality of spermatozoa, specialists will examine the seminal fluid, ask the donor in detail about all the diseases that he, his immediate and distant relatives suffered.

Donation is automatically rejected by men who have relatives with genetic and mental pathologies or who themselves suffer from diseases of the reproductive system. Experts prefer to buy ejaculate from healthy, physically developed guys with an attractive appearance.

An important criterion for donation is the health of the germ cells themselves and their resistance to low temperatures. Often there are situations when healthy and active sperm from a donor suitable in all respects die or lose their main properties when frozen, which excludes his ability to sell the ejaculate.

medical examination

Before concluding an agreement on the purchase of his seminal fluid, a sperm donor must pass the following tests:

  • general and biochemical blood tests;
  • smears and blood to detect urological and venereal diseases;
  • express analysis for HIV, hepatitis;
  • visual inspection by narrow specialists;
  • psychologist consultation.

You will need the conclusion of a narcologist and a psychiatrist that the man is not registered with them.

If all the results correspond to the norm, the final stage is ahead – a spermogram and an assessment of the quality of the biomaterial itself. Payment will be made only if it meets the following requirements:

  • active and healthy sperm – more than 60%;
  • the volume of the allocated liquid – from 2 to 5 ml;
  • the number of “gum” in 1 ml of sperm – at least 80 million;
  • after thawing, the biomaterial retained at least half of the required spermatozoa.

The study of donor sperm lasts at least six months. This is due to the fact that viruses such as HIV or hepatitis have an incubation period and are not able to manifest themselves within 6 months. Therefore, in a frozen form, it will be stored for exactly that much time, then it will be thawed and finalized.

Often men ask – how much does it cost to pass all the tests and a spermogram , and will the price of the examination exceed the amount that they will pay for the donation itself? As a rule, if a potential donor has passed the selection stage, cryobanks carry out diagnostics free of charge and with high quality.

Therefore, this is a great way to make money, help people and check your health without spending a dime.

How to donate seminal fluid

Sperm donation takes place in a cryobank , in a room specially designated for this. The technical side of the process does not raise questions among men, and preparation for it always does.

3-5 days before going to the clinic, the donor must:

  • refuse sexual intercourse;
  • do not drink alcohol, do not smoke;
  • Healthy food;
  • stop excessive exercise.

Some donors on the forums are advised to take wet wipes, an erotic magazine and upload the corresponding video to the phone to enhance the sensations before the procedure, but this is superfluous – all the conditions for the success of the process are provided in the rooms for donating biological material, so you do not need to take additional things with you .

Conclusion of an agreement

After clinical confirmation of the suitability of the genetic material, an agreement is signed, which sets out the rights and obligations of the parties. The clinic accepts the man as its permanent donor and undertakes to pay him for seminal fluid and conduct free examinations. The donor waives any rights to the potential child.

Biomaterial reward

How much does it cost to donate your sperm? Prices for it in Russian cities are different – the smaller the settlement, the lower the payments will be. They prefer to pay for repro banks not for a one-time delivery, but for the volume of liquid (the maximum number per month is 6 procedures), and only after the final diagnosis. The sale of sperm occurs in 2 stages:

  • prepayment immediately after ejaculation;
  • final payment after 6 months.

On average, in Russia, a man can receive about 200 thousand rubles a year for donation, if the biomaterial turns out to be of high quality.

Laws governing donation

The main regulatory document is the order of the Ministry of Health No. 107N, adopted in August 2012. It addresses issues such as:

  • use of reproductive technologies;
  • contraindications and restrictions to their use;
  • donor requirements.

Where can I donate sperm in Russia

Where to go to a man who wants to donate? All megacities of our country offer to buy sperm, small towns do not lag behind them. The list of the largest sperm banks includes:

  • Reprobank (Moscow);
  • Svichild (Moscow);
  • St. Petersburg Center for Reproduction Genesis (St. Petersburg);
  • Clinic of Reproduction and Genetics NGC (St. Petersburg);
  • Clinic of Reproductive Medicine BEBBUM (Perm);
  • Clinic “Philosophy of Life” (Perm);
  • Cryobank “VESP” (Nizhny Novogrod );
  • Clinic “OXY- center ” (Krasnodar Territory);
  • Family Medicine Center (Yekaterinburg).

addresses of cryobanks on the Internet. Online or by phone, you can get an initial consultation, find out how much the ejaculate delivery will cost.

If desired, a man can easily become a donor to an international clinic – the costs of a trip abroad and an initial appointment at local institutions are usually paid off in foreign currency.

But in order to be sure that compliance with Western requirements is met, it is better to undergo the necessary examinations at home, in trusted clinics. For example, the network of medical institutions ” Invitro ” operates around the clock according to international standards.

How is biomaterial stored?

The main way to store ejaculate is cryopreservation . Usually this is the placement of a test tube with biomaterial in a capsule with liquid nitrogen, but other ways are possible – the treatment of sperm with a special protector or glycerin.

After defrosting, the number of active spermatozoa decreases by almost a quarter, so experts around the world are looking for new ways to preserve the biomaterial.

How to choose a donor in a bank?

Each client has their own selection criteria. You should not worry about the physiological component of the issue – all genetic material is carefully examined and checked, so the risks of having a child with pathologies or “bad heredity” are minimized.

Selection can be carried out depending on external data or take into account the education, hobbies of the future genetic father. If desired, clients of the sperm bank can specify all the parameters of interest – both external and public, and on their basis receive profiles of several candidates.

What is included in the characteristics of a donor in a sperm bank?

The list of standard options includes:

  • external data, supported by a photograph from childhood;
  • blood type and Rh factor;
  • nationality;
  • marital status;
  • presence and number of children;
  • education, profession;
  • hobbies, passions.

The list of characteristics in each clinic is different and may include about a hundred parameters that are of interest to future parents.

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