How to wind up half a turn before sex

Was it a tough day? Are you tired? Has your boss ruined your mood? You dream of only one thing: to come home, make a cup of hot tea, fall in front of the TV and not be touched by anyone. But for the evening, a date with a loved one is already planned, which traditionally ends with intimacy. What can you do in order not to spoil the meeting and enjoy physical intimacy, tuning into a romantic mood in a matter of seconds?

Take a contrast shower

Water has been proven to work miracles. Water procedures allow you to restore mental and physical strength. A contrast shower helps to forget about the problems that have accumulated during the day. A light massage of the intimate area with water jets will calm the nervous system and restore sexual desire. 

Stay naked

Air baths are another effective procedure for restoring the body’s activity. After leaving the bath, blot your body with a towel and stay naked until it dries completely. Admire your shapes in the mirror, find great angles, etc. Such training will not only increase your self-esteem, but also return your good mood.

Put on your sexy lingerie

Psychologists unanimously argue that a girl feels better the more attractive she looks. Let not everyone see sexy underwear, but as soon as you imagine the reaction of your beloved, blood begins to seethe in your veins.

Flirt in correspondence

You can increase the degree of desire by intimate correspondence. Write to your boyfriend how you missed it, state your desires for the coming night, etc. If this kind of flirting between you is not welcome, you can use social networks. Today on the Internet you can find anonymous sex chats where people share intimate fantasies. Such conversations help to increase sexual desire and desire.

Turn on exciting music

Music can also have a revitalizing and calming effect on an unbalanced nervous system. To achieve the most positive effect, it is recommended to listen to music that is associated with pleasant life situations (unforgettable dance or sex). Hearing exciting notes, the brain will command the body to tune in to the desired wave.

Think back to your brightest sex

Maybe not with this partner, but you had a sexual experience that you want to repeat. Surely, you have repeatedly scrolled through all the smallest details in your mind, and pleasant waves of excitement ran through your body. Now is the moment when it is worth repeating.
As you can see, a hard and tiring day is not a reason to deny yourself intimacy. There are proven methods to help you forget the hustle and bustle of the day and increase your sex drive.

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