Intimate etiquette: how to give sex toys correctly

Have you decided to surprise a loved one by giving a sex toy? Cool idea, but only there are pitfalls. Find out how best to present intimate gifts so that they truly delight a person, giving bright orgasms, and not forcing him to remember you with unflattering words. Do you know how the idea for this article was born? From personal experience, when the first sex toy presented to me caused first joy, and then anger at the donor. For many years I was embarrassed to ask loved ones for specific gifts for the holidays, every now and then receiving all the nonsense I did not need. I was tired of wiping countless cups, stuffing pictures on the mezzanine, tamping clothes into closets that I wouldn’t buy myself at gunpoint. Unsolicited gifts became a burden for me. And it was ugly to transfer them, and there was no strength to endure the accumulating junk.  


And then I realized that it was time to make a wishlist. Sex wishlist!

And then a turning point came: for my next birthday I was presented with a food processor – a present from the category “Forget that you are a woman, you are a housekeeper”. But I don’t really like to cook. And then I realized that it was time to draw up a wish list and shamelessly poke at it everyone who dares to give me gifts. The condition was simple: “Give me what I want or don’t give me anything. Otherwise, all your gifts will be displayed in boxes on the street to the delight of the homeless. ” Have you already guessed what gifts were on my list?   

Yes, you guessed it! Sex toys were on the leading positions. These points caused the horse neighing of friends. I waited for 8 long years until it comes to them – the list is never comic and I will really be happy with intimate goods. Well, they are interesting to me, I love experiments, and the toad pressed the luxury itself. Waited, waited and finally waited! They gave me my first vibrator and my joy knew no bounds.

With barely restrained delight, I opened the gift wrapping and saw a miracle of technology – the Rabbit-class vibrator, one of the most popular sex toys. I immediately named the vibrator Ivan (aka Vanka-vstanka). It was practically the same famous vibrator model that the heroines of the TV series “Sex and the City” admired. Who cares, this is episode 9 of season 1, which is called “The Turtle and the Rabbit.” Bonus: it costs less than during the filming of the series and no longer has a heavy control panel. What a technician has come to! On this, the joyful moments for the time being ended. Vanya needed batteries, which were not in my house (as luck would have it!). I had to hurry to the store for normal batteries. Having bought them, I began to test the functionality of the vibrator and was already ready to embark on sexual experiments. I turned on the music, turned on the recording on the monitor with a dance of fire in the fireplace. In general, I created an atmosphere under the “romance and k”. And then it dawned on the vibrator to be washed. With what? The next hour I surfed the Internet, looking for products for cleaning intimate goods. I live on the outskirts of the city, so there are no such cleaning products in the nearest stores, and there was no waiting for the delivery of urine. I had to limit myself to washing with a little warm water and hygienic soap for the first time. Fortunately, the vibrator was waterproof. I understood that the toy required a special tool that would not spoil its surface, but the thirst for experiment required urgent action. Okay, I washed it with soap – cheap and cheerful. It’s time to retire with Vanechka. And … bummer again. Playing with a vibrator without lubricant is a hassle. So I had to trudge to the pharmacy (fortunately, there are enough of them even in the most rotten district). Already at this stage, I felt that my desire evaporated a little. But the principle did not give rest. I was eager to test my “rabbit” in action (or rather, in the body) and as soon as possible. Finally, everything was ready: the batteries were installed, the vibrator was cleaned, the lubricant was at hand. It is finished! Ivan immediately impressed with several modes: his head rotated, giving a sweet massage for the G-spot, rabbit “ears” tapped vigorous vibrations to stimulate the clitoris. But what impressed me most was the pearl-filled base of the barrel. When vibrations and rotations were turned on, the beads began to roll. An interesting bonus for those who like a delicate massage of the labia. In general, with such a device orgasm is guaranteed. Having finally received my honestly deserved la grande finale , I fell asleep in an embrace with Vanyusha, exhausted and contented like an elephant. And when I woke up I went to wash it. Soap. Again. I felt awkward, apologized to Ivan out loud for some reason, assuring him that I would never allow such an outrage in my life and next time I would buy him a special cleaning agent. In the end, it’s also in my best interest. A good antiseptic will not only prolong the life of Vanka-Vstanka, but also protect me from infections. Do you think this is where the fuss ended? No matter how it is! Sex toys must be stored in something so that they do not get dirty, so that they do not deteriorate. So a vibrator case has been added to my must-have lists. 





What to give with a vibrator?

The experience of my acquaintance with Ivan made it clear that giving sex toys should be wisely. If you want a gift to truly delight a person and not force him to buy something in addition, then it is worth replenishing the gift box with important additions. Here is a list of what to add as a gift.

1. Chargers for sex toys

Of course, if your chosen sex toy needs them. Read the instructions for the model in advance. Some devices require one battery, some require three. Do not skimp and buy quality batteries. Cheap ones can “flow” (and not in an erotic sense of the word), filling contacts and ruining such an interesting gift.

If you give toys to people who often travel, then you can add a power-bank – a portable charger to the package . The gift is doubly useful, as it is suitable not only for a sex toy, but also for charging a smartphone or tablet. 

2. Cleaner for sex toys

If batteries can still be found in almost any store, then you will have to run around sex shops to find a cleaner for sex toys . It is easier for the recipient of the gift to order them online, but … You can’t imagine how you don’t want to wait for delivery when a toy is already at your side. Show concern for the health and comfort of the person to whom you are making a spicy gift. Give yourself a good antiseptic. Are you serious about personal hygiene? Well, then it will not be superfluous to buy a special container designed for antibacterial treatment. It will be especially useful when it comes to sex toys for couples. 


3. Powder for sex toys

Some toys are made from state-of-the-art TPR and TPE materials and require special storage. After use, such toys should be cleaned, dried and sprinkled with special talcum powder. Powder for sex toys will keep the quality of the product for many years, preventing the material from drying out, cracking or sticking together.  

4. Lubricant for sex toys

The male penis in the process of coitus releases a natural lubricant that facilitates penetration and gliding. And even with her (and natural female lubricant), lubricant is not superfluous. Well, in the context of sex toys, you simply cannot do without it! Review the recommendations for your chosen toy. They will definitely indicate with which lubricant it is better to combine it. Since most modern sex toys are made of silicone, water-based, multi-purpose lubricants are most often suitable. Such lubricants are suitable for sex toys, and for oral sex, and for vaginal sex with a partner.

Advice! I recommend choosing a lubricant that says it doesn’t stain sheets and clothes. Again, water-based lubricants should be preferred. Even if a stain remains, such a lubricant can be easily washed off.  

5. Cases for storing sex toys

To protect an intimate toy from dust (and at the same time hide it from the prying eyes of children or guests), it is recommended to store it in some kind of case: a case, a box, and so on.

Many people advise keeping toys in regular cosmetic bags, but simple cosmetic bags can ruin your intimate devices if they are made of inappropriate materials. The best choice will be special bags made of Tyvek, a material specially developed for medical institutions. The peculiarity of Tyvek is that it prevents the penetration of bacteria. These bags often look like cosmetic bags. Why? And so that no one would guess about their true content.
“Isn’t it too much fuss …” – some will say. Do you want to get off with a gift from one toy without additional “buns”? Then accept the fact that you will hiccup at times. Because the recipient of the gift will remember you with unflattering words. The meaning of gifts is to please a person, and not burden him with leaving and keeping an expensive present. Take an adult approach if you want to gift a sex toy. Complete the gift with batteries, antiseptic, lubricant and case. Then you will hear a sincere “thank you”!   

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