Orgasm in the supermarket. How to make a fantasy come true?

How to have sex in a public place? How to experiment with a partner, even in a store? Or how to masturbate when choosing milk? It is now possible! And no one will guess what is happening. Sex in a crowded place is a fashion trend today. It is practiced in shops, restaurants, gyms, and even at work! And it’s worth a try!

Stimulation of the genitals today is realized in different ways. And it is not necessary to touch yourself with your hands and embarrass random passers-by. Everything has become much easier and more convenient. There are wearable sex toys with which such experiences have become possible. 

How to practice sex in a crowded place?

You can experiment with intimate gadgets in different ways. Masturbation and pairing experience turns out to be realized. Of course, genital contact will not occur, but the emotional contact will be very powerful.

How is this implemented? The body contains a sex toy. It can be immersed inside, or it can touch the erogenous zone from above. In this case, the device is not noticeable under clothing. The special shape does not interfere with movement and even sports. In this case, the toy is controlled using a smartphone. A special application allows you to activate vibration at any time. And then you can still change it to make the sensations even cooler. In this case, you will be able to choose built-in modes or come up with your own. The owner can control the toy himself. But he can also transfer control to another person. 

 … And then the path to orgasm will be in the hands of the partner. And this is exactly the kind of sex that happens – one gets pleasure, and the other controls it. And only the two of them understand what is happening.

A special pleasure

The toy can vibrate in different ways. And there is a unique function – movement to the beat of the music . And you can listen to your favorite melody in headphones, and in panties feel vibrations in the same rhythm. Another interesting mode is in time with the surrounding sounds . And it is very handy at concerts. It is magical to listen to and feel the performer inside. 


Is it not dangerous?

Using a remote controlled sex toy is not dangerous. They are covered with special medical materials, so they can stay in the body for up to 6 hours in a row. Of course, the charge will last for less time. But you don’t have to take out the device right away, but find the right moment.

The vibration is silent, no one around can hear the device. But they can guess from the behavior. Therefore, it is important to experience orgasms in a way that does not attract attention. It is ideal to sit down, it will not let you lose your balance.

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