Penis myths you should grow out of

Men in bed like sappers in a minefield. Do not trust? Do you think that he is an animal, an unbridled brute or a cowboy who wants to go around a filly (then what kind of role-playing game falls out)? Or is the diagnosis even sadder, and the idea of ​​having sex with a sexually mature man is stamped exclusively with gigabytes of porn and a couple of cases at a corporate party, where it is not that the quality does not go into quantity, but rather the quality is overshadowed by vodka? Quickly cancel cases and absorb the truth. The truth about the most forbidden topic in bed, about the fact that you will not discuss with all your girlfriends, about which you will not complain to your mother. The Truth About His Majesty The Male Member .  

Ancient Greeks nervously smoke on the sidelines compared to the number of myths that surround the male genital organ. The wave of feminism hysterically swept through the stunned mass audience, and all kinds of vaginas are painted in pictures, poetry is dedicated to them, and shown in the photo. Not to mention breasts, butts and other protruding places that generally rule the world. Against this background, male nudity looks like a poor relative at a funeral: even if these are spectacular cubes and powerful biceps, girls will not post them on their VK wall. 

The situation is ambiguous. On the one hand, it is enough to look around to become speechless from the abundance of phallic symbols. On the other hand, they don’t talk about the male member, he is like Woland de Mort in bed. It seems that men are obsessed with their dicks, it seems that women love them for this. But the penis remains like a symbol, beautiful and distant, and this imposing myelophon haunts both sides of the barricades. Men try to support myths about themselves, pass for sex giants. Girls nervously smoke before the first time, believing that they will now be hammered no worse than a jackhammer, not realizing that sex in reality and in porn is different. Truth, where are you? Of course, somewhere in between. In this case, in the middle between two rounded pouches, which are also in your boyfriend’s underpants and require no less attention. It is imperative to debunk the myths around the male member. Not only because he is aware, therefore he is armed. And not because it will allow you to become the second Cleopatra in bed (although this is a little too). If you start treating his friend (and a man is unlikely to have someone closer than his penis) calmly and with respect, believe me, this will add points to your boyfriend. 

1. Does size matter? Once again about the sore

Men with little dignity will foaming at the mouth to prove that size does not matter. Men with large penises will smile modestly and slyly on the sidelines. A woman of a man with a small penis will assure that she likes and is very pleased and so. A woman of a man with a big cock will squeak with delight. A man of a man with any member in general will be glad to have our homosexual partner. Most likely, all five options will take place.

But before showing his “fi” when a man takes off his pants, it is worth remembering that the average length of the penis is 9 centimeters in normal form, and 13 centimeters in an erect state. The overwhelming number of representatives of the stronger sex in standing form are 12-15 centimeters in size. Do not rush to poke your finger at porn with offended. The number of male actors there is very limited, observing the faces, one can understand that the girls change, but the men remain the same. In the porn industry, there are special agents who are paid very well precisely for finding sex giants and do not even want to think about how they conduct auditions with a ruler. Disappointed? Alas, life is not a fairy tale, and the princes eventually turn into a pumpkin, or rather, into a vegetable marrow. Yes, and it is stupid to get upset here, look at the faces of girls who ride a black man in porn, it’s hard to call them joyful, even taking into account acting skills. The fact is that not every vagina can physically cope with a large phallus. Anomalies happen, mutations also take place, but in nature everything is interconnected, and the average volume of the female genital tract is exactly 13 centimeters. In general, women are such cunning snakes, whose organs even manage to adapt to circumstances. Our girls’ vagina is very elastic, it consists entirely of muscles. By itself, it is small when a member enters it – the walls of the vagina naturally fit it. It is not surprising that we can show a child to the world almost without consequences and at the same time not bleed from tears. Therefore, in principle, in theory, a huge penis will not do much harm, but honestly, it is not a fact that you will fly away from the sensations to the seventh heaven. And also food for thought – men are so afraid of all these rulers themselves, and they generally dream of centimeters in a nightmare that those who are not endowed with nature with a bolt that does not fit in their hand are trying to compensate for this with other things. For example, cunnilingus . A brutal macho with a huge penis in bed pays a lot of attention to only one, in his opinion, praiseworthy subject – himself. At least you snore, most importantly, with an enthusiastic face, so that he would not be too bland to throw rare glances at you. A man with more modest parameters will most likely try to work with his tongue, fingers, hands in general. So it is not yet clear who is the loser here. In general, now there will be shock and horror. The male penis is such an organ that grows slightly throughout its life. That is, the growth of a guy may stop altogether, but this organ develops until old age. But you can stop staring at his boots and discreetly measure the distance between your thumb and forefinger. All these are myths – the size of the penis by shoes and other fortune-telling on coffee grounds cannot be determined. 



2. Night of love or pause for commercials

Has it ever happened that when watching a film, when talking with your friends, you heard from them that, they say, you jumped and jumped all night in a row, they woke up all the neighbors, broke through the wall, I can’t walk, I can’t move my legs, and in general a sprint race compared to that, a funny story. I advise you to doubt such statements and stop growing complexes. No, if a man has not only a penis, but also a head on his shoulders, he will do everything to make you feel good and more than once, perhaps sex will even have several visits, a foreplay, an epilogue, and a pleasant dessert. But I advise you not to overestimate the strength of your faithful, so as not to bring him to the grave ahead of time (unless this is your insidious plan to become a rich widow). By their nature, representatives of the masculine gender are quick – firing . This is justified by the very lady evolution: in the conditions of a cruel jungle or forest, where you literally have to beat off a female from competitors and get food every day in dangers, you need to conceive a continuation of the genus as soon as possible and then you can already die with a clear conscience. If you mess around for a long time, you will be left without little offspring, and your female will look at the attempts with sympathy. Today it has already been proven that 85% of men finish in about the third minute, if, of course, they are downright selfish (forgive the tautology). If your boyfriend is not like that, he will try to prolong the pleasure. In women, all these cycles are much longer, as they are closely tied to psychology and mood. Sometimes they literally knock out unworn socks, which makes it difficult to focus on the process. But still, you should not expect that in reality most of your partners will be able to run this long marathon and work for two hours per race. You need to find a middle ground. And you, if not a gymnast, for whom the twine is a normal posture for existence, are unlikely to be happy in the end with such loads. On the contrary, if a man cannot finish for a very long time, this is the first sign of serious violations and even impotence in the future, as well as a reason to think about what is wrong with you, if your appearance alone does not make him release fountains of sperm. And again, you shouldn’t be equal to porn, there men drink such doses of drugs for arousal that they could get on a horse, and in retirement, perhaps, everything will fall off altogether. 




3. Porn, right hand and other sins of a man

Okay, if no one has done it yet, then it’s time for me to give this brain-cleansing enema. Yes, your man can be fabulous, beautiful, and in general around him, perhaps there is such a golden halo, like around an angel. Only he watches porn anyway. If not porn, then pictures from friends with naked women, whose breasts are larger than your head. It is quite possible that when you discuss with your girlfriends what kind of good guy he is, he imagines these weighty ballasts of the female body on his face, while helping with his right hand (or with his left, if left-handed).

Deal with it. No man can do without this, consider that we are talking about moral food for his penis. If your boyfriend says that he is not like that – this is much more reason to think. A hypocrite is worse than testosterone playing in the body. And there is no need to condemn him, nag, or even call it treason. It’s just that men are made like that. Do not confuse this with polygamy – she did not lie around, and with a clear conscience you will be able to sharpen your frying pan if you learn about the step to the left.

In the end, the guys are much more relaxed about the fact that you have Captain America on the screen saver, and your dream is to dance tango and bask in Pattison’s arms . Notice Pattison dressed . Only this does not change anything, you all idealize the image of the other representative of the stronger sex and perhaps even imagine children from him. I don’t know which is worse – someone’s breast or a child. Moreover, masturbation, for example, is good for men’s health. It reduces the likelihood of prostate cancer and also improves immunity. And this is not the only benefit for a guy, it is almost more than from sex. According to statistics, every hundredth man in general can satisfy himself orally. So now live with this thought. If you cannot come to terms with the fact that your man’s member approvingly stands up in greeting when looking at an elastic ass, then find yourself one who is fixated on his complexes and twitches his eye a little. Only then do not be surprised that he calls you “mommy” or asks you to lick your toes. 


4. Delicate dignity

There is an opinion that a man’s penis is a sickly trunk, which, during an erection, generally turns into a stone block. This one-hit shaft will probably knock you out if you hit it in the forehead. But everything is different in life. The male penis is the most vulnerable part of your macho body, and it is in this organ that the largest number of nerve endings are located. And you thought why he feels so good? But on the other hand, a careless movement with a fingernail is enough to knock out your sexual giant for a long time.

A member is the most delicate outgrowth on a guy’s body, no matter how pretentious it may sound. It would be very nice if you associate him with an animal or a child. For God’s sake, never, under any circumstances, admit this to your man. Otherwise, the rules are the same – to stroke, kiss, treat with tenderness and care, not be afraid to touch, and most importantly – sincerely love. Leave the races and the role-playing game “I’m at my mom’s centrifuge” for the extreme lovers. In addition, it is biologically justified that the head of the penis is so tender and elastic. Everything for us, girls – so as not to injure the female genital organs.

Of course, it is unlikely that with intense jumps you will break something for him, but the desire to go to bed with you will most likely be repulsed. And don’t be afraid to take it in your mouth. Honestly, it does not bite, it is the same skin as on the arm, neck or shoulder, only softer and more tender. Take care to never expose your teeth and alternate your actions a little more to ensure ecstasy. It is known that the most sensitive place and the largest accumulation of nerve endings is in the transition between the trunk and the head. Now you know where your man has the most interesting point. Take action.

5. All about condoms 

Many guys claim that condoms break their buzz and immediately make the mood dull, like a party without alcohol. This opinion is so ingrained in bed culture that many girls think so, even before their partner has a say. But in fact, there are so many myths hovering around condoms that it even becomes scary.

First, let’s calm the paranoid – two remedies don’t mean better protection. On the contrary, if you manage to somehow pull condoms on each other with your MCH, you get a very high chance that they will break. It’s all about the force of friction. Plus, the chances are high that they will slide off.

Further, it is worth mentioning those who say that a condom does not allow an orgasm to be experienced, strongly drains it, interferes, spoils the mood and appetite, whispers condemningly at night from a pocket or from under a pillow – all this is fiction and the effect of self-hypnosis. At one time, the same infamous British scientists studied more than five hundred men who had sex with and without this contraception. Aside from how they did it, all of these claims are completely unfounded. A condom equally does not affect sensation, orgasm, or the length of intercourse. So take the noodles off your ears and don’t be stupid, risking your health. By the way, the fact that various funny chlamydia and other venereal joys are not transmitted orally is also a myth. As you know, a smart girl will always pretend to be a fool in time. This rule also applies to men. Many myths about their penis and sex life play into their hands. This includes the opinion that a man thinks about sex almost every 17 seconds and just literally he has two brains, one of which is in his pants. In fact, Ohio scientists have proven that guys have an average of 19 thoughts of intercourse per day. The myth that a man is polygamous has long been destroyed. So all these misconceptions are perhaps just an attempt to draw attention to your penis, which requires it no less than your boyfriend. Love both of them and then any conventions will not play any role. 

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