Effective ways to increase potency

Questions that often bother men: how to quickly raise potency, can it be done at home, what to do in an emergency? Erectile dysfunction – complete or partial, temporary or permanent – is quite common.

Many negative factors affect the health of the reproductive system, and almost every man has several of them.

In the evening, a date? What can be done here and now – express methods

Male potency is a complex mechanism, the well-oiled work of which depends on physiological or psychological health. If the cause of problems in bed are serious diseases of the heart, blood vessels, nervous system or the genitourinary system itself, improvement of the situation is possible only if it is completely cured.

If the fault is chronic diseases in remission, psychoemotional disorders, external factors, you can quickly cope on your own.

PDE-5 inhibitors

The first and most safe method to quickly increase an erection is to buy a medicine for potency in a pharmacy. Drugs – type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors relax the smooth muscles that make up the penis, dilate blood vessels, and increase blood flow to the small pelvis. Result – the penis will be filled with blood more fully, its outflow will slow down, the erection will be strong, long-lasting. Cons of drugs:  

  • have contraindications and side effects;
  • are quite expensive;
  • do not work without sexual stimulation.

The last condition – you can buy and take drugs for potency, but if the guy is not excited, i.e. will not want a woman, the medicine will simply not work.

The list of substances that can quickly raise potency includes:

Alcohol compatibilityNot recommended, may provoke adverse reactions from the cardiovascular systemSimultaneous intake is prohibited, minimum doses of light alcohol are permissible 2-3 hours before taking the pillNot recommended because the effect of the medication decreases
Time of actionDrink 30 minutes before meals or 50 minutes after. The action lasts from 4 to 12 hoursReception is carried out 15-20 minutes before sexual contact, the action lasts for 36 hoursTake the pill 15-45 minutes before intercourse
DosageIt is selected individually, ranges from 25 to 100 mg per day20 mg per dayThe recommended dosage is 10 mg, maximum 20 mg can be taken per day
Power featuresTaking the drug on an empty stomach accelerates absorption, an erection occurs in 25-30 minutes. Fatty foods slow down efficiency by the same amount of timeFood does not affect the effect of the substance, fatty ones reduce the effectiveness of the drugDo not combine with acute – this will reduce the effect of the drug
DrugsAdamaxAlti-MetVektaViagraViasilVizarsinDynamicallyIntigraInforceKonegraLovigraMogininNovagraSildenafilUp GreatCialisErectadilLevitra

Remember – all drugs for raising potency have specific reception features, strict restrictions and contraindications, therefore, it is strictly forbidden to treat them on their own, without consulting a doctor. Only the doctor will select the right drug, determine its dose for administration.

If the penis is flaccid

You can quickly increase potency without pills, but the result will not last long. The principle of home express methods is the same increase in blood flow to the penis with the help of hands. This effective way to strengthen and extend the riser comes from oriental practices:

  • At the time of putting on a condom or a couple of minutes before entering a woman, the penis should be wrapped very tightly with your fingers at the base to slow down the outflow of blood from it.
  • You should hold your fingers until the start of frictions and, if possible, for some more time.
  • This method will improve erection, prolong intercourse, and if you use it often in practice, you can partially restore the lost potency.

Correct postures

Correct postures during an intimate act will increase the potency.

  • It is good to remember physics here – the law of attraction: blood tends to go down, but it hardly rises up due to the main function of the cardiovascular system.
  • To keep your penis full, you need to make it so that it is on top of your partner.
  • An effective method is to abandon the riding position, choose the following poses:
    • the guy behind or “doggy style” – the girl is on her knees, her pelvis is raised, the penis tends down;
    • missionary with her legs on her partner’s shoulders – this will also provide an increased flow of biological fluid.

If problems begin with potency

To prevent incidents with sexual dysfunctions from happening, at the first signs of possible impotence, start fighting for your recovery. You can use a special male potent drug or choose a comfortable position. A complex struggle to increase male strength is more effective; this can be done completely free of charge.


Physical exercises familiar from childhood will increase potency, bring the body into good shape, and increase immunity. They are useful at any age – for adults, the elderly, very young. Regular physical activity improves the work of the heart, blood vessels, on which male strength depends. You can do them at home at any convenient time.

  1. Squats. Legs shoulder-width apart, while inhaling, the pelvis drops down to the level of the knees, while exhaling, it rises.
  2. Marching. While walking in place, the knees should be raised as high as possible to the chest.
  3. Retention of cargo. Feet hip-width apart: you should sit down slightly, tightly squeezing the buttocks, as if there is a desire to hold the stone with the muscles of the perineum. Hold for 5-10 seconds, straighten up.
  4. Raising the pelvis. Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, arms extended along the body. Raise the pelvis, tightly squeezing the bottom, lower it down, trying not to touch the floor.
  5. Bike. Lying on your back, twist your legs bent at the knees, imitating a ride.
  6. Running in place. Perform it so that the socks do not come off the floor or this separation is minimal.

In order to apparently increase the potency, each exercise must be done 15-20 times, gradually increasing the duration of the workout. You need to start with minimal loads, but as the muscles strengthen, increase the exercise time or use weights.

Kegel gymnastics

Prolongation of sexual intercourse, strengthening of an erection are tasks that can be solved by special gymnastics. It was invented by obstetrician-gynecologist Arnold Kegel, at first they were designed to restore the muscles of the perineum in young mothers, after which their benefits for men were evaluated. Today, any urologist will read a lecture on the benefits of Kegel exercises, and forums devoted to impotence are full of reviews of its results.

It is very simple to perform actions, you can do it anytime, anywhere. In order for the classes to go right, you first need to find a muscle that will have to be trained. It is advisable to carry out the search step by step:

  1. Standing in the restroom, try to interrupt urination by pulling the pelvic floor.
  2. Feel which muscle has tensed.
  3. Repeat for subsequent emptying of the bladder.
  4. Try to strain the muscle outside the restroom, in standing, sitting, lying positions.

Once the basics have been mastered, the workout can be done whenever the opportunity arises. This therapy can be done like this:

  • gradually squeeze / unclench the perineum, lingering in a static position for 2-3 seconds;
  • quickly tense / relax the muscle for 1-2 minutes;
  • strain your body, stay in this position for 40-60 seconds, relax, repeat.

Thanks to Kegel gymnastics, sexual intercourse can be prolonged – a man’s testosterone level rises, he becomes more enduring, and the quality of sperm improves. Increased blood flow to the penis is reflected in its size and sensitivity of erogenous zones in the groin – a guaranteed increase in potency.

Why tiptoe in the toilet and walk barefoot

  1. Another oriental means of increasing potency is lifting on tiptoes when urinating. The back should be straight, the mouth closed, and the buttocks tense – in this position, the muscles of the perineum, which are responsible for healthy potency, are also strengthened. This exercise prolongs the duration of intercourse. Kidney diseases are additionally prevented.
  2. Did you know that there are many points on men’s feet that stimulate sexual energy? Walking barefoot in the summer on the warm sand, on the hot stones on the beach – this is very useful! Buy a special spiky rug, walk on it in winter. You can just do mustard plasters on your feet – this additionally activates blood circulation in the pelvic organs and increases your male viability.

You cannot do warming procedures for any inflammatory diseases! Make sure you are in full health before practicing such treatments.


A healthy lifestyle should include a rational, correct menu. It is better to refuse a strict diet – this way of nutrition deprives the body of vitamins and necessary chemical elements, weakens the body and spirit. It is better to include in the diet healthy products to increase potency, remove from it those that destroy masculine strength.

Nuts of all kindsFatty meat (beef, lamb, pork)
SeafoodWheat flour products
Honey and bee beeSweets
Quail eggsCarbonated drinks
CitrusAlcohol, especially beer
Vegetables and fruits (except potatoes)Semi-finished products
Onion garlicSoy products
Whole grainsFast food
Diet meat (rabbit, turkey, chicken, veal)Instant vermicelli
CerealsSausages, smoked meats
Rye breadCanned food

Grandma’s medicine

Thanks to folk remedies for raising potency, men returned sexual power long before the advent of drugs, gymnastics and other achievements of civilization.

Natural potency enhancer – gifts of nature in the form of herbs, plants. Such recipes are considered an old-fashioned way of treatment, but they have a therapeutic effect, they can replace the intake of dietary supplements or vitamin complexes, prophylactic drugs.

It is best to increase the potency of the following recipes:

  1. Mix an equal amount of crushed walnut kernels and honey, eat a teaspoon 3 times a day. It is best to drink it with milk or herbal infusion.
  2. Ginger root will provide strong potency, and it can be cooked in a number of ways:
  • Tincture: grate 400 g of root, pour 0.5 l of vodka, leave for 20 days, strain, drink a tablespoon 3 times a day half an hour before meals;
  • Grind 300 g of product, mince an unpeeled lemon, add 3-4 tablespoons of honey, mix, leave in the refrigerator. The infusion should be used when you need to raise a member urgently, because the effect is very fast and powerful. The optimal time is 20 minutes before intercourse.
  1. Potency at home is excellently raised with the help of ginseng root. The best recipe, proven over the years: chop the washed dried root in a blender, pour 1 kg of melted honey, stir, leave for 14 days. There is a small spoon 3 times a day until the resulting gel mass ends.
  2. Beaver spray or musk is a safe recipe for men suffering from impotence. The substance is used in pure form in 1 tbsp. three times a day, the course of therapy is 10-30 days.

Vitamin complexes and dietary supplements

Treatment of impotence involves the normalization of metabolic processes, this is possible when you receive a full range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids. The list of the best drugs includes:

VitaminsDietary supplements
Velman TrichologicWookie-wookie
Mans FormulaGift of the Himalayas
Yohimbe forteChongCao
Optimum Nutrition Opti-MenFuzhunbao Super
AlphabetThe Emperor’s Secret
DuoVit for menErectogenon
Complivit SeleniumGolden horse
 Tongkat Ali Platinum
 Tentex Forte
 Red root

What causes of a sluggish erection can only be seen by a doctor

Reduced potency and problems in bed are not always associated with diseases of the pelvic organs – prostatitis, inflammatory processes in the kidneys, bladder. Often they are caused by pathologies of completely different organs, in order to identify them, you will need to visit a doctor and undergo a medical examination.

After the diagnosis is made, he will tell more about the features of the disease and give recommendations on how to deal with it.

Often, to restore sexual health, you need to treat:

  • heart and blood vessels;
  • dysfunction of the brain and spinal cord;
  • thyroid gland;
  • diabetes.

Often, a weak effect in bed is observed as a result of taking medications taken by a man. If the therapy is temporary, the potency will return after its end, if the medication is taken constantly, ask the doctor to replace it, or begin to strengthen the sexual power using available methods.

Changes in potency are a signal of the body. Get tested: exclude indolent or chronic diseases and you can safely experiment on your potency, improving it in any way.

Proper rest

Both body and soul require treatment and rest, especially if a man is in constant stress caused by work, family problems, and troubles. To increase potency, it is important to provide relaxation of the psyche, peace of mind, and they will help to do this:

  • avoidance of conflict situations, communication with ill-wishers, people with negative energy;
  • weekend rest – trips to nature, time spent with family;
  • healthy sleep – at least 8 hours a day;
  • oriental practices, sports – yoga, fly yoga, swimming, skiing – such activities will benefit and give you relaxation;
  • massage – sessions can be carried out by a specialist in a massage room or you can ask your girlfriend to stretch the body.

Rest rules

Proper rest is a restoration of strength:

  1. Rest is not idleness. You will not rest on the couch for two days. But there is no need to arrange grandiose cleanings – by working days you will be worse than a squeezed lemon. Triple your walk in the park, go to the movies – walk for half a day, and then you can go to the sofa.
  2. Do not wait for the moment when you will collapse from fatigue. Rest early – take a nap, just sit with your eyes closed for 15 minutes. This time is enough to relieve a little fatigue.
  3. Better to rest more often. Breaks of 10 minutes every hour are more effective than an hour’s break in the afternoon of work.
  4. The best way to rest is to change activities. If possible, divide your working day into several types of work, so you will get tired less.
  5. Do not fall in the evening after work to the TV in a work suit. Take a comfortable shower, put on comfortable clothes – you will immediately feel how tiredness has disappeared somewhere.

After a good rest, you will not have to think about how to increase the weakening potency, sexual desire will wake up on its own, morning erection will be like a teenager’s. This is not a dream – just a teacher of proper rest!

Alternative medicine

According to the people’s doctor Elena Malysheva, all methods are good in the struggle for men’s health, even those that are unusual for our compatriots. However, preference should be given to scientifically proven, safe methods.

The most popular ones are:


  • Treatment with leeches helps to remove stagnant blood from the body, metabolic processes are triggered, the body heals and rejuvenates. This is the prevention and treatment of not only impotence, but many other pathologies.


  • Acupuncture helps to cope with many diseases, as well as impotence. In the process of therapy, the impact on energy points will be carried out, the energy will be directed to the pelvic organs, stimulating their work, improving potency.


  • The camel’s stomach is considered the most powerful natural aphrodisiac, allowing you to get strong, long-lasting erection just a few minutes after a piece of the product is eaten. With regular use, erectile dysfunction disappears completely. The rennet has one drawback – it is very difficult to find it, but it is expensive.

Andrologist’s advice

Doctors dealing with men’s sexual and reproductive health can paint in paints what awaits if he does not treat sexual dysfunction at its first manifestations. It is worth listening to their advice, the struggle in the early stages will bear fruit in a short time, will allow you to forget about the problems in your intimate life.

The key to sexual longevity, according to andrologists:

  • good sleep and rest;
  • a positive attitude and maintaining a positive emotional background;
  • a healthy lifestyle – “no” to bad habits, “yes” to sports and proper nutrition;
  • yes – refusal of casual sex, no – frequent change of sexual partners;
  • timely detection of any diseases, their treatment under the supervision of a doctor.


It must be remembered that sooner or later more than 70% of men of any age face the problem “below the belt”, so embarrassment when contacting a specialist is stupid. Only the doctor will establish the cause of the disorder, give recommendations for its elimination.

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