Secrets of vibrant sex in long-term relationships

Who doesn’t rush about bright and unforgettable sex? However, no matter how sad it is to realize this, having connected our life with a permanent partner, we lose the acuteness of intimate relationships, which eventually turn into “marital duty.” Do not despair. There are no hopeless situations in life. We present to your attention how in a long-term relationship you can preserve passion, and make sex unforgettable and varied. 

Secret 1. Feel your inner sexuality

Sex is perceived differently at every age. In youth, more attention is paid to the correct rhythm, deep penetration and technique. When you get older, this is not enough. I want a romantic atmosphere, admiring glances, experiments. It is now that your sexuality begins to wake up – the individual feeling of every woman. The most important thing is not to drown it out with a heap of everyday problems and constantly support it.

Secret 2. Be realistic

When you are aroused, you look forward to your partner’s arrival. You want to hear compliments and declarations of love addressed to you, as well as to completely possess his whole being. At such moments, a person cares least of all about technique or selfishness, but simply enjoys a partner. No one argues that everyone has their own idea of ‚Äč‚Äčideal sex. However, let’s be realistic. Do not expect that after working days, your significant other will be disposed to serenades under the window and prolonged caresses. Just start enjoying your partner and be responsible for your pleasure yourself .

Secret 3. Follow the Desire

No one will argue that novelty is always more pleasant and more exciting. In pursuit of this feeling, people often go for treason. Many experts recommend that partners add variety through dates, new places to spend their leisure time, sex positions, etc. Others are sure that all this is very boring, as it also quickly gets boring. They recommend not to panic when your libido is fading away. When you learn to have fun and enjoy the simplest little things, your sexual desire will return to you with renewed vigor.


Secret 4. Take responsibility for your libido

Everyone understands that getting an orgasm is the result of the interaction of both partners. One of the important components of quality sex is not only the ability to express your desires, but also to take into account the needs of your partner. Do not forget that he is not obliged to unquestioningly fulfill your whims. But you, too, should not do what is unpleasant for you, only because of the desire to please the chosen one. Find a compromise. Otherwise, no one will be satisfied.

Secret 5. Keep in touch

Every person has days when they don’t even want to think about sex. At times like these, don’t push your partner away or withdraw into yourself. Try to express your love and affection in a different way. Moreover, a slight arousal does not yet oblige you to jump into bed, but at the same time it tones up very well .
As you can see, in a long-term relationship you can also enjoy bright and unbridled sex. Be a little more attentive to yourself and your partner, do not let your sexuality disappear under the heap of everyday problems and do not let yourself forget why you chose this person as your life partner.

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