Erotic prostate massage for husband at home

The prostate is a male paired organ located in the lower part of the groin. To treat its inflammation, patients are often prescribed prostate massage.

What is prostatic massage?

To prevent such a serious disease as prostatitis, as well as to cure it, urologists often prescribe a special prostate massage. This procedure is usually performed by the specialist himself, but it is not convenient for every patient to visit the clinic every day.

Therefore, massage techniques can be taught to your other half. This will allow you to perform prostate massage to the husband by the wife at home. Such an intimate approach to the procedure will bring not only health benefits, but also bring new colors to the sexual life of the spouses. The main thing is to take into account all the nuances of this procedure.

Treatment rules

When a wife massages her husband’s prostate, the main task of a man is to relax and enjoy as much as possible. The guy can lie on his side, pulling his legs to his stomach or on his back, pressing his knees to his chest.

The average duration of the treatment procedure is 2-4 minutes, the course of therapy is 10 days


How to do a prostate massage for a man?

The beloved will tell you that the movements are done correctly. Proper massage does not cause pain, discomfort, and the guy should also correct the woman’s hand, suggesting when he is pleased and when not.

Home massage is performed as follows: a woman’s finger, lubricated with cream, is gently inserted into the anus of a man.

After complete penetration, the first phalanx will be at a distance of 4-5 centimeters from the anus, exactly where the organ is located. By gently pressing your finger against the walls of the anus, you can easily feel the gland you are looking for: it resembles a nut to the touch. As soon as the organ is found, circular movements should be performed, lightly pressing on the prostate itself.

If a girl is afraid not to cope with such a delicate procedure or simply does not want to part with a beautiful manicure, you can use a special massager that is sold in a pharmacy, and detailed instructions for use will tell you how to use it correctly.

Massagers are designed for independent procedures, but it is more convenient if the treatment is still carried out by another person. Such a massage device will facilitate the task of the girl, reduce the risk of injury to the intestinal mucosa.

Intimate types of massage

Although the session itself does not always give a man pleasant sensations, it can be completed with an unusual intimate procedure: it is enough to finish the massage with the tongue. If a loved one managed to relax and even begin to enjoy the movements performed by a woman, he will have an erection.

And the excitement should get its logical conclusion – sexual intercourse with ejaculation.

Caressing the anus with the tongue refers to tantric practices – the Indian teaching about intimate relationships, which allows partners to become closer to each other, as well as achieve a brighter, stronger orgasm.

Whether to conduct such an intimate and frank massage – the woman decides on her own. But if the relationship of the couple is strong, they completely trust the friend and want to bring new colors into their intimate life, then this opportunity should not be neglected.

How to perform tongue massage? Just like with a finger, while hands can caress the penis, bringing a man to orgasm.

The reaction of the partner, as well as violent, prolonged ejaculation, will tell you that the actions are correct. Such sex is able to deliver the highest buzz to both partners: a man – physical, a woman – moral.

But usually, having come to their senses after such an orgasm, guys do not like to be in debt, trying to give such pleasure to their beloved woman.

Preparation rules

A prostate massage with a finger to a husband can easily be performed by a beloved wife, but only after a thorough study of the mechanism of the procedure, since there is a danger of harm.

A woman should prepare for a massage, study special literature, video tutorials, or get advice from a urologist. Massage at home for her husband is a rather easy and pleasant procedure, and preparation for it does not take much time, it can also bring not only benefits, but also pleasure.

If a wife gives her husband a prostate massage with a finger, she should take care of her manicure: the nails are completely cut off and filed, the hand is treated with an antiseptic solution. It is also advisable to wear medical sterile gloves, apply baby cream or petroleum jelly to your finger.

Massage should be done only after hygiene procedures: the anus, penis and scrotum must be thoroughly washed. Another important condition is a relaxing environment. It is better to spend the first massage with calm romantic music, staying at home alone, making sure that no one will disturb you.

Before prostate massage by the wife, the husband must empty his bowels. If it was not possible to do this naturally, a microclyster will be required.

It is necessary to start massaging an important organ of a loved one only when the bladder is full. Therefore, before the procedure, it is recommended to drink a couple of glasses of tea or water, and wait a few minutes.

What to pay attention to?

If the massage is done correctly, then the patient does not experience discomfort. Mild discomfort can be observed at the first insertion of the finger, when the man reflexively contracts. This condition is normal, because after relaxation, the discomfort disappears.

The procedure itself does not give much pleasure, but it does not cause discomfort, so patients can easily wait for its completion.

After the session, the guy should empty the bladder. Together with waste products, stagnant prostatic juice will also come out of the body. When urinating, urine should be carefully examined: it should be transparent, yellow, and not contain blood clots.

If the urine has changed a lot, sediment, blood clots are visible, you should immediately contact your doctor. Also, after the procedure, a clear or whitish liquid may be released from the urethra – this is a normal natural phenomenon. If the discharge has a dark yellow, green or brown tint, this is a sign of the presence of pus, which also requires medical advice.

Pus in the prostate is a contraindication to the continuation of massage procedures.

When is massage forbidden?

Sessions are held only according to the testimony of a urologist.

If there is a desire to perform massage for prevention, you should make sure that there are no contraindications to it.

These include:

  • exacerbation of prostatitis;
  • advanced form of prostate adenoma;
  • redness of the skin of the scrotum;
  • anal fissures;
  • haemorrhoids;
  • prostatic hyperplasia;
  • stones in the prostate;
  • infectious inflammation of the urethra.

In the absence of all these pathologies, you need to make sure in advance by conducting a preventive examination of the pelvic organs. To do this, you will need to pass a series of tests, conduct an ultrasound examination of the prostate gland.

What to do if the husband does not want to?

Prostate massage can not only improve a guy’s health, but also strengthen relationships, because you can entrust such a delicate, intimate procedure only to your loved one. But sometimes guys refuse such treatment for a number of psychological reasons.

A beloved woman must convince her husband that such treatment is not only useful, but also very pleasant. And as proof and a nice bonus, you can end the session with vivid sex, oral sex, the realization of intimate fantasies.

Knowing what gift awaits him at the end of treatment, a man simply cannot refuse the next session!

What do the doctor’s say

Dr. Laurie Blansset explains how to achieve prostate health and prevent prostate cancer with regular prostate massage. Dr. Laurie agrees that regular prostate massage, done right, can prevent or reverse prostate enlargement and can help with other health problems in men that occur after age 50.

And prostate milking (as massage is often called) can greatly help with prostatitis, preventing prostate cancer, relieving BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy), increasing bladder control, eliminating erectile dysfunction and preventing premature ejaculation. And best of all, the experience can be enjoyable alone or with your partner. Tune in and keep yourself open! If you or your partner has prostate problems, prostate massage can change your life!

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