The first sex toy. User stories

The first experience is always the brightest. This rule also applies to the use of sex pears. We asked our subscribers how their first purchase of sex products came about. For most, this was a real discovery that changed their intimate life.

I was ashamed

Go to a sex shop shy of many. But to cope with this is very simple – you can buy everything in the online store. In this case, you do not have to communicate with the seller, and the order will be completely anonymous.

Tatyana, 27 years old

I didn’t go to the store myself. It’s like confessing that I have problems in my personal life. Therefore, I ordered a toy on the Internet. It was a mini vibrator. And I am very pleased with the first purchase. Now I take everything on the Internet, but there’s no more embarrassment. Once in my childhood I was uncomfortable buying pads, but it passed. Everything is very similar with toys.

Irina, 34 years old

I was thinking all the time, and suddenly someone will see me when I leave the sex shop. It’s a shame to buy something in such a store. Therefore, she put off going to such a place for a very long time. Now I already understand that these are complexes, and people don’t care what I do, but it didn’t come right away. In general, shame pushed me to, and I am glad about it. I have already ordered several times lubrication, I bought myself swabs for sex and a vibrator for a couple.

It was the brightest orgasm!

For many women, the vibrator becomes an assistant who gives a lot of orgasms. For someone, he opens the world of pleasures for the first time. And a simple purchase changes life completely.

Alina, 26 years old

I experienced my first orgasm with a vibrator, and not with a man. I always thought. That masturbation is bad. And then it turned out that at 23 I did not have a single orgasm. And whatever I did, he did not come. And I realized that my last hope is a sex toy. I bought Satisfair, and that all changed. Now I know what an orgasm is.

Olga, 25 years old

I got a vibrator. It was Le Wand, he still works, although he is already 4 years old. And I decided to try it alone. And it was gorgeous, it was the brightest orgasm in my life. And he came almost instantly! How great it is! I could not even imagine that some kind of toy could cause such an effect! Now I am a fan of sex toys, I have all the new items.

It has become much more interesting

Many people buy a vibrator not for themselves, but for a couple to diversify sex. After several years of marriage, it can be difficult to arouse interest in a partner or surprise him with something in bed. And then couples are looking for something new.

Milan, 37 years old.

My husband and I wanted to try sex toys together, we chose something universal so that both liked it. We bought a vibrating bullet, for the first time it seemed like a great solution. And really, such a thing made it clear that toys are great. Of course, you need to take something larger, but our “baby” added a twinkle to the relationship.

Anna, 31 years old

With a vibrator it has become much more interesting in sex! Now I always end! Previously, I could not even dream of such a thing. And my husband likes it, he is ready to buy any toy, if only I would moan with delight.

Strange experience

More than 80% of buyers are satisfied with the purchase. The first sex toy gives them pleasure. But there are those who are not completely satisfied. They are much smaller, but their experience is also worth considering.

Marina, 43 years old

I read on the Internet that toys give a lot of orgasms. Waiting for her purchase with bated breath. But it turned out that everything is not so great. Yes, the vibrator is exciting, but I can’t only experience an orgasm. I need him to lean on top, so that I can feel his breath. You will not experience this with a vibrator.

Elizabeth, 27 years old

Toys are useful to someone, but not to me. I do not masturbate, I am not interested. And in a pair, the vibrator cannot be used normally. A strange experience where between us it’s like someone else is present. We never figured out what to do with this device, and it gathers dust in the closet.

Reviews about the first vibrator are very different, but most of them are positive. Sex toys give new impressions, they help to get more pleasure. And almost all devices are suitable for masturbation, and for paired experiments.

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