What is masturbation

Masturbation is understood as the process of satisfying sexual desire, carried out independently, that is, without a sexual partner. Another common name is masturbation. The phenomenon is typical for both men and women. Actions are taken to stimulate their erogenous zones (penis, clitoris, vagina) in order to achieve orgasm.

Joint masturbation – self-satisfaction in front of a partner, mutual – hand stimulation of the partner’s genitals.

The opinions of doctors and the public about onanism are ambiguous.

Some consider this process to be quite normal, others insist on condemning it and frighten it with harmful consequences.


Depending on the age of the person who is engaged in self-satisfaction, it can be classified into the following types:

  • Child masturbation or prepubertal (occurs among preschool children who have not yet begun the process of puberty);
  • Teenage (at this age, the level of hormones in boys and girls goes off scale, so this is a good way for teenagers to relieve sexual arousal without engaging in early sexual intercourse);
  • Adult (common among men and women of all ages, including advanced years).

Based on the method can be divided into:

  • mechanical (orgasm is achieved through mechanical stimulation of the penis in men and the clitoris, vagina, nipples in women);
  • mental (methods of obtaining sexual pleasure and ejaculation are based on erotic fantasies, without affecting the genitals);
  • mixed (the most common type, combining the stimulation of erogenous zones and the presentation of exciting images).

Among the distorted forms are distinguished:

  • protracted (expressed in the termination of stimulation of the penis in men or the clitoris, the vagina in women when an orgasm approaches, so that after the excitement subsides, start stimulation again);
  • interrupted (without achieving ejaculation and orgasm).

It is necessary to mention such a thing as joint masturbation.

This method of onanism requires the participation of a partner who is present during sexual satisfaction and observes the stimulation of erogenous zones.

Causes of masturbation

The physiological need for sexual satisfaction in different people is expressed with different strengths.

One of the natural causes of onanism is an increased libido, in which a person feels dissatisfied even with regular sex with his partner.

The reason may be violations of a sexual and mental nature. Sexual disorders include:

  • sexual dysfunction, erection problems in men;
  • hypersexuality;
  • frigidity and anorgasmia in women;
  • deformation of the genital organs after childbirth (unwillingness to have full-fledged intimate contact due to complexes about how the genitals look);
  • non-standard size of the genitals (too small or large penis size, wide vagina, etc.).

Mental disorders associated with masturbation include:

  • Neurosis, depressive disorder;
  • Phobias and complexes;
  • Varieties of schizophrenia;
  • Psychopathic disorders;
  • Mental retardation;
  • Tendency to sexual perversions (same-sex sex, fetishism, etc.).

Also, onanism is resorted to in case of fear of rapprochement with another person.

This fear arises with low self-esteem, doubts about one’s sexual strength. More often this reason is typical for men. Joint is used in couples who are looking for ways to diversify their sex life. The desire to try something new in her intimate relationship and get even closer to her partner is the main reason why she is so popular.

Health impact

The contradictory views on this issue gives rise to many myths about the harm and benefits of masturbation.

Modern medicine does not consider masturbation a deviation or a threat to the physiological and psychological health of a person.

Periodic self-satisfaction does not interfere with a full-fledged sexual life with a partner, relieves excessive sexual tension, makes it possible to satisfy intimate needs during periods of loneliness. However, the opinion about the harm of masturbation is also not without meaning.

Excesses are harmful in everything, so the abuse of onanism can have negative consequences for both men and women.

Impact on men

Self-satisfaction harms the male body only if it is used frequently (several times a day). Sperm formation requires vitamins and minerals. If ejaculation occurs too often, the body is depleted, giving useful substances.

The undoubted advantages include the fact that masturbation:

  • An easy way to relieve sexual tension;
  • Allows you to better understand your feelings, which will be useful for controlling premature ejaculation.

The cons are that:

  • Frequent masturbation followed by ejaculation depletes the male body;
  • Masturbation can lead to addiction that will interfere with a full sexual relationship;
  • If a man uses handjob for quick sexual release, during intimate contact with a partner, control over ejaculation may be lost and premature ejaculation will occur.

Male masturbation will not cause negative consequences if a man moderates self-satisfaction and does not turn it into the main form of sexual life.

Benefits and harms for women

Female onanism, as well as male, can affect the body both positively and negatively. Most of the harmful effects of this activity have no evidence and are invented only in order to discourage the fair sex from the desire to please themselves on their own.

The reason for this is the condemnation of female masturbation by society, which lasted until the middle of the 20th century.

Modern research has not only dispelled the myths about the dangers of masturbation, but also found undeniable advantages in this activity. ]The benefit for women is that the orgasm obtained during self-satisfaction, as well as the orgasm caused by full sex, has a positive effect on the body, namely:

  • Normalizes the level of hormones;
  • Improves blood flow in the pelvic area, which prevents diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • Increases muscle tone and promotes good health.

In addition, an orgasm during menstruation reduces pain, and the release of hormones improves mood (which is important these days).

The negative consequences of female masturbation may appear as a result of non-compliance with hygiene standards. Items that are used for self-pleasure must be pretreated to avoid infection. If you engage in masturbation too often, you may become addicted, which will subsequently interfere with a full-fledged relationship with a man.

Also, sexologists warn that a woman is fixed on sensations in a certain area (especially for clitoral stimulation). The habit of getting pleasure in this way can prevent you from achieving orgasm with full intimacy.

If you follow hygiene standards and do not abuse self-satisfaction, then the experience gained from masturbation will diversify your sex life and will only bring benefits.

Mutual: fingering and manual stimulation of the penis

Joint masturbation is a process that not all couples can afford, since in order to engage in self-satisfaction in front of someone, a high degree of trust and sexual liberation is needed.

She is able to introduce new previously unknown sensations into the sexual life of partners, to look at each other in a new way. It allows you to show your partner new ways to please the other.

Performed alternately, it makes it possible to fully concentrate on each other’s feelings, to follow all the shades of pleasure. It can be used not only as a special kind of prelude to full-fledged intimacy, but also as an independent form of sexual activity. It is not possible to fully replace sex with penis or clitoral stimulation, but in a relationship where regular intercourse has become a boring habit, this is a great way to add variety.

Pediatric or pre -pubertal

Children masturbate from an early age in a variety of ways.

Previously, it was believed that this occupation negatively affects the development of the child, hinders his formation as a person. At present, the opinion on this issue has changed dramatically, that is, it has been established that child masturbation is even useful. It is believed that masturbation at an early age is a natural phenomenon, thanks to which the child gets acquainted with the sensitive parts of his body. It is proved that it does not bring any physical and moral harm. However, it is important to ensure that children’s masturbation does not become an addiction. It is necessary to adhere to the golden mean, not punishing the child for self-satisfaction, but not encouraging him either. How to avoid extremes? Here are some tips:

  • You should not show an increased interest in the genitals of the child to focus on them;
  • Seeing that the child is engaged in masturbation, it is better not to punish him, not to interrupt, not to cause a feeling of guilt. The best solution is to ignore this activity;
  • To save a child from the habit of masturbation or to minimize it, it is necessary to distract his attention with something else. Spend more time with your baby, come up with interesting games, fill his day with active activities and the child will forget about masturbation or will do it extremely rarely, which does not cause any harm.

The kid discovers a new world for himself, and this world concerns not only the environment around him, but also himself, his body and sensations.

This is exactly how you should treat child masturbation.

Attempts to shame a child and forbid self-knowledge will negatively affect his future and sexual relations in adulthood. Self-satisfaction is a process that has long ceased to be something shameful and unnatural.

Thanks to masturbation, many couples managed to remain faithful to each other during a long separation, single people got rid of sexual tension, teenagers avoided early intimate relationships.

In order for self-satisfaction to affect life only positively, one should not abuse it by resorting to it too often. The main thing to remember is that masturbation is just a way of sexual release, which can never replace full-fledged sex with a loved one.

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