Why are sex toys bought “for friends.” Sex Shop Seller’s Story

I have been working in a sex shop for the second year. And every time I am surprised that people are embarrassed to buy sex toys. Most choose something for friends and girlfriends. But there are those who are ready to admit their desires. Who is the most likely to visit the store? People who work harder than me say that sex shop audiences are changing a lot. Visitors stop being shy, more and more often come for something specific. But I do not know how it was before, I will tell you about what now. 

Such different visitors to sex shops

Most often sex shops are visited by men. Surprisingly, there are about 60-70% of them. Today, many already understand what they need. Sometimes they show a photo of the product, and sometimes they call a specific model. It’s a mystery to me why they don’t order online, but apparently they enjoy shopping . Depending on the product, a story is told. Strapon is almost always bought by someone. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s important to pretend it’s true. Dildos are also taken for friends or girlfriend. Sellers never ask – for whom this thing, how it will be used. We can show something if the client needs it. For example, we always demonstrate dildos of different sizes so that the buyer visually compares and determines. 


How do women choose sex toys?

Women visit less often. But they are more curious. They often study all the windows, look at bright things. But not everyone asks questions.

Very often women come together , and then they turn out to be bolder. If you start a correct dialogue with them, they will not only consider everything, but also touch. It’s just a magical sensation to watch them take a vibrator in their hands for the first time. Oscillations immediately surprise and delight. Of course, not everyone buys, but I know that many come back later when they consider buying.

Many girls start their shopping with suits. They are purposefully looking for a seductive dress or beautiful stockings. We have all this in a huge assortment, and there are various sizes. The fitting does not last long, and rarely does anyone go into the hall to demonstrate the acquisition. But the mysterious smile on the lips speaks of anticipation of use.  

What is most often bought in intimate stores?

There is no single category of goods that is taken most often. For example, if a couple chooses , then they are more likely to take a vibrator. Something that can be used together. And they are always offered good lubrication and something else unusual. They will take a massage oil, a candle or a stimulating lubricant between times, and then they will definitely come back for such cosmetics. This happens often. Women also choose more vibrators, but they all learn about the functions. If you already had experience with something, then the next sex toy should be better . And they do not save, but expect something exciting and bright. Men take a little of everything. Cock rings, pumps, lubricants, condoms. Sometimes it seems to me that the first time they come to investigate and buy some small change. But then they come back for a phallus, a prostate massager or a sex doll. 


Are shoppers shy in adult stores?

I think not. Those who entered for the first time may be embarrassed. But after a few minutes, curiosity wins , and the assortment grabs all the attention. But not everyone wants to make contact. If you need help or advice, I’m always ready to help. But at the same time I never impose. Working in a sex shop is very interesting. People discover a new world for themselves in such stores, and it is very exciting to watch! And what they buy “for friends” is only for the first time. 

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