25 sex toys that are much better than men

Girls, after all, each of us at least once visited the idea of ​​abandoning men. That’s it – finally and irrevocably! Indeed, the role of the stronger sex in modern society has ceased to be paramount. Women earn more and cope with everyday difficulties themselves, some even give birth without the direct participation of a male (through artificial insemination).

Sex is the only deterrent that stops beautiful ladies from completely expelling men from their lives. Sometimes it is painfully necessary a simple bodily affection for the sake of satisfying the base needs of the body. In other words – we want to orgasm, babonki op-gas- ma . And you don’t need to tell me about the romantic side of the relationship. Lovely gestures and lisping ends at the stage of building the foundation of a common life.

Well, my strong and independent, rejoice! Technological progress does not stand still, its latest advances in the development of products for adults never cease to amaze. A little more – and special devices will forever overthrow the opposite sex from the pedestal of sexual monopolists. I present to your attention 25 toys that can compete with men.

1. Game “50 shades of passion”

Girls, you shouldn’t fool yourself and your girlfriends by proving that you’ve never read / watched 50 Shades. Some for the sake of curiosity, and someone purposefully, but we all studied this mini-textbook on BDSM. Ask yourself how Christian is different from your man. If you do not take financial position, the only difference lies in non-standard views on sex.

Without special devices from the “red room”, Anastacia’s seducer is nothing interesting. Conclusion – it is the inventory that makes a sensual lover out of the dominant. Upgrade your other half with an erotic souvenir – an exciting game “50 Shades of Passion”. The set includes: a set of cards with tasks, a feather, an eye mask, a whip and a soft band for tying. Players sign a “nondisclosure contract” and then begin sexual experiments.  

2. Vibro -yaytso heated

What is the biggest drawback of adult products? – All of them are cold and are perceived more as a gynecological device than a pleasure device. Now you can forget about the need to get used to the device and to warm his own body, because vibration -yaytso the Silhouette the S4 already has built-in thermoregulation! The settings assume the selection of the optimal temperature up to 42 ° C (for comparison – in the erect male member up to 37.5 ° C). The device is controlled by a special remote control. There are 8 modes at your disposal for an unforgettable experience. The egg is completely waterproof, you can use it in the shower or while taking a bath. The device is infected via USB, the battery capacity is enough for 4 hours of continuous play at medium speeds and 80 minutes at an accelerated pace.  

3. Vibrator with double stimulation

The Nova vibrator from the famous Canadian We- Vibe brand is a revolutionary phenomenon in the field of dual stimulation. Thanks to its non-standard shape, the device efficiently works out the clitoris and the G-spot, and the flexible design allows you to move towards a violent orgasm without fear of displacing the unit from the ideal position. Unlike conventional toys, the vibrating motors in Nova are located at the ends of the stimulation processes, and not at the base of the device. This solution provides a more powerful massage of the erogenous zones. You can safely take the vibrator with you to the bathroom and do aquasex . For those wishing to be on the crest of technological progress, I recommend installing a special application on a smartphone and controlling the Nova remotely.  

4. Bioskin vibrator

In appearance, the toy practically does not differ from similar products for adults, but as soon as you touch it, you will feel the difference. Especially for lovers of gentle caresses, the developers have created a special material called Bioskin .
In terms of tactile properties, it is similar to human skin. The device is produced in two colors – black and hot pink. An additional plus is a high-capacity battery. Just imagine, Fun Toys Gjack is able to please you for 4 hours without interruption on 6 vibration modes. Can your man do that?   

5. Hyper- realistic phalos

As practice shows, men often flutter their nerves than give us pleasure in bed. Why have a lover with a baggage of flaws when you can grab the best part for a small amount. TOYFA ELITE has released a line of hyper-realistic dildos and vibrators that closely match real penises.
The material was Soft Skin, or in other words “Second Skin”. In texture and color, it does not differ from human, it quickly takes on body temperature, and, therefore, is perceived absolutely naturally. The lineup is striking in its variety. There are variations on the suction cup, with vibration and rotation, with wired and remote control. Hungry for details? – Then follow the link. 

6. Unusual masturbator

It didn’t seem to you, you really see a masturbator designed for a male audience in the rating. This is not at all in dissonance with the topic of the article, now I will explain to you why. Ask any guy you know how often he indulges himself and what tools he uses. In most cases, men have a hand in business. But is handcrafted masturbation really that good?
A compact, open- style Quick Boost for a deeper sensation. The inner surface is made of the innovative Super Skin material and is mottled with an asymmetrical pattern. Due to the uneven texture, each subsequent use of the device will be different from the previous one. The toy is definitely better than a man’s hand, besides, Quick Boost can also be used in couples sex, for example, to enhance the stimulation of the penis shaft during oral sex. A transparent model is especially good for a blowjob, so your partner can observe the process.  

7. Smart clitoral stimulator

If you can’t part with your smartphone and are a passionate fan of hot innovations, then it’s time to get acquainted with Magic Motion Candy. The best minds in the adult products industry have worked on the clitoral stimulator. The ergonomic unit has combined all the advantages of a powerful vibrator and an ultra-modern gadget in an elegant body. It accommodates 9 standard modes and an unlimited number of individually customizable playlists. To control a miniature car, you need to install a free application. The device responds to external noises, adjusts to the voice of the “pilot” and even provides an opportunity to play via Skype or WhatsApp . Having fun with Magic Motion Candy is real anytime, anywhere.  

8. Massager with light

Tell me, have you seen penises glowing in the dark? Personally, I have never slept with such exotic partners. A group of scientists from the United States has developed a unique device. In addition to the classic vibration mechanism , it is equipped with special lamps that send light pulses with different wavelengths. The creators of Afterglow Intimate Massager claim that such an innovation will allow you to experience longer, deeper and more frequent orgasms, or, at worst, help the owner find her way in a dark alley.

9. Vibrator-transformer

The compact PicoBong Transformer toy knows more sexual variations than the direct reincarnation of Giacomo Casanova. The scope of its application knows no boundaries, but all thanks to the flexible base of the structure. The central part easily takes any shape dictated to you by your imagination. The vibrator can be used as a clitoral stimulator, a G-spot massager, an anal- vaginal toy, a double strap-on for lesbian pleasures, and more. This is truly a million devices in one.

10. Vibrator with wi-fi

We- Vibe 4 simultaneously grasps Plus clitoris and zone Ernst Gräfenberg . A rare man is able to perfectly cope with such a task. The partner either stimulates the G-spot qualitatively, or gently fiddles with a pea, and so that everything together is not destiny. The device is controlled via a mobile application compatible with iOS and Android operating systems . Unlike Bluetooth analogs, the device works more stably due to the use of wi-fi . 

11. Musical vibrator

Not every partner can boast of perfect hearing and perform your favorite Justin Bieber song during intercourse , but the LELO Siri 2 minivibrator can do it. The developers know how much ladies hate to be distracted by extraneous noises and therefore have included a function in the toy that turns the interference to your advantage. The device is sensitive to sounds and adapts to them. Turn up the music and catch a delicious bit of pleasure with your body. 

12. Vibrator with wave function

The male genital organ does not tolerate harsh treatment, the execution of sharp undulating shocks for him is the most dangerous work, leading to painful sensations and tears of the base. You can massage the G-spot with your fingers, but it is not possible to turn around in the narrow space of the vagina, and the nails, no matter how short, tend to scratch the delicate flesh. INA Wave oscillates like a pendulum with constant speed, pressure and vibration. Amazing consecutive orgasms will hit you headlong.  

13. Vibro flash drive

I doubt that it is really possible to load 8 GB of useful information into the penis, but in the memory of Crave Duet 8 GB Luxe you can store fresh episodes of “Game of Thrones”, an electronic library and quarterly reports. The device looks a little like an adult product, just another flash drive with a strange design. The vibrator does not need batteries, it is powered by rechargeable USB rechargeable batteries. Another advantage is water resistance. You can feel free to lose valuable data and feel free to shower with your toy.

14. Simulated oral sex

We already wrote that during cunnilingus it is extremely important to maintain a constant rhythm. Men are not made of iron, they are made of flesh, blood, and bone. After 15 minutes of stimulation, even the tongue that is used to stress will get tired. The electronic motor LELO Ora 2, hidden under a silicone layer, will provide you with incredible sensations and will lead you to a mind-blowing orgasm. This is not the first time a Swedish company has tried to imitate oral sex. The designers modernized the previous model, increasing the power by 30%, providing as many as 10 modes and finalizing the design, as well as smoothing out all the roughness of the case.  

15. Kegel trainer

The muscles of the vagina and perineum need full training. This is especially true for those women who have gone through the painful process of childbirth. Sexual intercourse cannot be considered effective training, since when the penis is inserted, the walls only stretch and deform. To maintain the tone of the Kegel muscles, special balls with a displaced center of gravity are used. With regular use, they perform their function 100%, but you need to independently control every movement. With kGoal, you get a qualified fitness instructor that fits in the palm of your hand. The device adjusts to your body, and the training modes are programmed in the smartphone app. Vibration is a nice little bonus from the developers.  

16. Secret vibrator

In the soul of every girl there are devils that induce her to commit unlawful acts. Little demons whisper depraved ideas at the most inappropriate moments, in the most inappropriate places. It can be difficult to indulge in sin with a partner, so it is important to have a secret set for erotic games in your purse. My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Mascara is a vibrator that at first glance is indistinguishable from mascara. It will fit into any cosmetic bag and will always be at hand. Three speed settings, easy operation, moisture protection, soft bristle brush … Do I need to continue?

17. Smart vibrator

Oh, how I love gadgets! They make our world brighter and more interesting. OhMiBod Blue Motion is a miniature device that must be placed on the clitoris and secured with regular panties. Install a special application on your smartphone and go to lunch at the nearest cafe. Place an order, concentrate on the screen and start playing. Adjusting the volume will increase or decrease the vibration power, stroking the touchscreen will pleasantly respond in the intimate area, and a simple tilt will change the mode from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. 

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