10 most popular contraception options

Do you like sex but are afraid of getting pregnant? Are you going to do this for the first time? Don’t worry, we will relieve you of your fear. There are so many ways that you can enjoy sex without any unwanted consequences. We will remind you about the 10 most popular contraceptives so that you get full pleasure without fear and risk.

If you and your partner do not want a baby anytime soon, then it is better to take care of reliable methods of contraception in advance. This is a serious topic that needs to be studied in detail and already fully armed to proceed to the most pleasant. So, what method of contraception should and can be used? Why do we need this remedy at all? There can be many reasons for this. Maybe the couple doesn’t want to have children at all. Maybe the husband and wife already have children and no longer want to be replenished in the family. Or the couple just wants to take a break before having a baby again.

Do you know about all the popular methods of contraception? Or not? Or not about everything? Yes, very often we are mistaken in the simplest things and do not learn detailed information about the methods of protection. This is what causes frequent teenage pregnancies. Perhaps you have already forgotten about effective contraceptives or did not know about their existence at all. They are very diverse in form and application. The main thing is to find the best option for yourself and your partner. So, here are the 10 most popular and effective contraceptives.

1. Condom
One of the most common methods of contraception. It is an ideal, reliable method of protection against sexually transmitted infections. Plus, the condom gives you a 97% guarantee that you won’t get pregnant. The male condom is designed for a barrier method of contraception.

2. The female condom
The same as the male condom , but made of a highly elastic material (often polyurethane). Its effectiveness is lower than that of a male condom, but it also offers excellent protection against sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. Its length is 18 centimeters and the width of the ring is 8 centimeters. The female condom is also a barrier contraceptive. 

3. Diaphragm
This is a special cap that must be placed in the vagina. This is an ideal method for protecting against pregnancy, but it cannot guarantee protection against sexually transmitted infections. It covers the cervix, thereby preventing sperm from entering. The diaphragm is also referred to as barrier contraceptives. 

4. Pills
All birth control pills are hormonal contraceptives. They should always be taken under the strict guidance of a physician . Although pills can help to cope with other problems of the body, there can still be unwanted effects after taking them. 

5. Contraceptive patch
One of the most convenient hormonal methods of contraception. This is a special square-shaped plaster that must be glued to the skin (secreting the hormones progestin and estrogen) and changed every 7 days. As opposed to taking pills every day.

6. Vaginal ring
And another hormonal method. This method is effective for three weeks. The vaginal ring is made of highly elastic plastic. It contains the same hormones found in birth control pills. The ring does not cause discomfort, it works effectively and long-term. It is very easy to place and pull it out of the vagina.

7. Contraceptive Implant
This is a very effective method of contraception. The implantation procedure consists in the introduction of a special small capsule with hormones under the skin. These hormones prevent pregnancy. In addition, the contraceptive implant is effective for about three years.

8. Intrauterine contraceptive
We turn to permanent contraceptives. It is a reliable and effective long-acting method. This type of contraceptive is made from plastic and copper and is placed inside the uterus. To use such a contraceptive, you must definitely contact a gynecologist . Well, the duration depends on the specific type of this contraceptive: if it is hormonal, then its effect will end in 5 years, if it is non-hormonal, then you can have sex for 10 years and not be afraid of pregnancy. 

9. Tubal ligation
This is a fairly popular operation used by women to no longer have children. Tubal ligation is a fairly simple operation, but expensive.

10. Vasectomy
If you are looking for a permanent remedy, here’s another simple and effective one: vasectomy. This is a procedure for men. It consists in the removal of the vas deferens or in their partial dressing. This operation can be temporary or permanent. The choice is yours and your partner’s.

These 10 methods of contraception are the most effective, popular and reliable. Of course, there are many folk remedies, but we do not recommend using unverified contraceptive methods of traditional medicine. Take care of your health!

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