10 wild sex positions you never tried

Let’s be honest: we’ve tried missionary or doggy style hundreds of times already. To-to-e-lo! Time to spice up sex. Forget about your usual movements and try these unusual and slightly outlandish positions. Perhaps they will give you an orgasm that you have not experienced before. 


Caution: there is a risk of breaking your neck. On what just do not go, for the sake of a strong orgasm. The advantage of this position is that it allows the man to penetrate as deeply as possible. To reduce the strain on your torso, ask your partner not to move too fast.


It’s time to put an end to sex (in a good sense of the word). You’ll like it. In this position, slow intimate movements are important. Lie on your back and ask your partner to sit facing you so that your bodies are connected crosswise. Help the man to penetrate deeper by holding his hands.

David Copperfield

The whole trick is in the pillow under the buttocks. She raises the pelvis, as a result of which, it is easier for the partner to deliver you magical oral sex.


Of course, you can even use food to get an orgasm during foreplay, but now we are not talking about it. Wrap your legs around the man’s buttocks, this will allow him to go deeper. Thanks to the unusual angle of penetration, this position will give you a completely new sensation.


Reminiscent of the sexy gait … of a crab. Place your legs behind his torso so that your pelvis is over the man’s body. Both partners can move, which allows you to choose the most suitable rhythm.

“Spoon and fork”

If you like the “Spoon” pose, then this option will also appeal to your liking. Unlike the position mentioned, you do not lie on your side. Lie back and ask your partner to settle between your thighs at a 90-degree angle. The man will have to move alone, but all efforts will be rewarded. In this position, he will have an amazing view of the body and face of the partner. Plus posture: hands are free and you can caress your body.

“Snow angel”

Don’t be fooled by the innocent name. In this position, you will feel like a naughty devil. In fact, this is the classic missionary position, but partners are jacked. To control the man’s movements, grab a soft spot. You have not experienced such sensations before. 


Warning: not for beginners! The position is a bit like doggy style with a tilt. Yoga will help you, take the necessary stance and clasp your partner’s waist with your legs. You won’t last long in this position, but it will give you an incredible sexual experience. 

“Gymnastic ball”

We do not recommend experimenting in the gym. A bit like the pose “Rider”, but partners will have to balance on a gymnastic ball. Sit back and start moving. Thanks to the elasticity of the ball, quick and deep penetrations can be achieved.


And now it was the turn of the dizzying pose. The girls are on top and are in full control of the process! Ask your partner to lie on the edge of the bed with their body hanging down. The view will be very seductive for both of you.
Let the complexity of some poses do not scare you, it is not at all necessary to strictly adhere to all instructions and, holding a tape measure, tilt your partner at a given angle. Combine different positions, alternate, complement. After all, no one knows your body better than yourself. 

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