7 questions for your partner that will improve sex and relationships

Sometimes it seems that we know everything about a partner. But it is worth asking 10 questions to understand that not all the nuances are known, and that there is still something to try and discover in a person. To improve your intimate life, it is worth talking about the answers. Such an experiment will be a revelation.

The Long Relationship Trap

When people live together for many years, it begins to seem to them that they know everything about a person. The behavior is already predictable and not new. But even after 10 years of marriage, one cannot fully know what a person is thinking about, what he is fantasizing about. And it is worth looking into this part of the personality to discover something new.

At the beginning of a relationship, the couple pays a lot of attention to exploring each other. Learning can be fun, and this is called passion. It goes away over time. But that doesn’t mean there are no corners to explore. And in order not to fall into such a trap, so as not to get bored , it is worth asking each other 7 questions. 

How to use the 7 questions

It’s ideal to have a dinner together and chat about life and sex. And a list of questions will help you learn a lot. But it is important not to make an interrogation out of this, but simply to laugh and keep secret . If the partner is not ready to follow the list, questions can be asked one at a time. It is worth doing this when he or she is in a good mood and willing to chat. 

Question 1. What surprises do you like in bed?

It is important to understand that we will also talk about past relationships. And it’s important to prepare for this. And there may also be criticism, in such a conversation you can find out that it was your surprise that did not intrigue you last time. Therefore, the question is worth asking if you are ready to hear the answer.

Question 2. What cannot be done in bed?

It always seems that you know everything about the habits of another person. But he or she might say unexpected things. Sometimes unusual stereotypes come up, and it’s interesting. Prohibitions may be associated with not obvious things, but their knowledge is useful, because you will also know about these boundaries and will not violate them.

Question 3. What actions spoil your sex?

Difficult question, because a straight answer can be painful. It may be that things that you thought were interesting are unpleasant for another person. For example, an erotic massage or bondage that you like, the partner only endures.

Question 4. What fantasies do you want to realize?

You need to perceive the answer without judgment. Any hint of criticism will lead to isolation. And here it is important to understand that the answer can be very strange or unexpected. It will not be possible to forget it later, but at the same time it is not necessary to implement it either.

Question 5. What was the worst sex?

You can ask about sex in general and about the worst in your couple. And more often than not, everyone will have their own moment. The fact that one seems terrible, does not always worry the other. The discussion should be non-judgmental, it is better to approach this with irony, and after the conversation, work on the mistakes.

Question 6. What do you want me to learn / learn to do in bed?

The requirements are different. You can offer your own options, but first you should listen carefully to your loved one. The discussion can turn into a dialogue about responsibilities not only in the bedroom, and this can also be interesting. Often they are not expecting feats in bed, but emotional support.

Question 7. What kind of sex would you like / would like to repeat and why?

There are moments in the history of the couple that you want to return to. And each has its own moments. It rarely happens when they match. And what is enchanting for one is ordinary for another. And such a question again helps to understand that everything is different in another’s head, that many thoughts are not predictable.

7 questions is an opportunity to become closer not only in sex, but also in life. But it’s important to listen, not interrupt. And it is important to draw conclusions not at once, as assessment or criticism can ruin everything.

And so that sex life is not boring, apart from questions, sex toys will also help. With them, the intimacy is always brighter, and you can try something new every time.

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