5 steps to orgasm

Orgasm has become the main goal of sex, but not all women experience the highest pleasure. Opinion polls show that only 30% of us experience regular orgasms, and the reason is not physiological, but psychological. Let’s dig into ourselves and figure out how to increase the chances of the desired climax in bed.

1. Understand yourself

The reason why we cannot reach orgasm is fatigue and internal conflicts. If you can somehow cope with the first massage, bath, sleep and relaxation , then with the second you will have to “sweat”. Be honest with yourself and admit what is eating and holding you back. Perhaps this is a hidden grudge against a partner or children’s complexes. When you get to the bottom of the truth, it will be easier to deal with the problem.

2. Unleash your imagination

The brain is the most erogenous female zone, it is he who is responsible for the impulses that allow our body to experience pleasure. It is difficult to achieve orgasm when during sex your head is busy solving everyday problems, and not the process of pleasure. Let all problems float freely, and fantasize about what turns you on. The body will definitely respond to such a maneuver, and you will feel aroused.

3. Focus on sensations

During intimacy, try to concentrate on every moment of what is happening: feel all the touches, kisses, caresses. Live only for this moment and do not hang in the clouds, being distracted by extraneous thoughts. This will help enhance the senses and expand the range of feelings. 

4. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Your chances of success will increase if you introduce an element of surprise, something different and new to your sexual relationship. It can be a new position, erotic toys or role-playing games, sex in an unexpected place. Anything that even slightly diversifies the usual process will have a positive effect on sensations.

5. Do not fake an orgasm

As long as you create the appearance of pleasure instead of getting real pleasure, you will not achieve what you want. Talk frankly with your partner, try to understand the situation. If all the options do not give the desired result, the problem lies in physiology or deep in the subconscious. In this case, you should seek qualified help from specialists and do not be shy about it.
Do not blame yourself for not being able to achieve an enchanting orgasm. You are not alone in your problem. Unfortunately, not all women are ready to do something to solve it, but in vain. By doing this, they deprive themselves of incredible pleasure. Think, after understanding yourself, you can discover a completely different side of sex, which guarantees you a lot of happy moments.

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