Sex in nature: everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask

Finally, the weather began to improve – there is not a cloud in the sky, the sun is shining brightly, and the thermometer’s thermometer is inexorably creeping up. Sitting within four walls becomes unbearable, soul and body are torn to freedom from the cramped cage of the city. Why resist your own desires ?!

Indeed, it is truly sinful to waste precious time aimlessly surfing the Internet when there is a great alternative – to get out into nature with your beloved. It is not at all necessary to go to distant lands or to leave hundreds of kilometers from home (although such options are not excluded), it is quite enough to abstract from civilization in a nearby forest belt or rent a country house in the suburbs.

Shish kebabs, songs with a guitar and face-to-face communication are undoubtedly pleasant, but we are adults and we understand that it will not be limited to admiring the stars. Sooner or later, solitude with a soul mate will lead to a violent manifestation of mutual sympathy. Things will fly in different directions, and your voluptuous moans will scare away all living things within a radius of several miles.

Sex in nature with the wrong approach is fraught with serious trouble. The least – you will be disappointed in this experience, never reaching orgasm, much worse – to acquire parasites. After the outing, my friend’s boyfriend found a black speck on his penis, which, upon closer examination, turned out to be a tick. As a result, he went through a humiliating and painful procedure for extracting a petty bastard. I wonder how long did the doctors gossip about the non-standard infection site?

My friend had even worse when she found out that an intruder had visited her vagina, because it is not known at what moment of sexual intercourse the tick stuck into the penis. She immediately remembered one of the first episodes of House Doctor, in which a parasite climbed into a pink girlish flower. Naturally, Nika ran headlong to the gynecology and, blushing, explained the essence of the problem to a specialist, begging him to check every millimeter. To avoid annoying oversights, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the contents of this article.

Why try

In the first part of my story, I could scare you and forever turn you away from erotic experiments outside of a cozy bed. Now I will try to rectify the situation and prove that the game is worth the candle. So what is so attractive about wild sex?

1. Change of scenery

As practice shows, familiar locations quickly become boring and even fresh repairs are unable to return the feeling of novelty to the bedroom. Regularly renting rooms in hotels or leading a nomadic life is quite expensive and will hurt the family budget, and having sex in friends’ apartments is not very ethical. Getting out into nature is an economically and morally justified decision that allows you to change the scenery for a love show at no special cost .

2. Extreme

Whatever nerves of steel the experimenters have, they will not be abandoned by the feeling of inadmissibility of intercourse in open space. The likelihood of being caught hot cuts with a sharp razor, forcing you to focus on the quickest gratification of base instincts. The concentration of adrenaline in the blood reaches its peak, all the senses are working at the limit.

3. Endorphin charge

Any physical activity outside the city limits accelerates the synthesis of endorphins, which are responsible for good mood. This is due to the increased oxygen content and the absence of harmful gas emissions in the atmosphere, which inhibit the work of the brain. Cardio load and rapid breathing in the process of amorous pleasures increase the sorption and desorption of oxygen by blood hemoglobin, as a result, the oxidant burns cortisol (stress hormone), and nutrients are abundantly supplied to the cells of the body.

4. Powerful climax

This point follows from the previous two. Hormonal release combined with a lot of oxygen works like a Molotov cocktail, igniting the blood and burning the loins. The power of orgasm during stimulation in the open air is several times higher than the intensity of discharge under normal conditions. Your libido will wake up from the prolonged “hibernation” and immediately demand the satisfaction of its basic needs.

5. Rejuvenating effect

New impressions do not let us sour and help to distract from the current troubles. It has been proven that a change of scenery and the search for non-standard ways to get pleasure keep the body in good shape. Add to this the advantages already mentioned, and we get a source of eternal youth. Good sexual intercourse reduces the risk of getting diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and also reduces the likelihood of stroke. People who regularly have sex in nature look younger than their age.


6. All-consuming passion

In everyday life, we are squeezed, as if in a vice, by the framework of decency. We have no right to let our inner beasts free without shaking the foundation of our reputation built over the years. Apartments in modern high-rise buildings often have thin walls, and even at home we have to restrain ourselves so as not to disturb the peace of our neighbors. In the wild, we feel much more at ease. There is no need to suppress moans and screams, you can scratch your lover’s back, sink your teeth into his sweet skin. Trust the reins of government to the dark entities lurking in the nooks and crannies of your soul, and rush towards the all-consuming passion.

7. Elimination of complexes

It is very easy to forget about the imperfections of your own body when there are no traitorous mirrors and magazines with long-legged thin people nearby. In a corner remote from the outside world, there are only you and your man. He does not care about extra folds and cellulite, he loves you with all his heart and does not notice the flaws in appearance. The psychological effect persists even after returning from a trip to the boondocks. A logical chain is triggered – if you aroused your partner with no makeup and having stubble on your legs, then in full dress, you certainly will not be equal.

Recommendations and safety precautions

1. Solitude

The most popular locations for sex in nature include: a forest, a beach, a summer cottage, a recreation park, a deserted track, grandma’s hayloft and, of course, a quiet river or sea backwater. Where exactly to translate fantasies into reality is up to you. When choosing a place for love pleasures, do not forget about caution. Let’s say you went into the forest, do not be too lazy to go deeper into the thicket and find a secluded area. This will reduce the likelihood of early exposure and at the same time will not affect the acuity of sensations. By the way, incidental witnesses occur only in films of the “18+” category, in other cases their appearance does not lead to anything good.

2. Don’t forget about comfort

Unfortunately, we differ in the degree of endurance from our cave ancestors and cannot have sex on a bare stone floor, although it seems to me that they also preferred to make small Neanderthals on soft mammoth skins. Stock up on a thick blanket, and if you wish, grab a few pillows (you can put them under the reed and the partner’s head). If you are planning an outing for a couple of days, then tourist karemats will be more suitable bedding . The tent will become a prerequisite for a comfortable stay in nature.

3. Building a house

People who are not associated with tourism rarely face the need to install portable housing, so they do not always set up a tent correctly. It will be incredibly insulting when, in the midst of a bed scene, the house falls on the head of unlucky lovers. Choose the most even place, clear it of pebbles, branches and roots. To create the illusion of a feather bed, you can sketch fresh soft grass under the bottom of the tent. Be sure to secure the structure well with pegs. Please note that tents cannot be set up in pits and lowlands, otherwise the slightest rain will flood your temporary shelter. The entrance should be located on the opposite side of the wind stream, so you will avoid drafts and excessive pressure on the mountings.

4. We destroy living creatures

You already understood that ticks bring some inconvenience, I would add all representatives of the insect kingdom to the list of unwanted animals and emphasize mosquitoes, midges, flies and centipedes with a bold line. I don’t think it’s worth explaining that the bites of these creatures completely deprive the romance of intercourse in the fresh air. It is necessary to choose a means of struggle with feeling, sense and consistency. A variety of creams and lotions have proven to be effective, but they are completely unsuitable for erotic play. If you are not an eating disorder, then you are unlikely to enjoy the taste of special cosmetics. Use sprays, and spray the funds not on the body, but in the place around the love nest. It is advisable to fumigate the tent with spirals or insect repellent plates.

5. A little romance

In principle, sex in nature is romantic in itself, but with a strong desire, it is possible to really raise the level of mimicry to transcendental heights. A bottle of good wine is definitely indispensable. Just imagine, you are sitting in an embrace near a fire and sipping an exquisite drink from hiking mugs. It is strictly forbidden to burn candles in the tent, but you can buy lanterns with colored glasses. Spray a mosquito net with energizing essential oils to enhance sensory pleasure . The aromas of ylang-ylang , nutmeg, cinnamon, rose, patchouli are perfect.

6. Hygiene issues

In field conditions, the process of ablution turns into passing an obstacle course. One has only to dream of a normal soul . There are several options for ensuring the optimal hygienic component of intimacy:

  • use wet wipes – acceptable only for short-term outings, when you have been swimming relatively recently;
  • heat water in a pot – the volume of liquid will be small, but sufficient for at least poor washing;
  • leave plastic eggplants in the sun – every self-respecting tourist carries several containers with him. Collect water from the spring and, at a sufficient ambient temperature, it will be heated naturally. Hang the baklacks upside down, slightly unscrew the lid – and you get an impromptu summer shower;
  • swim in a river, lake or stream – take bath accessories with you, wash yourself well and plunge into a bath of natural origin, only then be sure to rinse your genitals with clean water.

7. Say “No!” technological progress

Useful gadgets and devices have forever settled in our homes, handbags and car salons. However, taking laptops, tablets and phones on a hike is incredibly stupid. How can you talk about unity with nature if you are always waiting for an “important” call from work or are stuck in social networks via the mobile Internet. If you are unable to part with the toy for a couple of days, then turn it off while having sex. Nothing will distract you from getting pleasure. A favorite vibrator is the only benefit of technical progress that can be used on an erotic outing.

8. No stumps

I often came across the recommendations of “experts” to use tree trunks as a support for the back or sit on stumps with their booty, replacing them with a hill for a variety of sexual positions. I don’t know who gives such idiotic advice, but these people are more theoreticians than practitioners. Firstly, under the bark and in the thickness of the wood there is a whole world teeming with creatures of all sizes and stripes. Even if you create an artificial obstacle in the form of a blanket, no one guarantees that insects will not climb onto the fabric and start biting you on the aforementioned ass. Secondly, knots and a rough surface can be easily injured, for example, if the litter slides under the influence of violent frictions .

9. Water procedures

I know only one girl, an ardent admirer of aquasex , the rest of the ladies treat love games in reservoirs, to put it mildly, cool. Some are confused by extraneous microflora floating in domestic rivers and lakes, others are annoyed by the inconvenience of combining stimulation and swimming, while others are upset by the constantly washed off lubricant. The first one I recommend is to transfer the experiments to your own bath, in which the concentration of pathogenic microorganisms is close to zero (this, of course, is not sex in nature, but otherwise it is impossible to protect yourself from microbes). The second will propose to move closer to the shore so that the partner is firmly on his feet. I will give advice to the third young ladies to use a silicone-based lubricant , it practically does not wash out and provides an amazing glide.

10. Contraception

If you use sunscreen or any other oil-based product, be extremely careful to avoid contact of the condom with the treated skin. Components in non-special formulations can degrade latex, making it ineffective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. The porosity of the protective shell also increases and sexually transmitted infections are able to freely pass through the condom.

11. Getting into a pose

It’s time for us to move from theory and preliminary preparation to the practical aspects of wildest sex. So what are the best positions for outdoor love? To answer this question with maximum objectivity, it is necessary to link to the location. Let’s start with the beach. No matter how the partners lay the bedspread, it will not be possible to completely avoid the sand. The grains will strive to get into the innermost places and cause terrible discomfort. Try to minimize the area of ​​contact between the body and the supporting surface. Choose a standing position or a knee-elbow position. Pebbles on rocky beaches interfere to a lesser extent, but you won’t be able to stand at four points for a long time. Try to evenly distribute the load and the stones will not cut into delicate skin. All recumbency variations are suitable.

If you are impatient to make love after a hearty meal, then refrain from active physical exercise. Opt for lazy positions – missionary or sideways. Sex in water opens up an additional degree of freedom, providing an opportunity to play with weightlessness. A very interesting variation in which the partner rests his feet on the bottom, the girl turns her back to him, jumps up and hugs his buttocks with her hips. The man holds the lady by the waist and pulls on his penis. Even the most intricate acrobatic sketches, requiring significant efforts on land, become easily performed in the pond.

Is your summer cottage surrounded by an impenetrable fence? – Then you are in no way limited in the choice of positions. Of particular interest is coitus in a hammock, which is very similar to fly yoga. Just swing gently, take care of your tailbone. With the grandmother’s hayloft, problems arise akin to sex on a sandy beach, dry grass prickles and painfully cut into the delicate flesh. Therefore, select items that meet the above criteria.

The disadvantage of the tent is the relatively small area of ​​the “room”. It is impossible to turn around in a tight, confined space. Variations lying and sitting are suitable (if the growth of lovers allows). The city park is chosen for comfort only by hard-core extremals. In order not to catch the eye of mothers with children, lovers should isolate themselves from the world around them. The ideal solution is a couple standing, the girl bent over slightly and rests her palms on the tree trunk (palms only), and the guy has her behind. On the track, there should be no difficulties with the selection of a pose – the interior and the hood of the car open up a wide scope for imagination.

12. Restoring strength

As a rule, physical activity in the fresh air whets a brutal appetite. However, you should not immediately pounce on the remnants of kebabs or sandwiches with sausage and fatty cheese. Snack on light foods – fruits and vegetables, they at the same time make up for the lack of vitamins and fluids. Only after 30-40 minutes is it allowed to eat tightly.

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