5 ways to get an orgasm using ordinary household items

If you thought that your partner and your vibrator were the only ways to reach orgasm, then take a good look around. There are many items in your home that can help you in the battle for pleasure! You just need to get creative – and you will never be able to calmly look at your toothbrush again. Here are 5 ways to climax in almost every room in your home!

1. Electric love

If you need a vibrator to cum, don’t limit yourself to just one – there are actually many more toys out there. Take a walk around your bathroom for an electric toothbrush, a facial cleansing brush, or a back massager – something that’s powered by batteries or a rechargeable battery. All these devices, which generously create vibration, you can exploit, like your little sex slave. Of course, do not go to extremes and watch out for safety: keep electrical appliances away from water, do not use those that operate on mains, avoid blades, razors, and more.
Sit on any surface in the bathroom, spread your legs and start fondling yourself with the help of your little “lover”. Let your man start his hot business at this time. Use the mirrors and one or both of you can see what’s going on down there.

2. Cycle of rotation

Lean on your washer or dryer to work where you need vibration. A tumble dryer will give you more warmth and a steady vibration, and a spin cycle in a washing machine gives you more unpredictable stimulation. Place a towel on top for comfort, or press against a metal surface with your bare body, and then a lot of intensity awaits you. At this time, your partner can enter from behind and also lean on the typewriter or remain standing. By the way, you can enjoy the sensations of a washing machine or dryer on your own. 

3. Easy sado- maso

Ask your horny victim to lie on their back and pretend that you are both budding BDSM researchers. To do this, you do not have to buy any gizmos, just use what you already have. For example, you can blindfold your lover with a scarf or tights, and also tie him up with a tie, belts or, again, a scarf, tights. Try tying his arms over his head and ankles. Now that your languid man is waiting obediently, let yourself be whimsical: you can use spatulas or clothespins as nipple clamps, bring ice or drip candle wax on your skin. After all sensual experiments, do not torment your lover, saddle him and make a mad jump.

4. Bouncing balls 

If you have a fitball , then consider that you are incredibly lucky – you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience! Take your fitness ball and have your partner sit on it with their feet well on the floor. Sit on his lap, face to face. The man should hold your hips with his hands and control your stability. If there are some concerns, then you can indulge in experiments near the bed, sofa or wall. As you begin to gently rise and fall, you will find that the ball begins to mimic your movements and push you hard upward. Well, this is exactly what you wanted!

5. Games with a smartphone

When you’re both at home, try Skype or any other video calling program for your sexual experiments. But before you start, disperse to different rooms, or better – lock your bedroom. Place your smartphone on any surface so that it gives a sufficiently seductive angle, avoiding the horrors of a double chin, furious nostrils or unnecessary folds on the body. Tell your loved one that you are going to undress and play with yourself, and let him watch. Do this, touch yourself and tease him. Don’t let him come until he’s ready to tear down your bedroom door!
These are just 5 ideas for how you can use simple objects around you to improve your sex. Try them, and create your own – with sex toys , unusual practices and the full realization of your desires !    

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