7 incredible scientific discoveries in sex in recent years

Even people who are far from scientific research know that lately mankind has been making new and new discoveries by leaps and bounds. Leadership is being given to medicine, including that of its industry, which is in one way or another related to sex. Of course, many discoveries have just thundered in the scientific community, but they will definitely become the foundation for our everyday life. Many illnesses and injuries will become a thing of the past thanks to them. Therefore, we have collected for you the most promising and important sex breakthroughs of our time.

1. Penis transplant

While scientists are successfully trying to transplant individual organs, experimenting with sewing arms and legs, and even swung to a head transplant, for many remains a subject of dreams … an ordinary penis. The statistics are relentless: as a result of accidents and diseases, 15% of men around the world are left without a penis every year. In some, amputation occurs, in others – partial death of cells and complete incapacity of this part of the body. If the article is read by men, I can imagine how they shrink and shrink internally with such disappointing data.

However, at the end of 2014, the first and successful transplantation of a donor penis was performed. And where did you think? In South Africa. It is in this part of the world that things are especially sad when it comes to sexual and venereal diseases. In many cities, including Cape Town, where the operation was carried out, hospitals and research centers of this kind are opening. This story had a great resonance. After an unsuccessful ritual circumcision and the likelihood of gangrene, doctors were forced to amputate the man’s penis at the age of 21. Practice shows that such cases are common in Africa. The operation was performed by Dr. Andre van der Merv and his surgical team. 

Andre van der Merv


For the transplant, we used a technology similar to that used for facial surgery. We changed it a little, and the tiny vessels and nerves were connected with special elements from microsurgery.

The operation lasted almost 9 hours and until the very end no one could say whether it would be crowned with success. However, the reality surpassed all the doctors’ expectations. Already three months later, the poor fellow with a “new penis” was actively engaged in sex, and now it is known that the man and his wife are expecting a child. This experience showed the whole world that penile transplant is not a problem.

Similar operations are starting to take place all over the world. For example, in China. There manipulations were required by the man after the accident. Despite the success of the operation, after 2 weeks the penis had to be removed. The reasons lie in the patient’s psychological problems.

We hope that in the future, doctors will start applying the technology around the world. It is necessary not only for men, but also opens up new horizons for transgender women who suffer from the need to live in a female body.

2. “Smart” vibrator

Science fiction writers were the first to talk about artificial intelligence. It seemed inconceivable that a machine would equal the mind with a person and would independently make decisions and predict the reaction to them. Now AI is commonplace, however, it is constantly being improved and introduced into new industries. We know computers, security systems, technology-based production machines. But sometimes science really surprises – the world’s first vibrator with artificial intelligence was recently released. Sex toys are the norm today and are used by many couples for maximum pleasure. Consumers are not enough, they need more than a variety of vibration modes, the perfect medical silicone, indistinguishable from real skin. Now imagine a toy that is better than the most skillful lover, that looks like a telepathic in the field of female desires. The new HUM artificial intelligence vibrator is packed with micro-sensors that scan your vagina and detect even the slightest contraction of the walls, thus adjusting to the desired rhythm and intensity. What does this give a woman? A sex toy that fully takes into account exactly your rhythm, your desires, your pace, which does not give you a single drop of rest and extraneous thoughts, and gradually leads to a powerful orgasm. And that’s not it. Several modes and programs that lead to different logical conclusions help even those ladies who have been diagnosed with frigidity. Naturally, this is an ideal gift for your beloved if for years for various reasons she could not experience normal and pleasant sensations from sex. Scanning a woman’s orgasm, the vibrator at a special speed prolongs it and makes it even brighter. Such a toy contains the most complex computer code, so this pleasure is not cheap. We hope that soon the product will appear in ordinary stores and at an adequate price, we are afraid only for men who will obviously start to lose to artificial intelligence. 



3. Condom for women

Sounds absurd, but this is exactly what you thought. Despite the fact that this contraceptive option is not yet very affordable, it is the most reliable and advanced. This technology was invented back in 1990, but it has been improved and developed for a long time. First of all, the female condom was positioned as the best remedy for AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, and found its real distribution as a protection against rapists. A certain lady Sonnet Ehlers has released a model with a jaw. As soon as the man tried to enter the woman without her consent, the clamp worked, injuring the poor man’s penis. The reliability of the female condom is 99%, which is higher than that of male models. Since they have now begun to produce contraceptives from special latex, they are very thin, practically not felt by partners and do not affect sensitivity. The only drawback of such an assistant is the complexity of the introduction. It takes skill and training. Efficiency and protection depend on the correctness of the introduction. The end of the condom with a special ring must be inserted almost to the uterus. But there are also charms. For example, after intercourse, even if there is sperm inside the condom, it is not necessary to immediately remove it. You can walk with a contraceptive for up to 10 hours. And most importantly, the female condom promotes better and 100% stimulation of the clitoris.  


4. Grown up vagina

There is such a disease as aplasia of the female genital organs. It is characterized by partial or complete absence of the vagina, its deformation. Because of this structure, not only sexual problems appear, but also diseases of the urinary and support systems. One person in 5 thousand healthy people suffers from such a disease, which is not so little. Fortunately, the external genitals look quite normal, the clitoris remains sensitive. This prompted the scientists to experiment.

Doctors took samples of external genitalia from several teenage girls. These cells became the basis for artificially grown vaginas. When the new organs were ready, the girls were successfully transplanted. The surgeons managed to create a canal in the pelvis and sew the reproductive organs through it. Some patients also lacked the uterus. This did not become a problem, scientists have grown this part of the reproductive system. The program was run by Dr. Anthony Atala .

Anthony Atala

gynecological surgeon, researcher

This is the first study of its kind. It shows that reproductive organs can be grown in the laboratory and then successfully implanted. In the future, we plan to use the technique not only for patients with aplasia, but also in any situations requiring transplantation.

5. Hydrogel condom

And one more discovery in the field of contraceptives. The fact is that the condoms that we buy in pharmacies and in stores are far from ideal. Many men complain that they are uncomfortable, psychologically constraining them, capable of discouraging the desire to have sex. It would still be all right, but latex and rubber are not a panacea for sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. Yes, they provide good protection, but not perfect. In addition, there are many people who are corny allergic to latex. All this inspired scientists to look for an alternative. And scientists in Australia, by the way, sponsored by the Bill Gates Foundation, have achieved excellent success. Dr. Robert Gorkin’s team used a new, ultra-strong and flexible material in their research – hydrogel. It looks and feels like human skin, which allows it to be used in other areas, for example, in skin grafts after burns. Also, the hydrogel has one remarkable advantage – it can quickly and safely deliver drugs to the human body. These can be both exciting compounds and really necessary substances. 


6. A new point of pleasure

When sexologists discovered the G-spot, men rushed to courses and research on how to find it. Its stimulation gives a woman incredible pleasure, which is why, if you want to bring your soul mate to orgasm, special toys that anatomically affect the cherished area will not interfere. But researchers are not standing still. Just recently, the world was flooded with news about a new point – PS. The first zone is located on the anterior wall of the vagina. The second is in the perineum, between the labia and the anus. Sexologist Carol Queen argues that any couple should try to stimulate this area.  


Carol Queen


The PS point is very sensitive – this can be noticed even by accidentally hitting it during sex. But if you purposefully stimulate it together with the clitoris or anus, you can get a lot of pleasant sensations.

A sexologist gives a life hack on how to get the most out of the zone. It is necessary to massage it with soft but rhythmic movements. If done correctly, you can experience an orgasm.

7. Male contraception

When we talk about contraception, we mean different ways to achieve protection. Most often it is a condom or a pill. Then there are various tricks used mainly for women – spirals, plug-in capsules, special solutions placed almost in the uterus. Girls, rejoice. Scientists have come up with a technology for which only men will have to take the rap. Imagine if guys had a small valve that could be turned on or off depending on whether you wanted to get pregnant or not. German physician Clemens Bimek patented a new device no larger than a coin. With it, any man can control the flow of his sperm. So far, there are few men who agree to implant a valve in their penis, but we hope that they will be found. On the basis of this invention, a search is under way for simpler analogs. For example, the Vasalgel gel was discovered , which is filled with the vas deferens. On it, sperm continue their path for conception. But the gel blocks them and hardens them. And when you need to get pregnant, another substance is injected that deactivates the gel. The effect is very long lasting – over 10 years. The miracles of medicine are amazing, technology is already improving not only our lives, but also sex. And we, frankly, do not see anything wrong with that!

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