Baby cream or petroleum jelly instead of lubricant. Horror anal with improvised materials

What happens if you use baby cream, petroleum jelly, or saliva instead of lubricant for anal sex? What is the danger of such experiments? The terrible consequences of using inappropriate formulations for sexual experiments.

If we talk about normal vaginal sex, lubrication will not be something obligatory. However, if we talk about anal, then its use is required in any case. The fact is that no natural secretions that would appear during sexual arousal and facilitate easy penetration are not distinguished in this area. It is not provided for by nature. Therefore , artificial lubrication is required . Lubricants 

 specially created for anal sex, they do not violate the intestinal microflora, do not leave spots on linen. They also do not contribute to the development of microorganisms and do not accumulate, are easily absorbed or leave the body naturally. This is a completely safe tool that can really be recommended for anal.

Alternatives – is it safe?

However, not all people tend to use specially designed means. So, many believe that the use of regular cream or petroleum jelly is quite appropriate. Is it so? Experts point out that such a practice can be quite dangerous.

If unsuitable components enter the intestines , inflammation occurs . Any compound can cause a serious illness. And if the package says “for external use”, it can not be used for anal. When ingested, the intestinal microflora is “burned”, the balance of bacteria is disturbed, which causes dozens of diseases. But most importantly, violations may not occur immediately , and this is very dangerous. 

What happens if I use baby cream for anal?

Someone will say that baby cream is a universal remedy for all cases. However, we can immediately say that it is not suitable for anal or vaginal sex. After all, it is absorbed quite quickly, and on the one hand, this is a plus. However, on the other hand, it quickly ceases to protect the skin from microtraumas. So anal fissures when using this option may even appear. Another important point is that any creams disrupt the microflora . This can lead to irritation, itching, even diarrhea. So from a child or any other cream should be discarded immediately. Moreover, fatty creams are incompatible with condoms. A contraceptive under their influence runs the risk of tearing at any time.  


Vaseline instead of grease

Another common remedy is petroleum jelly. Does it replace special lubricants for anal sex? Again, no. So, its dense texture allows Vaseline to accumulate, stick to the mucous membrane. This leads to irritation and the risk of the development of microorganisms. The product is difficult to remove from the body, it can cause itching and pain. Vaseline also destroys condoms – here the situation is exactly the same as with creams. And again, its protective function is a very temporary phenomenon. 

Saliva instead of lubrication in anal

Some couples believe that saliva solves all problems. On the one hand, a similar approach can be seen even in porn movies. However, the realities are completely different. First, saliva to solve intimate problems requires a lot. Secondly, it is simply not aesthetically pleasing. And thirdly, saliva is full of microorganisms, which also creates a risk of infection.

When bacteria from the mouth enter the anus, there is a chance of developing many diseases . The inflammatory process can begin almost instantly. And also microorganisms get on microcracks which arise, they heal then up to two weeks. After such an experiment, itching and pain are provided for several days in the anus. Of course, that no improvised or folk remedies for anal sex should be used. Indeed, in fact, you can buy a good lubricant inexpensively. 

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