How to shave the scrotum?

Men are increasingly paying attention to intimate haircuts. And if you want to achieve smoothness, you need a razor. How to shave the scrotum so that there is no irritation? Simple tips for removing hair to a man.

Why shave intimate areas for a man

There is no need to remove excess hair in the groin, this is just a fad. And to this action are attributed some advantages that this gives the man. Many of them are far-fetched, but people believe in them.

  • Hygiene. Hair absorbs odors. By removing them, the smell of sweat will be felt less distinctly. Less time will be spent on water procedures. 
  • Aesthetics. A smooth body is considered beautiful, and women are delighted with just such a state. This is not always the case, but thousands of people believe it. 
  • Member lengthening. Hair hides part of the penis, it looks longer after cutting or shaving. 
  • Convenience with oral sex. In the process, the girl does not have to spit hairs that have fallen on the tongue; she is not distracted from the process. 

Does it benefit a man? Everyone decides for himself. But the procedure takes time, and after it there is a series of unpleasant sensations that are constantly unnerving.

How to shave the scrotum yourself

Shaving the genitals is accepted in two poses: sitting and standing. It is more convenient to do this in the bathroom so that the hairs can be washed off the machine under running water.

The optimal length of hair for shaving is 3-5 mm. If they are longer, they can be trimmed with ordinary scissors. A trimmer is also suitable, but you do not need to achieve evenness.

Start to remove hair from the inguinal region. To do this, legs are widely spread. In the standing position, you can put on the side of the bathtub or toilet bowl to get better access. The member is pushed to the right or left.

A special cream or foam is used for shaving. Doing this “dry” is prohibited, there will be severe irritation. If there are no special products, use soap, create the foam yourself, and do not forget to update it.

You need to shave on even skin, for this it is pulled a little. One hand forms a flat surface, the second runs a razor along it. The sites should not be large, an area of ​​2-4 square centimeters is sufficient.

Movements are performed by hair growth. This removes hair but does not make the surface completely smooth. Most men are satisfied with this result. But if you need an ideally smooth surface, then the second time they pass through the skin against the growth of hair, so that there are not even small “stumps”.

After each touch of the razor skin, the machine must be washed to remove already cut hairs. There are many, they are pretty tough. You have to clean the razor many times.

After shaving, the skin is washed with soap to remove hair and foam. And they apply an aftershave that helps prevent irritation.

Will there be irritation after shaving

The skin in the groin is different for men. For example, on the pubis it is denser than on the scrotum. And it is in the groin that traces of irritation may appear. This is either slight redness, or small abscesses. The first arise due to damage to the razor surface. The abscesses are due to ingrown hair.

On the scrotum, the skin is very thin, as well as around the anus, there the hairs never grow. But razor cuts can be, and they heal for several days.

What will be after shaving? After the first experiment, everything will itch. Itching will last 2 to 7 days. Regrowth hair will cause tingling. After the second or third shave, the intensity of these sensations will decrease. With regular hair removal, addiction to similar skin reactions will occur.

Alternative body hair removal methods

A man can remove body hair not only with a razor. There are other ways. Each of them has its pros and cons.

  • Shugaring or waxing. Hair is removed with the root using a special composition. Techniques are similar, give a result for 2-3 weeks. After them, the hairs become much thinner. The procedures are not very pleasant, but bearable. Beauty salons with similar services are in every city. 
  • Laser hair removal. Hair removal for several years. 6-10 procedures remove hair in a specific area for 3-5 years. They just stop growing. Especially effective in people with dark hair. You can perform on the genitals and on the face. 
  • Electrolysis. Each hair is removed using current. In one procedure, you can process a small area. To remove all the hair on the scrotum, you will need to go to the master many times. But the effect is very long, the hair no longer appears. 
  • A haircut. Using scissors or a trimmer, the “lawn” can be trimmed, leaving a length of 1-3 mm. The hair will not interfere, but there will be no irritation. 

Before salon procedures, talk with the master. Not everyone will take up such a tender zone.

How to remove hair in the groin

Use of depilatory cream for the male scrotum is prohibited. It causes burns, and then the treatment is long and painful. Cream designed for rougher skin.

The cream can be used in the groin, at the junction of the torso and legs. If you need to remove the hair “under the swimming trunks”, cream is acceptable. But it’s not worth it to apply to the penis and scrotum.

Hair removal in the bikini area is becoming increasingly popular among men. Everyone should try different ways in order to understand for himself what a woman is going through, getting rid of excess vegetation on her body.

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