Secrets of sexual relations at 40

Do not rush to give up on your sex life after 40. In fact, everything is just beginning! You will learn completely different facets of intimate pleasure, but for this you will have to make some adjustments to your habits and behavior with a partner. Here are the main changes to expect from sexually active people over 40.

1. Longer preludes

After 40, testosterone levels gradually decrease in men, which makes them calmer and more measured in behavior. The same changes apply to the ability to be aroused. It will take them a little longer to achieve “combat readiness” in bed. Mechanical stimulation of the penis will help. Women will need more long-term caresses to reach the peak of arousal.

2. No bias

Couples over the age of 40 claim their sex is more intense, passionate and unbridled. This is due to the fact that partners deeply trust each other and know the value of true feelings and pleasure. By this time, lovers no longer pay attention to taboos and embarrassment in bed, they are not afraid to try something new, to motivate themselves by watching an erotic video, role-playing games. Trusting relationships open up a lot of opportunities for exploring erogenous zones and the possibilities of each other’s bodies.

3. Maintaining physical fitness

With age, everyone has to more carefully monitor their health. In particular, this applies to the cardiovascular system. The quality of sex will directly depend on how you feel, and therefore you will have to set aside time for cardio training and strength exercises. This will not only make your heart healthier, but also improve the overall physical condition of the body, which is important for sexual pleasures.

4. Temporary lulls

For couples who have been in a relationship for a long time, periodic lulls in sex are quite normal. You must understand that it is impossible to live permanently on a honeymoon regime. Inevitably, there will be a long weekend on the love front. In order not to completely lose interest in each other, you will have to work on relationships, talk on intimate topics, I share my emotions and desires.

5. Difficulties with conception

After 40 it will be much more difficult to get pregnant, so be prepared for the fact that you will have to work hard on replenishing the family. If you intend to conceive a child at the age of 40, then sex can turn into a routine duty and cease to wear its former joy and delight. 

6. Brighter orgasms

Older women, contrary to false myths, are able to experience more frequent and vivid orgasms than in their youth. With experience comes the necessary knowledge of how to achieve sexual satisfaction, throw off constraint and concentrate only on your body. After 40, ladies not only want, but can also have fun in bed. 

7. Stronger partners

Changing testosterone levels allows a man in his 40s to more easily control his ejaculation, which automatically increases the duration of intercourse. The partner has time to experience more mental and physical pleasure while the man reaches his climax .

8. The need for additional moisture

By the age of 40, some women may experience vaginal dryness. This is due to a decrease in the amount of estrogen in the body. To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is worth using additional moisturizers for the intimate area. Otherwise, you can damage the walls of the vagina, cause rupture , bleeding and irritation.
Otherwise, you should not be afraid of any monstrous changes in your sex life after 40. By this time, you will have more free time for yourself, for mastering new forms of intimacy and knowledge of the sensual side of intimate life. Your body is still functional and sexually active, all doors are open in front of you, so it’s time to enjoy each other, without looking at third-party factors.

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