10 sex positions women secretly hate

Sex should give pleasure and enjoyment. However, this does not always happen, due to some positions in sex that seem very attractive to our partners, but not to us.

Each woman has her own individual posture, which serves as a signal for her, sex will not bring pleasure this time. In my case, this is a rider. It is simply too much effort for me. But I have fun and enthusiasm trying doggy style or missionary positions. I’m ready for anything but a rider.

1st place – “69” 

Description: A well-known position in which a woman lies down on top of her partner so that her genitals are over the man’s face. Consequently, the genitals of a man who lies under a woman find themselves under her face. Dislikes: You can’t satisfy and enjoy at the same time. At the same time, the majority of females complain about the difference in height, which becomes a significant obstacle. 


2nd place – Missionary position 

Description: The woman lies on her back, wrapping her legs around the man. The main load in this position falls on the man’s hands, since he, bending over the woman, must hold the weight in his arms, and not lie on the darling. Dislikes: The missionary position is not popular with women, as many men are not strong enough to hold the weight in their arms. Because of this, women are in constant tension, and think about how not to be crushed by a partner, instead of having fun. Also, some of the ladies recognized that in the missionary position they do not get sufficient precision clitoral stimulation. 


3rd place – Horsewoman 

Description: The man lies on his back. The partner sits on top of the man and moves up and down. In this position, the man’s hands are free to caress. The advantage is that the woman herself can control the speed and depth of penetration. Dislikes: When it comes to riding position, there are two main issues that keep women from showing genuine sympathy for the position. It is worth remembering about shy girls who are complex and feel insecure, being under the scrutiny of their partner. The second half of the fair sex, claims that there can be no talk of any orgasm when you are all sweaty and tired, doing all the work for two. 


4th place – Doggy-style 

Description: The woman gets down on all fours, leaning forward slightly and arching her back. The partner is behind and holds the lady by the hips. In this position, the role of the leader goes to the man, since it is he who controls the pace and strength of the jerks. What you dislike: While you are having fun, it can hurt your partner to penetrate too deeply, especially if you already have an impressive penis. In addition, this position is not the most intimate and intimate . 


5th place – Vice Rider 

Description: A woman sits down with her back to the lying man. If desired, the man can hold the lady by the reed, thereby helping her to move. Dislikes: It’s no secret that most women prefer eye contact with their partner, so they feel an even closer connection. Not only that in this position you need girl to sit with his back to her companion, so more and clitoral stimulation I’m here is practically impossible. 


6th place – Spooning 

Description: A woman lies on her side with her knees tucked in. The man lies down behind her. The advantage of this position is that the man’s hands are free to caress his chest and clitoris. Ideal pose for morning lovemaking. Dislikes: Some girls find this position boring and not sexy. 


7th place – Standing 

Description: The man stands behind the woman facing the wall. The partner’s hands are free for caresses. Dislikes: Most often, women notice the difference in height between partners, since if the man is much taller than the woman, penetration becomes almost impossible in this position. Some ladies also admit that they are much more willing to have sex lying down than standing. 


8th place – Lotus 

Description: A woman sits on a man’s arms, crossing her legs behind him. What not to like: Ladies admit that in the Lotus position they are constrained in movement. Also, some of them believe that this position is aimed at achieving pleasure for a woman, therefore, a man takes minimal participation. 


9th place – In the arms of a man 

Description: A man standing, holding his partner in his arms. The woman wraps her legs around the man and holds on to his neck. What not to like: This position assumes rather strong hands of a man in order to hold his chosen one in his arms for a certain time. Most women admit that they are secretly very afraid that the man will not hold them , and they will fall right on the tailbone. 


10th place – Back Rider 

Description: The woman lies down with her back on top of the man and moves up and down. The man’s hands are free for caresses. Dislikes: The only drawback, according to women, is the need to exert a lot of physical effort. Not all women can do it. What’s your least favorite pose? 

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