Entertaining hike: 10 best sex positions in a tent

Outdoor activities can be a great option for a romantic date. Fresh air, closeness to nature, food on the fire – it all sets up a playful mood. If there is an opportunity, then why not retire in a tent and merge with nature one hundred percent?

Are tent games not for you yet? Then diversify the menu with car sex. For everyone else, I present important nuances, which it is better to take care of in advance, and comfortable positions for hot sex in a tent. 

Small memo

The most obvious conditions are warm weather and a flat area for a tent. Believe me, at temperatures below 5-6 degrees Celsius at night you will not want any comfort, your goal will be to live until the morning. What can we say about the temperature even lower? Of course, this will not be true for hardened tourists and not so well-known. But for the beautiful half of humanity, comfort is most often very important.

Pay attention also to the frequency of people appearing next to you. Ideal – complete solitude somewhere in the forest. But, when choosing between a mushroom picker at the edge and a bear in the thicket, show prudence. In addition, the mushroom picker can turn out to be nice and friendly, which, with the proper degree of emancipation, greatly diversifies your leisure time.

Take care of the means of hygiene and contraception: tissues, water supply, condoms, trash bag. And remember that if you do not want to invite guests into the tent, then it is better not to turn on the flashlight at night.

10 positions for sex:

1. Love in French

Set aside enough foreplay time. It is very important for a girl to turn off from the environment and nervous listening to flying sounds. For a relaxing, supportive and relaxing position, try a variation of the classic 69 position. Sit comfortably on your side, face to face with a jack. To keep your neck from getting tired, place your head on your partner’s bent leg, and bend the other and rest it on the floor. In this position, caress each other with your mouth, tongue, hands, stretching pleasant sensations.

2. Floating love

This mysterious name hides the most familiar and comfortable missionary position. But you can add a twist to it and add tourist d├ęcor, such as rolled up sleeping bags or rugs. Don’t unpack them, keep them tightly bound. The girl is comfortably located on the dais, and the guy begins his sweet work to achieve orgasm. The girl can spread her legs wide or clasp her lover’s thighs tightly with them – this already depends on the free space in your tent.

3. Spoons in a bag

Speaking of sleeping bags: if, by chance, he ended up with you alone, or you didn’t guess the temperature, then the space of the bag can also be used. The most suitable position for a sleeping bag is on spoons or on your side. Partners lie on their sides, hips pressed tightly against each other. The guy enters the girl from behind and slowly moves inside the hot bosom of his girlfriend. This position is especially suitable for owners of great advantages, but owners of more modest sizes do not need to despair. Combine shallow penetration with the caresses of the clitoris, and then bright orgasms are guaranteed! 

4. Criss-cross

If there is enough room in your tent, then try to enjoy the criss-cross position. The girl lies on her side, the guy is attached while sitting, fixing the leg of his mistress around his mighty torso. It is quite difficult for one to move in this position, so it is better if the partner will also help. And, while the guy controls the girl’s legs, so as not to pierce the wall of the tent in excitement, she helps herself with her fingers. And in joint chugging, the couple strives for an orgasm!

5. Maximum depth

Love deep penetration, then doggy style is definitely your option . If your tent is high enough for the Atlas to straighten his shoulders, then there is no need to deny yourself the pleasure. The girl gets on all fours, but in order not to get tired on the hard floor, lowers her arms and head. At the same time, the rear protrudes as much as possible, and this is what the partner needs. He gently inserts his penis into her juicy vagina and slowly begins to move, gradually increasing the pace. This position is also convenient for anal games, if you are in the subject, of course.

6. Lazy doggy style

For lovers of a slow pace and fans of contemplation of natural landscapes, the lazy doggy style is suitable. If you are alone on your hike, then try opening the entrance to the tent (it is better to leave the mosquito net closed) and enjoy the beautiful views, bonfire and pleasant sensations. The girl lies on her stomach and spreads her legs wide. The guy is on top, introducing his penis into it. In such an embrace as close to each other as possible, the couple moves slowly. Contemplating nature for a long time, most likely, will not work, but it is definitely worth a try.

7. Tired rider

A sufficiently warmed-up girl will definitely want to take control into her own hands. For determined and active riders, the rider pose is ideal, but we always remember about a small tent space. Therefore, in order not to tempt fate and not inadvertently destroy her refuge, it is better for a girl to lean strongly towards her man’s face, as if she is tired and wants to rest on his broad chest. In this position, the guy can set the pace by moving his hips up and down from below. And the partner will pick up the pace, moving in sync with him, towards orgasm, passionately kissing her lover.

8. The rider vice versa

Also quite comfortable position for limited space. The girl saddles the partner’s penis, but turns her back to him. The guy actively moves inside his mistress, massaging and gently spanking her ass. The girl rests on her partner’s arms or legs bent at the knees. If a man’s legs are stretched forward, then you can help yourself with your fingers, caressing the clitoris, or look at what is happening as if from the side, directing a mirror straight there. A very exciting picture will open to playful eyes!

9. Sitting face to face

After the missionary position, this position for tent pleasure is probably the most suitable one. The guy sits down, tucking his legs, and the girl saddles him from above, introducing his penis inside herself. She can lean on her knees, as in the riding position, or sit on her partner’s legs, taking her legs behind him. Movements up and down will be with greater amplitude if the girl remains on his knees, or if the man grabs his mistress with his strong hands under the buttocks. Penetration in this position will be deep and it is best to start at a slow pace, gradually accelerating as much as possible.

10. Tantric triangle

The couple sit on their sides, facing each other. The girl moves as close as possible with her hips to the guy, introducing his penis into herself. She throws her leg on top of her partner, and he puts his on top of her lower leg. Gently hugging and kissing, the lovers move slowly. According to the laws of tantric sex, it is not necessary to finish as long as possible for both. In this position, you can even fall asleep in each other’s arms, enjoying the caress and tenderness. When you realize that the moment of reunion has dragged on and the passion begins to fade, it is better to start building up the pace. Tantra is tantra, and the orgasm should not be missed!
Sex in a tent is a wonderful variety and an unforgettable experience. Above all, tune in to pleasantness and don’t take it too seriously. Remember that you cannot prepare for everything, embarrassment can be different , but understanding your partner and trusting each other will help you cope with hiking difficulties and will lead both to the pinnacle of pleasure! 

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