Good night wishes for your beloved man for all occasions

At night, all our feelings are aggravated, especially for two loving hearts. If the lovers are separated by kilometers, I want to write something truly sincere to my soulmate, to convey the whole range of feelings in the message.

Women are especially sensitive to this issue, turn to the advice of friends and specialized sites so that the wish of a good night to a man is sensual. Consider wishes in verse and prose, how to write when you are at a distance: try to write in your own words using our tips.

beautiful good night wishes

A wish good night to a loved one should, first of all, be written from the bottom of the heart.

  • Good night, my dearest person! Let the night carefully guard your sleep, and let the angels give magical dreams.
  • Good night, beloved man! I want the world of your dreams to be as fabulous and inexpressibly beautiful as my dreams of you.
  • I already miss you, see you soon in my dreams.
  • I wish the most tender, sensitive, quivering man the same gentle and quivering dreams.
  • The most pleasant and precious gift for me is your even breathing, heartbeat next to me, your sideways smiling look and gentle touches, from which the whole body and soul come to indescribable delight. I would really like to spend this night with you.

Good night wishes from a distance

If a man left for another business trip or went on vacation with friends, you can write him a touching message. Such good night wishes to your beloved will remind your beloved of you and make you miss you.

  • It turns out that there are no boundaries between two loving hearts. I feel you with every cell of my heart, it seems that I feel you even at a distance. So, now you feel all the power of love and tenderness with which I am writing these lines to you, all the depth of feelings and desire to hug you and pull you close. Pleasant dreams.
  • Days without you are completely useless and endlessly long. How I dream of falling asleep in your arms and waking up feeling your breath next to me. I endlessly await your return! I love!
  • The city is falling asleep, millions of people are falling asleep hugging each other… And I miss your warmth and love, my only and beloved man.
  • Distance means nothing when we’re connected by such incredible love. Good night, my most needed person.
  • Good night my Dear. I sincerely wish you the desired dreams and the realization of dreams in them. I wish your body to rest from daily worries, your soul to be filled with inspiration, your heart to be filled with love. I love you so much.
  • You know, even after thousands of kilometers, I feel your invisible presence. When it snows outside, I remember how good our time was, when it rains, your profile and a feeling of all-consuming happiness come before my eyes. But I miss you especially sharply in the evenings, when I could feel you with every cell of my body, every part of my soul. Good night, dear, I really look forward to our meeting.

Good night wishes in prose

If a woman is more accustomed to expressing feelings in prose, this can be done just as masterfully in poetry. The prose text, for all its simplicity, is able to convey the whole gamut of feelings. Let’s see how you can wish good night to your beloved man in a prosaic form:

  • How senselessly time flows when you are not by my side. I remember your touch, your gentle whisper, and I feel an irresistible desire to see you! Good night, most beautiful man.
  • I wish you to see the most incredible dream that will make you believe in a real miracle. You will wake up and be full of strength and energy. I will ask the angels not to disturb your sleep.
  • For everyone there are different criteria for happiness, for me it is possible only when you fall asleep next to me. Your presence makes me the happiest person on earth.
  • I asked the angels to wake up next to you. Good night my darling .
  • I want to wish you to plunge into the fabulous world of dreams, in which peace and quiet reign. Let your dreams be painted in soft pastel colors, and a new morning will bring you new ideas and plans.
  • My most kind, honest, devoted, irreplaceable man! It’s hard to put into words all my love for you, good night!
  • I want to hug your courageous shoulders, kiss you endlessly, wish you good night and feel your presence.

Short good night wishes in verse

If you want to look like an interesting and mysterious person in the eyes of a man, you can send him congratulations in verse. It will be original and bold of you. Let’s see how this can be done.

1. My affectionate friend, beloved,

The most tender and beautiful

I send you good night

Missing you so much…

2. How I would like to see you,

Take your hand and hold it close to you

But it remains only to miss again

And wish you fabulous dreams…

3. I feel you from a distance,

Your meek look and wave of your hand,

And mentally I send a wish,

So that this night you are protected by peace.

4. The most gentle, the kindest

On this fabulous night

I wish you happiness

And overcome all obstacles.

5. Irresistible desire to hug,

Sprinkle with a thousand kisses

Good night to wish quietly

So that you know how much I love you …

6. It seems to me that on the whole planet

There is no closer and dearer person,

Therefore, I wish you

For you to fall asleep soundly.

Good night wishes in your own words

The best way to wish your beloved man is to wish in your own words. It will be the most sincere and honest confession possible. How will it look like? Let’s see!

  • My dear man, I wish you to enter the world of fabulous dreams, where reality is subject to your desires and dreams, where peace and serenity, love and understanding reign. I hope that in this dream there is a place for me. Goodnight!
  • Separation is very difficult for me, I am not able to express in words the strength of feelings, the riot of colors that overwhelm me with renewed vigor every evening. I want you to sleep well tonight and start implementing your wildest plans. Good night, honey !
  • It is impossible to imagine and truly appreciate the full significance of your presence in my life. May this short period of time meant for sleep not be so endless. I hope to meet you in my dream.
  • I am infinitely happy that next to me is such a kind and affectionate man who easily turns life into a fairy tale. May your dreams be filled with magic and magic that you brought to my gray and boring life. I hug.
  • May colorful and wondrous dreams await you in the kingdom of Morpheus, which will fill you with strength and self-control. With the dawn, a new happy morning full of accomplishments and new discoveries will knock on your door. Good night my real man.


It is extremely important to choose the words with which your man will understand how important he is to you. And this is possible only if you absolutely sincerely, without infringing on his freedom, love him and want to give a few warm words for free. Only then will these honest words go straight to the heart!

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