Secrets of delicious sex

There are countless tips on how to diversify the intimate sphere of life. One of these options is to make sex tastier. After all, erotic scenes when a man licks chocolate from the body of his beloved or a partner feeds his chosen one with fruit without the help of hands look very exciting. So why not try to make such a safe fantasy a reality? Moreover, it will not be difficult.

Choosing the right food

Perhaps your favorite is fried fish or baked chicken, but remember, using this type of food does not increase your arousal. Experts recommend choosing products for playing in bed that do not leave greasy prints, smell good and are moderately exotic. Use cream, ice cream, fruit, sushi on your body.

Serving sex

To keep your experiment going without a hitch, prepare food ahead of time: wash, cut or break into small pieces. After all, the need to distract from the main action in order to wash an apple or unfold a bar of chocolate can ruin the whole experience and nullify the romantic mood.

Romantic dinner

Do not forget that the bed is designed to satisfy sexual needs, and food at this moment acts as an additional attribute and props. If you feel hungry, you need to take care of the comfort of your stomach in advance. It’s a good idea to do this in the company of your beloved.

Berry sex

The use of all kinds of berries in sex play is quite popular. Of course, you have to make sacrifices. If fruit juice gets on the bedding, it will be almost impossible to restore it to its previous appearance. However, cast aside your doubts, because for the sake of unique sensations with a juicy and summer aftertaste it is worth taking the risk.

Whipped cream

For most people, delicious games are associated with whipped cream. Airy foam on a woman’s body excites the minds of many men and generates the most explicit erotic scenes in their brains. However, do not forget that cream is a type of dairy product, therefore it is necessary to use it with extreme caution in hot weather.

Exciting chocolate sex

Lovers of sweets should opt for chocolate. This delicacy is able to awaken an unprecedented passion and give a truly unforgettable adventure. Imagine that the chosen one gently and leisurely licks a piece of chocolate from the most sensitive place on the body. Are you worried? Imagine what will happen when you get down to practical action.

Sex and ice

Maybe ice is not the most delicious choice, but it is very invigorating and exciting. Cold touches promote an increased adrenaline rush and allow the body to take caresses for a long time, as well as give true pleasure to the partner.

Drunk sex

Under the influence of alcoholic beverages, people are liberated, and everything secret becomes apparent. But be extremely careful. Excessive alcohol addiction can play a cruel joke on you and turn sex into torture. After all, it’s not a secret for anyone that a glass of light alcohol exacerbates the sensations, and strong high-grade drinks act diametrically opposite. All this, of course, sounds exciting and excites the imagination. However, do not forget about the individual characteristics of a person. Perhaps your partner is a squeamish person and will not be thrilled with innovations. Be sure to get his consent before experimenting. 

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