Hidden masturbation. How to have fun even in a crowded place

Masturbation can take place not only at home, you can experiment in any place. And this will give joy and not injure others. Realize this simply with the help of sex toys. They will allow you to experience this process in a new way.

Hidden masturbation women and men

It is much easier for women to stimulate the genitals , as this process goes unnoticed by people around. There are no obvious signs of arousal that are striking. Only a slight blush and a languid look can give out. Wet clothes occur, but noticeable it is not always. The excitement of a man is more obvious. An erection can stand out under clothes, it is more difficult to hide. But it’s possible, and someone can control the process. It is more difficult with ejaculation, if it occurs, then there may be obvious traces on the clothes. But why not be alone in the toilet at the climax? 

Hidden masturbation for women

The easiest way to masturbate a woman in a crowded place, using sex toys to wear. In this case, different zones can be stimulated: the clitoris and labia, inner walls of the vagina or anus. What accessories are suitable for this:

  • Vibro egg. Small vibrator immersed in the bosom of a woman. Inside the motor, which works very quietly. When vibrations are turned on, the walls of the vagina are stimulated, and this can lead to orgasm. The more modes and speeds, the more interesting the experiments. And individual models, for example, Flamingo or Fugu, can also vibrate to the beat of the music. 
  • Vibrostrusics. Created for external stimulation. A vibrating bullet or a special “petal” is placed in panties and caress the clitoris and labia. Some models come with underwear, others are attached to any panties. Most women like this stimulation, leading to vivid orgasms anywhere. 
  • Butt plug with vibration. It is located inside the body and massages the anus and erogenous zones around. It does not interfere with sitting, but at the same time gives a strong excitement. 

Toys with remote control are suitable for experiments. Using the remote control or smartphone, it turns out to switch modes, change the intensity. And all these manipulations remain invisible.

Hidden masturbation for men

Men in crowded places often produce stimulation not of the penis, but of the anus. It is easy to hide under clothes, can be controlled. And this effect not only gives a pleasant feeling, but also helps in the prevention of many diseases.

  • Anal stimulant. The curved shape gently presses on the area of ​​the prostate gland. When the muscles of the anus are compressed and relaxed, the stimulator moves, giving a pleasant sensation. The model can be with and without vibration, it is the shape that touches the desired points. 
  • Butt plug with vibration. Caresses the area of ​​the anus, can act simultaneously on the prostate gland. Oscillations excite, cause a strong desire. 

An anal stimulator can be in the body for up to 10 hours in a row without harming health. Then you need to remove it, clean it and take a break in wearing for several hours.

Small masturbation sex toys

Hidden masturbation is also an opportunity to retire and quickly get an orgasm. And for this, there are also sex toys. They take up little space, do not attract attention, but in them it will be very simple to relax in a couple of minutes in the toilet. Produce mini-devices for both women and men.

  • For her. Mini vibrator disguised as ordinary objects. It looks like lipstick, makeup brush or even jewelry. When turned on, it vibrates powerfully, but is more often used for external influences. 
  • For him. A mini-masturbator that fits easily even in your pocket. Equipped with a special relief inside, use is more pleasant than hand stimulation. Many models are disposable; after use, they can be thrown away so as not to think about cleaning. 

With a small sex toy, just retire for a few minutes. To do this, a separate cabinet, toilet or other space is suitable.

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