How Phenazepam affects potency

The fear that a drug prescribed by a doctor will negatively affect libido or erection makes men refuse to treat various types of pathologies. This affects the health of the body in the most negative way.

For this reason, it is important to receive detailed advice on a disturbing issue, formulating it to the doctor. For example, men are very worried: does phenazepam affect potency?

What you need to know about Phenazepam

Phenazepam belongs to the pharmacological group of tranquilizers. Its effect on the body is carried out through the tissues of the brain. Influencing the production of enzymes involved in the transmission of impulses between the endings, the active substances of the drug can reduce the excitability of each structure of the central nervous system.

Phenazepam has a complex effect on the body. Among the effects it produces are:

  • anxiolytic – manifested in a decrease in the level of anxiety, suppression of fears and panic attacks, elimination of anxiety;
  • sedative – leading to the removal of tension, the appearance of natural urge to sleep;
  • sleeping pills – drowning out the influence of irritating factors;
  • anticonvulsant – carried out by slowing down the transmission of impulses between the endings of nerve cells;
  • relaxing – also provided by slowing down the speed of the passing impulse from the brain to the motor nerves.

Patients who are prescribed the drug, as a rule, suffer from restless sleep or insomnia, disorders in the psycho-emotional state. Its advantage is the lack of prolonged action and simple absorption by the body.

Influence on male power

Potency and Phenazepam are compatible concepts. At the same time, it is important that the patient strictly follows the doctor’s instructions regarding the regularity of taking and dosage of the remedy.

Given the effects that the drug has on the work of the central nervous system, changes in potency are indispensable. The drug (when used correctly) will not provoke impotence, but it can affect the strength of an erection or libido. Moreover, both positive and negative changes can be observed here.

How will the erection change?

The effect of Phenazepam on changes in potency is primarily reflected in erection. By reducing the speed of passing pulses, the onset of the excited state will be somewhat different. The negative effect will be expressed mainly in the first hours after administration:

  • lack of sensitivity of the penis;
  • sluggish excitement;
  • poor response to stimulation;
  • inability to achieve ejaculation.

With regular use of Phenazepam and proper planning of sexual life, patients notice positive changes. They are expressed in a more stable erection, prolonged sexual contact. Such shifts additionally contribute to the restoration of the psycho-emotional background of a man.

Will libido change when taken

Phenazepam can really reduce a man’s libido. This happens, again, in the first couple of hours after using the drug.

It is 2-4 hours after drinking the pill that the active ingredients of the tranquilizer have a full effect on the central nervous system. The patient at this moment is in a relaxed, sleepy state. His entire body slowly reacts to external stimuli, preparing for sleep. Therefore, there is no need to talk about sexual attraction at the moment .

Regular use of Phenazepam helps relieve tension and nervousness, which has a positive effect on self-confidence. This, in turn, promotes the growth of libido.

Is it compatible with alcohol

Phenazepam should not be combined with alcohol. Due to the effects that the drug has on the body, ethanol, getting into the blood, will cause great harm.

First of all, alcohol will lead to violations of the psycho-emotional state. This will contribute to the complications of the current disease.

In addition, due to the slow transmission of impulses between cells, the processing and elimination of toxins will be slowed down. The decay products of ethanol will linger in the body, poisoning it. The active components of Phenazepam have zero compatibility with ethanol. This will also cause side effects (drop in blood pressure, confusion, increased heart rate, heavy breathing, falling into a coma).

What to do so that there are no problems

The first and most important condition for maintaining normal potency during treatment with Phenazepam is strict adherence to the doctor’s requirements and regular monitoring of the state of health. Changing the dosage based on personal feelings is dangerous.

It is also important to cleanse the body so that nothing interferes with the onset of an erection and the duration of sexual intercourse. For this it is worth:

  • to exclude from the use of nicotine, caffeine, alcohol (even with a low alcohol content);
  • drink enough clean water;
  • adjust the diet for a diet with a predominance of vegetables, fruits, cereals and a minimum content of fatty, fried, spicy;
  • engage in physical activity – allocate at least 25-40 minutes a day.

This will eliminate toxins from the body, normalize the work of all organs. Such measures will not only maintain normal erectile function, but will also speed up the process of treating psycho-emotional disorders.

Expert opinion

Denis Aleksandrovich Dvoenkin , psychotherapist

“The vast majority of male patients suffering from constant stress, psychopathic disorders, insomnia and other disorders in the psycho-emotional background refuse the drug as soon as they read reviews about it online. The logic is simple: since this is a tranquilizer, you can turn into an impotent.

At the same time, many of them do not understand that their current condition, with almost 100% probability, will lead to sexual impotence in six months or a year. You have to have long conversations, with explanations.

You will not become impotent by taking a drug that relieves tension. Taking it correctly and adjusting the schedule of sexual contacts accordingly, a man will not even notice negative changes. It’s about the patient’s discipline, not the drug.”

The question of how Phenazepam wags on potency should be discussed with the attending physician without fail. Refusing to take the drug, having indications for its use, due to irrational fears is dangerous to health. The planner of the treatment course will calculate the dosage and duration of the course based on the individual parameters of the man. With strict adherence to the instructions, the negative impact on male power will come to naught.

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