How to determine the moment for the first intimacy

Not so long ago, there was a strict set of rules governing inter-sex relations. For a long time, a man had to show signs of attention to a woman remotely. During the courtship period, lovers could not even kiss without censure from the outside, not to mention sexual intimacy. After the sexual revolution, the rules have undergone changes, but the question of when it is possible to indulge in passion for two loving hearts, some young people are still wondering .

When is the perfect moment for intimacy

Representatives of the fair half are still wondering when it is worth taking the relationship to a new level and allowing the chosen one to stay overnight. In each relationship, these terms can be set on an individual basis. However, scientists warn that “sustained” intimacy is a sign of a serious and lasting relationship. If a couple starts dating from bed, then, as a rule , this is where it all ends.


After a series of studies, expert opinions on this issue were divided. Experts give conflicting advice, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with each of the versions and draw a personal conclusion for yourself.

Wait a couple weeks

Some scientists are inclined to believe that it is enough for lovers to spend 36 hours together. According to one study, sexual attraction to each other peaks at this time. If in two weeks the interest of partners does not disappear, the relationship has a future. If the attraction disappears, then it was just a release of hormones and a physical need.

Wait a couple of months

Another group of scientists believe that the initial stage of a relationship lasts several months. In their opinion, couples who were in no hurry to get into bed at this time find it easier to go through relationship crises and cope with difficulties in subsequent stages .

Wait for the wedding

The director of the American School of Family Life not so long ago studied the issue of intimate relations, after which he put forward the theory that relationships will be strong and stable if partners get to know each other sexually after the marriage ceremony. But this statement is questioned by many, since the research was sponsored by an intriguing party – the church. As you can see, there are no strict laws on the first intimacy in a relationship, there are only opinions and recommendations, and the final choice always remains with the lovers themselves. But there is nothing wrong with getting to know each other better before sex, getting emotionally imbued with a partner. They say that with such a close connection, the sexual sensations are a hundred times stronger and more enchanting. So the expectation is always justified. 

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