What should not be allowed in the bedroom so that sex does not disappear forever

There is behavior that is unacceptable in bed. If you practice such activities, intimacy will no longer be enjoyable. Making such mistakes most often leads to divorce. But they can be prevented.

This behavior seems acceptable to some people. But over time, it causes indignation of a loved one or a lack of understanding of what is happening. Once you start, you can become a hostage to this behavior.

So what shouldn’t you do?

1. Simulate an orgasm

If you start to feign pleasure, then it will be very difficult to give up this practice. How can you then explain to your loved one that it was all a lie? How to admit that many months of communication were without proper pleasant feelings?

But most importantly, without giving truthful feedback, it is difficult to then teach a person to do as he wants. Not every person can get out of this situation. And women get into it more often, fearing that they will be perceived as insensitive and abandoned.

Trying to play along with a person, you can permanently deprive yourself of pleasant experiences. And the longer it takes, the more negativity will accumulate.

2. Compulsion

In the context of intimate life, coercion equates to rape. Even if there is no physical beatings in him, the moral impact is also equated with violence. And to apply such an effect to a loved one is unacceptable.

And although such actions sometimes lead to agreement, when the other side, out of love, humility, or inability to fight back, agrees. But it won’t last forever. Dissatisfaction with what is happening will ruin the relationship. And sooner or later the subordinate will refuse to participate in this.

Of course, coercion can be part of the game, and in BDSM it is the most popular practice. But before the implementation, there is a discussion of what is happening, building clear boundaries. In this case, everything happens voluntarily, it can stop at the request of the subordinate.

3. Ignoring

Each partner has their own needs. And they cannot be denied. And the union of people allows you to realize these important things. Turning away from them will lead to the breakdown of the relationship. But here it is important to understand that needs and fantasies are different things.

For example, the desire for anal sex is exactly an interesting idea that excites the imagination. And health, well-being, mood does not depend on it. If this is denied, no one will suffer. But the need for regular sex is a need for some people. Without her satisfaction, they cannot lead a fulfilling life.

Ignoring what impairs the quality of life is dangerous for the relationship. Because a person will still “close” this need. But if not in the family, then in another place.

This does not mean that you have to agree to everything. You just need to distinguish where the need is. And together to look for compromises so that no one in a couple feels unhappy.

And what needs to be done to keep intimacy for many years?

There are several rules for happy families. They are very simple, available in every union, but not everyone follows them.

  • Communication. Frank conversations on a variety of topics, including sex. Discussion of fantasies, fears. 
  • Confidence. Ability not to laugh and not judge another for any thoughts and actions. 
  • Experiments. Constant attempts to try something new, to realize fantasies. Sex toys always help a lot in this. 

Building perfect relationships is difficult. But it’s worth striving for. And always avoid things that can destroy the relationship.

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