How to learn anal sex?

What if you want to try anal, but it’s scary? How to understand how to approach this process correctly so that everyone is pleasant and not painful? Now you can learn anal, and an excellent expert – Yulia Gayvoronskaya shares her secrets.

The company develops and helps its clients to get answers to the most important questions. And that’s why learning came about! And the first program is about anal sex .

How can you learn anal sex?

Training is not a demonstration of porn, not a rough description of the process, but a professional series of lectures with a lot of life hacks. Each lesson lasts 2-15 minutes, and tells about each stage of such a spicy process.

The video provides practical advice and answers to the most common questions about anal sex. And both partners should watch it before practice.

It is important to understand that this video is a correct story about what is happening, without rude vocabulary and obscene expressions.

Who teaches the video course on anal sex?

The author of the course and its host is Yulia Gaivoronskaya. A sex education coach, blogger and owner of a large sex shop in Ukraine has been teaching for many years. At the same time, the girl is well versed in physiology and in intimate goods that can come to the rescue.

Since 2014, the presenter has been actively involved in the sex industry, conducting a lot of trainings on sex, sensitivity and intimate devices. He runs a popular YouTube channel and an Instagram page.

But the main thing is that Julia knows how to tell everything in a very intelligible and interesting way. During the process, you will not be bored, but everything will be clear and to the point.

In addition to Julia’s story, the video contains recommendations from a proctologist. One of the lectures is built on medical advice. But all advice is safe and agreed with doctors.

How is the training going

The video course consists of 11 lectures. They are immediately available to the user. And you can watch them immediately or in a few days. You can only learn a few lessons. The total length of the video is 80 minutes.

Each lecture gives an answer to a specific question: from preparation for anal to the correct implementation of various techniques of caressing the anus. At the same time, the right lubricants and toys are recommended that eliminate pain, make the process safe and enjoyable.

Video access is not limited in time. If necessary, you can always return to viewing.

What questions does the training answer?

What will you get after watching a video course on anal sex? You will find out the answers to very popular questions:

  • How to properly prepare so that everything is “clean”.
  • How to relax so that there are no unpleasant sensations.
  • How to prepare your partner for penetration in order to have fun.
  • What lubricants to use for safe contact.
  • What sex toys can help the process.
  • When you can’t practice anal.
  • What is rimming and how to do it.

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