How often can you do a prostate massage?

Almost every man has heard about prostate massage, but not everyone has an idea why it is needed and how to do it. Prostate massage is one of the most accessible and effective procedures for the prostate gland, in which the pathological process occurs.

This method of therapy is carried out for men who have the appropriate indications for its implementation. The result of this procedure is the restoration of microcirculation in the prostate gland, which brings it into tone.

It is more advisable if massage manipulations are carried out by a specialist, since experience in this area is required. However, you can master the technique yourself, this will allow you to carry out the treatment procedure at home, you just need to figure out how and how many times to do prostate massage.

Usually, manipulation is prescribed for the diagnosis of “chronic prostatitis”. Before you start, you need to know: how often you can do prostate massage, how long the session should last and have an idea about the possible negative consequences.

Necessary knowledge for effective massage

First, let’s figure out how often you need to do prostate massage. The course and frequency of procedures depend on the stage of the disease and the patient’s performance. Therefore, the duration of treatment should be prescribed by a urologist.
Most often, the duration of the course includes 15 sessions. Moreover, 3 procedures are carried out per week.

Attention should be paid to the preparatory stage. Before starting manipulation it is recommended:

  1. Setting a cleansing enema.
  2. Take a large amount of fluid to fill your bladder. A greater effect is achieved due to additional pressure on the prostate gland.
  3. To avoid discomfort – relax.
  4. Take a comfortable position. You can lie on your side, with your knees brought to your chest; you can stand, while slightly tilting the body forward; can be done while squatting
  5. The session is carried out in medical gloves using sterile vaseline oil.

You need to know that regular massage is also not necessary, since the effect can be zero.

In order to improve the general condition and increase the result, it is recommended to rebuild the lifestyle: abandon harmful weaknesses, include sports activities in the daily routine and streamline intimate life.

Massage technique at home

If a man considers it shameful to massage the prostate gland from a stranger, he is able to carry it out at home on his own or with the help of his wife. After completing the preparatory stage, proceed directly to the procedure itself. The index finger is inserted into the anus, while its pad faces the abdominal cavity.

Enter until you feel a bump. Its dimensions are different depending on the neglect of the process. Approximately 3 cm. Next, start massaging. Remember that movements should not be sharp and cause pain. It would be more expedient to visit a few appointments with a professional, and then, having understood the principle of the procedure, perform it yourself.

The session lasts 1-2 minutes. To the question: how much to do prostate massage, they often advise – in a day.

Danger of unprofessional influences

In the absence of experience and skills in the procedure under consideration, negative consequences are possible.

  1. Violation of the urethra. This is possible with an incorrect calculation of their forces. Destruction entails a violation of the microflora.
  2. Infection of the circulatory system. It occurs with bacterial prostatitis.
  3. In the presence of stones in the prostate gland, damage to the intestinal walls and destruction of cell membranes are possible.

Therefore, it is required to observe sterility and caution in execution.


Direct massage therapy is not possible for everyone, but must have medical indications. The doctor should write recommendations for the course of prostate massage: how many days and what is the duration of the sessions.

Indications for carrying out:

  • Chronic inflammation of the gland,
  • Pain in the pelvic region
  • erectile dysfunction,
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Insufficient effect of taking medications.

Therapeutic massage technique

As noted earlier, manual therapy is accompanied by a number of methods that contribute to a speedy recovery. This includes both the lifestyle of the patient and medications.
Highly qualified massage can be obtained in medical institutions. The cost of manual therapy depends on the chosen clinic and the duration of the course.

The technique consists in the fact that the masseur introduces the phalanx into the patient’s anal passage and alternately acts on the affected gland. At this moment, the patient leans forward, leaning on his hands or kneels and elbows.
The pain of the procedure and its cause.

Do not trust rumors that the procedure is painful. Usually a man simply experiences moral inconvenience and some shame because of the delicacy of the problem. Pain is possible only if there is one of the contraindications to the massage procedure. This may be with the acute nature of the process or any other pathologies. Painful sensations can occur if the massage therapist is not experienced enough.

Duration of a session with professional massage therapists

The duration of the massage session is a rather important issue. The time of one procedure is at least one minute. After that, the patient is allowed to empty the bladder.

Together with urine, all inflammatory discharges come out of the prostate and improvement may occur.
How much prostate massage should be done for chronic prostatitis? The total duration is about 2 minutes. After completion of the first course, the procedure is performed at intervals of 2-3 days.

Types of massage procedures

To date, several varieties of this event are known. The manual method is more widespread. Massaging takes place with a finger. This method has another name – direct, since the effect occurs directly on the prostate.

Distinguish between internal and external massaging:

  • External consists in the impact on the place, which is localized at a depth of several centimeters from the entrance to the intestine.
  • With an internal action, it is directed to a point that is deeper – 5 cm.

Massage movements begin on one side, smoothly moving to the other.

Another type of indirect massage is the contraction of the muscles of the anus. As a result, blood circulation is increased in this area. Its main advantage is that preparation for the implementation of this event is not needed.

The therapy can be carried out with a vibration massager . In truth, this is not so convenient, because it is impossible to probe the gland and act on it specifically.

The use of hydromassage is recommended. For this purpose, liquid is injected into the intestine in an amount of 200-300 ml. with the help of muscle contraction they hold for a while.

How often should a man get a massage?

Before starting manual therapy courses, make sure that there are no contraindications in which massage manipulations cannot be performed:

  • Cystitis.
  • Acute nature of the disease.
  • Prostate adenoma.
  • Haemorrhoids.

In some cases, massage procedures are carried out daily, gradually reducing the number and duration of massages per week to 2 or 3. The effect lasts no more than a minute, although it may take half a minute for a massage therapist, as he uses special techniques.

The duration of the course is determined by the urologist. It depends on the stage of the pathological process and the neglect of the disease. It is useful to massage the prostate to prevent the disease, how often to do it, the attending physician will also tell you.

A course of treatment

The course of massage procedures consists of two stages. At the first stage, your husband should attend the procedures as often as possible. The duration is different, it can take either 1 minute or 5. Here it is important to pay attention not only to the duration of the event, but also to the movements themselves. They should be light and stroking without causing pain to the patient.

The first treatment period is about 15 sessions. Then a break is made for half a month and the second stage begins. At stage 2, the procedure is no longer as frequent as at first. The main task of the next stage is to consolidate the result.

There is also the concept of preventive massage. It is carried out by a healthy man, in order to prevent the development of a pathological process in the prostate gland. Before this, you should make sure that there are no contraindications.

Expert opinion on prostate massage

It is possible to use drugs for the treatment of a disease for quite a long time, but at the same time not to move from the “dead point”. No wonder doctors around the world recommend complex therapy.
By influencing the problem from all sides, a man has a better chance of a speedy recovery and a feeling of full strength.

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