How to take prostanor for prostatitis

A well-known herbal preparation intended for the treatment of diseases of the male reproductive system is Prostanorm . It belongs to the group of dietary supplements and is distinguished by many positive reviews from patients using it.

Description and features of the tool

Natural medicine Prostanorm is designed to combat ailments that affect the prostate gland of men. Its composition is distinguished by a set of medicinal plants that have a beneficial effect on the male body.

Medicinal herbs have been used to promote health since ancient times. Our great-grandmothers prepared decoctions, infusions, candles and rubbings from them. Today, all the benefits of the gifts of nature are concluded by specialists – phytotherapeutists in forms convenient for use: drops, capsules and tablets.

Although the drug Prostanorm does not belong to medical devices, but is a food supplement, it has a high rate of effectiveness in the fight against many prostate ailments in the stronger sex and disorders of the reproductive system.

This medicinal product is presented in two forms – in the form of tablets and drops based on ethyl alcohol. The composition of both varieties of herbal medicine is the same – these are either plant extracts dried in a special way and enclosed in a tablet form, or a tincture of them. The composition of both drops and Prostanorm tablets includes:

  • St. John’s wort;
  • liquorice root;
  • Canadian goldenrod;
  • echinacea purpurea root.

All herbs for the manufacture of the product are collected in ecologically clean areas of the country, processed and dried in a special way, crushed and mixed in precise proportions. Further, tablets or tincture are prepared from them. Both types of drug must be taken orally.

There is no difference in efficiency between these varieties – both liquid and solid forms equally effectively affect the affected organ.

When choosing, you need to take into account that the liquid form of the dietary supplement contains alcohol, and therefore, when taking other pharmaceutical products that are incompatible with ethyl alcohol, it is better to choose Prostanorm tablets – drops can harm a person.

The duration of treatment and the optimal dosage should be determined by the specialist who prescribed this drug. He will also monitor the treatment process and, if necessary, correct it. When prescribing this remedy, the doctor will take into account the severity of the course of the disease, the general condition of the patient’s body, the medications prescribed for treatment, and the patient’s preferences.

Although Prostanorm is used for prostatitis, he is not able to overcome the disease on his own. This tool can only supplement drug therapy, but it will not work to replace it only with a bioadditive.

The main advantage of this product is its galenic form. In such pharmaceutical products, all useful and active substances that were contained in the raw form of herbs are preserved to the maximum: plants do not lose their healing properties during processing. Therefore, you can be sure that the receiving party will receive the full range of healing components that this or that plant is rich in.

The composition of Prostanorm is selected in such a way that all components are not only compatible, but also complement and enhance each other’s action, thereby providing a faster effect on a man’s health. In addition to medicinal extracts and extracts, the product contains a number of auxiliary substances necessary to give it a form that is convenient for use.

These components are natural and are often used not only in the pharmaceutical but also in the food industry. So, the composition of the tablets is supplemented with sugar or lactose, gelatin, potato starch, talc and calcium stearate . Auxiliary components of the liquid form of Prostanorm are purified water and ethanol.

Healing properties of plants

drug Prostanorm , the instructions for use describe in detail the effect of each medicinal plant on the body of a man. All components are effective in the treatment of various forms of inflammation of the prostate gland and other ailments that affect this organ.

Most often, a dietary supplement is used to prevent relapse in chronic prostatitis, but it can also be included in the therapy for other pathologies of the urinary system.

What are the benefits of Prostanorm components ? Extract from licorice root has the following actions:

  • reduces inflammatory processes due to the fight against pathogenic microflora;
  • neutralizes allergic reactions;
  • reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, diluting it;
  • fights free radicals, slowing down the aging process of the body.

Goldenrod extract has a beneficial effect on the state of the urinary system, increasing the tone of the ureters and bladder walls. This reduces the manifestations of diseases such as cystitis and urinary incontinence. Also, this component contributes to the dissolution of stones in the urinary to the state of sand, which is excreted from the body with urine.

Echinacea purpurea is famous for its immunomodulatory properties. The roots of this plant help strengthen the body’s defense system, allowing it to resist viruses and infections, as well as successfully fight the microflora already present in the body.

Echinacea also affects the synthesis of male androgens, which helps to strengthen erection and increase the potency of the patient.

In addition to the antimicrobial effect that St. John’s wort has, this plant also has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional state of a man: the herb calms, relieves feelings of anxiety and irritability, and helps fight depression.

All extracts collected in special proportions have a complex effect on the health of a man, which ensures high results in the fight against pathologies of the genitourinary system and its individual organs.

pharmachologic effect

Prostanorm is distinguished by its organ-specific action, that is, it acts specifically on the prostate gland, additionally exerting a therapeutic effect on the organs directly associated with it.

This means that if the pathogenic microflora decreases in the prostate, there are fewer bacteria in the bladder, as a result, urination is restored. And the normalized synthesis of hormones has a beneficial effect not only on the state of the organ itself, but also on the male reproductive system.

Such a complex effect allows the use of the drug not only for the treatment of male ailments, but also for the prevention of their occurrence.

The main pharmacological properties of bioadditives include the following effects:

  • androgenic (increased synthesis of male sex androgens);
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • anesthetic.

Also, experts note the effect of the drug on the state of the circulatory system: due to a decrease in cholesterol in the blood, the blood supply to small veins and arteries in the small pelvis improves, which eliminates stagnant processes. All these effects make it possible to use Prostanorm not only to improve the functioning of the prostate gland, but also to normalize the functioning of the urinary system and prevent the development of infectious diseases of the pelvic organs.

The action of the active ingredients is comparable to the effect of antibiotic substances directed against cocci, the most popular representatives of the bacterial microflora. By eliminating these harmful microorganisms, the drug allows you to restore metabolic processes in the prostate gland and cope with the resulting inflammatory processes.

Who is treated with the drug

Most often, treatment with Prostanorm supplements therapy aimed at combating inflammatory processes in the prostate gland, as well as neoplasms of a different nature. The main action of the remedy is aimed at normalizing the synthesis of sex hormones and restoring the proper functioning of the urinary system.

Although the drug is able to have a mild antimicrobial effect, it is not used specifically for the treatment of specific inflammations or additional antibiotic agents are prescribed.

The main indications for the appointment of a phytoproduct :

  • chronic nonspecific prostatitis (inflammation is provoked by an infection, and not by viruses and bacteria);
  • chronic prostatitis, provoked by a deficiency in the production of androgens;
  • inflammatory infectious processes in the urinary system and prostate gland;
  • prostate hyperplasia.

IMPORTANT!!! Prevention of the development and recurrence of male pathologies is also included in the list of indications for use, therefore, the remedy is prescribed both after the end of the main drug therapy, and as preventive measures.

Prostanorm often supplements drug treatment for these pathologies. Its composition is able to enhance the effectiveness of drugs and physiotherapy procedures prescribed by a doctor. But if the patient takes a dietary supplement and refuses pharmaceuticals, the fight against the disease will not be effective enough.

Contraindications for use

This herbal product has a predominantly natural composition and practically does not cause adverse reactions, it is compatible with other drugs. But it has Prostanorm and contraindications, which should be taken into account when prescribing the remedy.

Thus, the liquid form of the product contains ethyl alcohol, which is prohibited for use by people with alcohol addiction and other pathologies of internal organs. Such patients are shown only the tablet form of the dietary supplement. The second nuance that must be taken into account when prescribing is individual intolerance to any component.

According to the annotation, Prostanorm is contraindicated in:

  • kidney pathologies;
  • systemic diseases;
  • autoimmune pathologies;
  • connective tissue diseases.

If the patient or the treating specialist insists on the liquid form of the drug, then its intake should be strictly controlled. Also, at the time of treatment, you will have to abandon drugs aimed at strengthening the immune system. If there are diseases that destroy the body’s defenses, it is better to refrain from treatment with alcohol tincture.

In some cases, the use of Prostanorm is possible, but not desirable. Only in the presence of strict indications and the impossibility of replacing Prostanorm with analogues, therapy with this drug is prescribed for patients with oncological tumors, lesions of the central nervous system, autoimmune diseases in the family, and cardiac ischemia.

There are practically no side effects of this product, since it is made from natural ingredients. But in case of intolerance to any component, the development of allergic reactions is possible. \ If a rash appears on the body, redness of the skin, itching or swelling of the mucous membranes, the drug is stopped and antihistamines are taken. The decision on the advisability of further treatment is made by the attending physician.

Drug analogues

Analogues of the remedy are drugs on a natural basis and dietary supplements intended for the treatment of diseases of the prostate gland in men. The most popular Prostanorm analogues are Adenol forte, Prostamol Uno, Prostatilen , Cyston , Vitaprost and Canephron N.

But there is a drug that is similar to the original in the name, but differs in composition – ” Prostonor “. This dietary supplement is also available in the form of alcohol-based drops, is indicated for the relief of inflammatory processes and the normalization of the prostate. Unlike Prostanorm , this remedy is also effective in bacterial inflammation, because it contains propolis and a large complex of vitamins.

This drug cannot be called an analogue, since it has a completely different composition, but these bioproducts are interchangeable, so it is often prescribed to patients who are not suitable for Prostanorm , or there are side effects from treating them. The decision to replace should be made by a qualified specialist familiar with the characteristics of the patient’s disease and his body.

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