How unusual to spend the weekend? Erotic scenarios

Holidays – it’s time to relax and try something new in bed. Experimenting is best together, coming up with exciting games. Where to start? Simple erotic scenarios will help turn on fantasy.

Role-playing games

Changing clothes is always exciting. And to be in a new role, just try on a new suit:

  • Stewardess. Ready to save a passenger at any time. To calm a person, he can also sit on his knees and show his chest. And in emergency situations, artificial respiration will do. 
  • Head physician. A strict person to whom you can go to complain. And he can apologize or blame the patient that he is wrong, having prescribed a lot of new tests. And the examination will be carried out by himself, looking into the most secret parts of the body. 
  • Teacher. He or she makes you do homework even on vacation. But from knowledge himself / herself gets tired, starting to flirt. For a well-learned lesson, he promises to teach kissing. 
  • The witch. Fulfills 3 wishes, if you guess her riddle. And if not, she herself will make her do terrible things, for example, to undress or massage her body. 
  • Maid. Does the job well, but constantly forgets to wear panties. And when washing the floors, a very interesting view opens up that leaves no one indifferent. She can be praised for it or punished. 


Make a variety of erotic actions, write on pieces of paper and pull out in turn. If a person fulfills, this is good, but if he cannot, then fulfillment of another desire is from him.

Tasks can be very different: from frank questions, when you need to talk about the first sex or the most terrible situation in bed, to perform striptease or mutual masturbation.

If the imagination for creating tasks is not enough, buy ready-made forfeits. Everything is thought out in them, you just need to start the game.


Lightweight BDSM is an interesting solution for any couple. It is not necessary to immediately switch to using lashes, you can try psychological dominance.

To get started, use an eye mask, limiting vision will make sex better. Then agree on the roles, submission in bed – this is interesting. And you can try to play rape, because this is a common fantasy for many.

Use handcuffs, a gag and a soft whip. It is not necessary to hurt, it is important to simply stick to the role in order to have fun. Torture does not always have to be scary, because you can torture your loved one with orgasms.


Shibari is the Japanese art of binding. Allows you to fix a person in beautiful poses. You can try to tie a partner before sex. Simple nodes are not difficult to make, on the Internet there are a lot of descriptions and even videos on how to start performing beautiful bindings.

To realize the idea, you need a rope. It is ideal to take natural so that it does not slip off, which characterizes artificial fibers. It is important not to pull it too much so as not to harm the body.

You can simply connect your wrists, or you can realize a big idea – to give the body an interesting shape. The process is very entertaining and exciting.

Any couple can spend a weekend not bored. One has only to pick up sex toys, and everything will be very interesting. Even buying a new vibrator for the holidays can give a lot of pleasant experiences.

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