Online sex rules on skype

From time to time, there are long breaks in sex in life associated with the absence of a partner. The reasons may be different: he went on a business trip, lives or studies in another city, travels – but you never know what! The main problem with long-distance relationships is the lack of intimacy. Fortunately, we live in an age of advanced technologies and the saving Internet, which can become a saving straw at the time of parting. You can, of course, masturbate, or you can have sex on Skype. If virtual dating isn’t your thing, we’ll show you how to get it right.

1. Prelude 

Before you get down to business, set the stage for an intimate online date. Set yourself and your partner in a playful mood, wake up his imagination. Photos of an intimate nature, taken on the phone, will perfectly cope with this task. Show your imagination: take frank poses, get naked, try on the image of a temptress. Frank correspondence in social networks or messengers will also help . Your goal is to get excited and arouse Him. 

2. Communication

The ability to see each other from a distance on a webcam is certainly a big plus, but this alone is not enough. The main component of virtual sex is communication. Avoid awkward pauses and prolonged silence, describe your fantasies and desires, use frank expressions and voice capabilities to excite your loved one. Maintain audio contact at all times and feel free to make erotic sounds. All this will help your partner and you to get the desired pleasure from the meeting.

3. Undressing

Since men love with their eyes, prepare yourself to be beautifully naked in front of the camera. To do this, choose the best angle, music, lighting, outfit. If you are not good at improvisation, then it is better to practice in front of the mirror in advance, choosing beneficial movements and postures. Think over everything to the smallest detail and please your man with a seductive striptease. Let him remember how sexy you are .

4. Fantasy

Virtual communication is an ideal opportunity to get to know each other’s inner world better. Perhaps, before that, you did not have frank conversations from the heart about who dreams of what in sex. Now is exactly the mood, the time and the place. Find out about your partner’s cherished desires and do not be silent about yours. Discussing intimate details will only bring you closer and intensify passions.

5. Toys 

Sex on Skype will harmoniously complement erotic toys that you can demonstrate to your man in detail and allow him to watch how you pamper yourself with a vibrator and other devices. This will allow you to receive a more complete spectrum of sensations, and he will reach the extreme degree of lust.
Long-distance relationships are possible if partners have feelings and imaginations. Of course, virtual sex will in no way replace real physical contact, but it will help to endure some time without full sex.

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