Original ways to diversify sex

Every year it becomes more difficult for partners to maintain their former passion in sexual relations. This is not surprising. Over the years you have lived together, you managed to study and comprehend each other from “A” to “Z”. Thoughts that sex has lost its former spontaneity and attractiveness do not give rest. You are afraid that very soon the moment will come when your beloved will begin to seek comfort in the arms of another woman. But this will not happen if you know how to diversify the familiar closeness and give it new colors and sensations.
Method 1. Watching porn movies

Don’t be a prude. Don’t you still know that almost all men love to watch adult films? Of course, they do not openly admit this and prefer to diligently cover up the “traces of the crime.” But there is nothing criminal in this. Certain plots can arouse in both of you an irrepressible desire and increase the degree of bed passions. Surprise your beloved with an evening of watching adult films. Along the way, you can try to repeat scripts and poses borrowed from on-screen characters. As practice shows, the opposite sex is especially delighted with a blowjob while watching “strawberries”.

Method 2. Change of scene

The bustle of daily routine sucks in. The desire to retire in the bedroom and give each other sexual pleasure fades into the background. In pursuit of family happiness and well-being, we forget about ourselves. The situation can be corrected by changing the place of deployment from the bedroom to something else. Send the children to their grandmother, take a vacation at work, buy a ticket to a sanatorium or rent a hotel room and go on a joint vacation. It is clear that the first desire will be a good sleep. Why not? When you regain strength, order food in your room. By the way, she can become a good assistant in foreplay (the main thing is not to be afraid to make your fantasies come true). Well-rested and satiated, you will be able to take a fresh look at your loved one, remember your old passion and open up to new sexual experiments.

Method 3. Erotic creativity

Each of us has our own hidden fantasies and unfulfilled desires. So why not take advantage of this? Offer your partner a simple experiment – to get used to the role of your favorite character and play the corresponding situation in the bedroom. For example, an assistant professor and a student, a policeman and a thief, etc. Moreover, today, for greater clarity, you can purchase costumes, and to create a sense of reality, it is not bad to think over the scenario in advance. Joint preparation will not only fill you with positive and energize, but also give a lot of unprecedented and enchanting sensations.

Method 4. Using additional attributes

Have you been together for a long time and oral sex has become commonplace? So try it in front of a mirror. Just remember one important detail: you must be able to see your reflection. Imagine: you are kneeling in front of your partner and caressing him. The moment you look in the mirror and see your reflection, the feeling arises inside that you are not alone now and in this place. Have you presented? Excites? Now think about what a flurry of emotions will overwhelm you when all this happens in reality .

Method 5. Rigidity

Throughout your life together, you try to show tenderness to your significant other and act very carefully so as not to cause pain and discomfort. This is all good and, of course, very important. However, this manifestation of love sometimes needs variety. Imagine: you come home after a noisy party. Instead of the usual and already bored “cat, I go to the bathroom and sleep”, once in the bedroom, you tell him “I want you immediately” and in a businesslike way, without preludes, without waiting for consent, go on to decisive actions. Is it vulgar? Is it okay? What’s the difference! It is only important that on the stronger sex this behavior of a beloved woman has a very exciting effect. One caveat: you should not use this technique very often, because you can get used to it too.

Method 6. Love “in reverse”

Specialty stores now offer a wide variety of sex toys. If your chosen one is ready and open to experimenting, invite him to swap places. To do this, you need a dildo on your panties. After retirement, switch places for a short time. So you will be able to feel in a completely different way the already familiar closeness and show with your behavior what you would like in his place.

Method 7. Threesome

This method is unacceptable for potential jealous people. However, if unlimited trust reigns in your couple, and you are ready to meet your partner, it makes sense to decide on an experiment of this kind. Of course, this action can be implemented only by mutual agreement, after moral preparation and joint choice of a partner ( male-female ). If you cannot realize this scenario on your own, contact the ” swinger club”, where they will gladly help and take on all the organizational issues. 

Method 8. Sex in public places

Intimacy in front of bystanders is quite dangerous. After all, it is impossible to predict how everything might end. It is the feeling of fear that stimulates the release of adrenaline, which enhances the heightened perception of other sensations. However, do not forget that entertainment of this kind is fraught with consequences, so such experiments should be approached very selectively. For example, let’s say you decide to be intimate in a fitting room in a store . Choose a booth with a door and latch to avoid embarrassment and trauma. You can consider a trip in a long-distance bus, because everyone sleeps there at night. The most important condition is that wherever this action takes place, do not forget about caution.
These methods are very extraordinary and extravagant. At first glance, they may seem unacceptable to you. However, if the passion in your couple has long faded away, and the feeling of an imminent breakup is getting closer, maybe it still makes sense to at least think about implementing the most innocuous way to start?

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