Pros and cons of sex in water

In romantic films, intimate scenes in water always seem beautiful. The beach, stars, bursts of waves and two hot bodies swaying to the beat of the surf. But is everything really so perfect in reality? Let’s weigh the pros and cons of sexual pleasures in water.


Sex in the water is romantic. Also, in the water, the bodies are in zero gravity, which makes it possible to try different poses where the strength of the arms and legs is required to keep the partner on weight. The advantages of such pleasures include the unusualness, which many couples are looking for, choosing non-standard places for lovemaking. When it comes to open water or public places, it is also extremely that providing flushes adrenaline partners.


· There is a high risk of the condom slipping off in water. In addition, the chlorine found in pool water has a destructive effect on latex, so there is a high chance of getting pregnant. If you decide to have sex in the water, then take care of other methods of contraception in advance . · In open waters, there is a high risk of introducing various infections into the vagina, since such water contains bacteria harmful to the female microflora. · Water washes away the lubricant that is released by the body during sex, so friction can be unpleasant or even painful. · Chlorine contained in pool water not only destroys latex, but also dries the delicate mucous membrane of the vagina, so it is undesirable for this substance to enter the woman’s body . · If you decide to indulge in passion in the sea or in the river, then there is a danger of injuring your feet on objects at the bottom. If the water is not transparent, then it is not possible to explore the bottom. You can get injured by sharp stones, glass, cans and other debris. · The salt of sea water has a disinfecting effect, but after sex it is necessary to rinse the genitals with fresh water so as not to dry out the skin. 


It is much easier to have sex in water, since the body loses its weight and you can not make physical efforts to keep your partner or the body itself in one position or another. This makes it possible to try the following poses.

Pose number 1

The man takes his partner in his arms, she wraps her legs around him, and at the same time holds on to his neck with her hands. The partner can regulate movements by applying pressure on the woman’s buttocks.

Pose number 2

The man enters his partner from behind, pressing her against his body. A woman can lean forward and lie down on the water, and her feet can hold on to her partner’s ankles. In this position, you can use a mattress on which the woman will rest with the upper part of the body.
When deciding to try sex in water, do not forget about precautions and carefully choose the place where you plan to indulge in passion. Consider all the risks and take care of your health. If you are not sure about the quality of water, it is better to refrain from intimacy with penetration and limit yourself to tactile caresses and games.

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