The Whole Truth About Male Orgasms

Unfortunately, we do not know enough about our orgasms, and even more so about male orgasms! And the main female misconception regarding ejaculation of the opposite sex concerns faking orgasm. Men perfectly portray a stormy finish, but they rarely admit it for obvious reasons. That to what else we err?

1. All intercourse must end with a male orgasm

Unfortunately, not all men are capable of reaching orgasm. Similar problems are encountered in the stronger sex much less often than in women, and yet. The causes of disorders are very different: from banal nervous tension and stress to serious diseases and physical changes. For example, the root of the problem can be an intimate illness, ailments associated with the brain or spinal cord and spine. But all these reasons are eliminated by ordinary relaxation or vacation (in case of nervousness ) or with the help of doctors.

2. Men can easily control the onset of orgasm

This is not entirely true. Men, of course, are able to feel the moment of onset of ejaculation, but they are not able to completely control this process. For them, this is a serious problem, which each of them solves in his own way. Someone at the most crucial moment thinks about something unpleasant, while someone is distracted by extraneous objects, pauses. Nature itself ordered that men quickly become aroused, and sexual intercourse lasted only minutes, and not hours, as described in love stories. Men try in every possible way to prolong the act of intimacy in the interests of their partner, but every attempt to tighten the love game is fraught with unpleasant consequences: sperm stagnation, problems with stature, nervous tension.

3. The number of male orgasms per night is not limited

Doctors say that more than five orgasms per night for the male body is stress. Of course, this is a question of the individual characteristics of each individual partner, but in general, 2-3 times are considered the norm, all other figures are above the norm. There are men who are capable of sexual exploits the number of times per night, but this is fraught with their immune system. The weakened body is exhausted and unable to fully resist viruses and infections, and this is fraught with various diseases. This is the very case when you shouldn’t chase quantity, but rather rely on quality.
The male orgasm is not comparable in complexity to the female, but, nevertheless, it is still not fully understood and gives rise to a lot of speculation and misconceptions. To better understand the sexual sensations of your partner, you should know the basic facts and skillfully use them in your intimate life.

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