Rabbit Evolution: Our Big Semi-Scientific Review

In the late 1990s, they turned the market around, becoming the most important intimate commodity for female masturbation.
In the 2000s, they turned into a field for experimenting with molds, motors, and materials.
And in the 2010s they lost everything at once: just as they themselves had once pushed back the archaic Hitachi Magic Wand baton, they suddenly found themselves behind the new inventions of the sex toy industry.
But did not go into oblivion! And they have bred like real rabbits, and are still ready and in a new way to satisfy their desires with any budget of the buyer.

Absolutely anyway. Guaranteed. Just look into our sincere eyes:

We present to your judgment a large and almost scientific review: the evolution of rabbit vibrators. Let’s start, as we love, from the middle. 

Simple and expensive

If the product has stopped selling, set a higher price and transfer it to the elite status. Demand will immediately appear.
All is true, but not all is true. Investments will be required: the product must be done carefully, from expensive materials, thought over the color, picked up the filling – albeit not difficult, but far from basic, – and beautifully packaged. Very nice!
And pay social stars for promotion. Otherwise, no one will know or believe that this device over a pile of coins is more effective than almost the same for a handful.

Fun Factory Miss Bi

Fun Factory Miss Bi is a very typical example. Simple vibration in the main “immersed” body in 6 modes and 6 more options for buzzing an external stimulator – that which is assigned to the clitoris. In this case, the electric motors are controlled separately, the case is covered with silicone and solid ABS plastic, the rechargeable battery is hidden inside, and the whole structure is well protected from water. 

Doc Johnson Kink Pulse

Doc Johnson Kink Pulse is also expensive, but a little more complicated. Firstly, the box: it is beautiful! Secondly, a creative approach was applied to the clitoral stimulator – and made it triple. For what? We fantasized a little on this subject: 


We-vibe nova

We-Vibe Nova – the crown of creation in the direction of “simple and expensive.” It turned out (in appearance) as simple and very expensive as possible! Rate it. And if you look closely? Brilliant solution # 1: make the “fingers” of stimulants almost equally long and quite flexible. What for? In order to adapt it for oneself it was possible in the vast majority of cases; wherever the clitoris is located – if there is one at all – Nova will get it both from the outside and from the inside (the same “point G”). Brilliant solution # 2: add a Bluetooth module and write an application for smartphones. What is this for? So the manufacturer does not need to come up with a hundred modes of operation, and the user – then choose from them the one that works best of all. Through the phone, you can easily create any. Or a new one for every day, or the same perfect one. Your own. 

Simple and cheap

While someone pays to draftsmen for drawings and color matching, and to boxers for making boxes with caps on magnets and argues about the density of papier-mâché becoming relevant next season, their competitors cut costs and offer low prices.
Sometimes – fantastically low. Against the background of previous examples, for sure.

Baile Pretty Love Felix

What is a “no-frills modern vibrator rabbit”?
Here it is, in front of you. Two motors – one at each tip – work in 30 modes (smart?) – but these modes are switched sequentially: not customization, but a choice from the ready-made assortment. That’s saved. The case is covered with silicone, the handle is ABS plastic. Waterproof. But the power comes from replaceable AA batteries. Another simplification. Finally, the packaging. She is here! This is all that can be said about her. On the other hand, well … it’s all the same to throw it away – what kind of papier-mâché, what’s it all for? What will the modern user say? Right! – You can do the same, only better and cheaper ?! What will the modern manufacturer answer? Guessed: – You can! 

Hot planet jack-rabbit

Vibration of two motors “in total” in 10 modes, but half of them are designed for the “bridge” technique: the clitoral stimulator works and “goes out”, the internal one is turned on, then the external one, then the internal one.
And silicone without seams and joints (more precisely, with one seam; it can be seen in the picture) covers the entire body, inside of which is a rechargeable battery.
And all this beauty is about one and a half times cheaper than battery Felix!  

Vain experiments

Now, a few seconds is not about shopping. Just about interesting. We advise you to purchase this only when you have a ready-made picture of the application.
She is not there, and you think she will draw when this charm in your magnificent beige rough case with a voluminous company emblem is in your hands? Maybe everything can be … But then do not blame us for the costs!

Mystim Bon Aparte

Mystim decided that if you combine two ready-made forms into one – not with elements, but simply “solder” them at the base – you get something worthy of attention. They were right! Viewed Bon Aparte and think, why it exists, can be really long. 

New wave

When progress cannot be led, and you don’t want to lag behind, when your competence is at a high level and your creative strength is not enough, what does a typical manufacturer do in almost any industry?

True: he takes the classics and begins to mix it with fresh ideas peeped from competitors. It turns out sometimes clumsy, but almost always entertaining.

California Dreaming Santa Monica Starlet

Sometimes the result is not clear to customers : when a rabbit with a good 10-mode independently controlled clitoral stimulator is supplemented with a special pulsator for internal zones, equipped with a “hammer” at the curved end. 

California Dreaming Orange County Cutie

Sometimes it causes cautious interest: when the same stimulator is located on an orange dildo, capable of reciprocating movements (and even at 3 speeds). 

California Exotic Novelties Impulse Intimate Dual Wand

Sometimes a novelty can expect failure. For example, when they try to offer women a “male theme” with electrical stimulation . Moreover, the implementation is not simple and costly, and so that the device can distribute electrical pulses inside the body in 5 modes, its vibrational abilities have to be cut to 7 simple options … 

Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit

And sometimes you can get to the point! The components of success are: 

  • -vacuum stimulation for the clitoris in 11 modes instead of the same canonical vibrating rabbit,
  • -low price,
  • – on the altar of which the ergonomics of the main internal stimulator are ritually killed: let it be able to switch 10 of its patterns, it is convenient to place the tube of the external head on the clitoris and at the same time few will succeed in vibrating the rod inside the body.

But users will forgive: it’s still good, fresh and effective. Orgasm – just be!


Well, and in the end – a real classic. Complicated devices, where a rod rotates inside the dildo, which drives the massage rings with pearl beads under a soft cover, and the stimulator poured under the rabbit with a multitude of vibration modes, able to sort out the ears at high speeds, lies on the clitoris.
For connoisseurs only!
Have you really not tried it yet?!.

Poke Me Up And Down Rabbit: the main core spins in 4 modes, the rabbit trembles in 8 variations.

Big Bold Bunny Vibrator: the rod spins in 6 patterns, and even knows how to vibrate in 3 ways! The rabbit is also a little cooler, trembling and fingering with ears in 10 modes.
Both have a translucent rubber with a characteristic odor and a “lollipop” color that makes you want a sweet look. Sweetie.

And, of course, the iconic AA batteries in the handle.
What do faithful fans say about this?
“If the batteries run out – change and continue. The battery is dead – goodbye orgasm!”

Luxeluv havana

Not ready for such a hardcore?
Luxeluv Havana is a boring, opaque, odorless, velvety, hypoallergenic silicone and a “built-in” battery. By 9 modes of operation of both stimulants, to add excuses to the increased price. And even the box is pretty. Another moment – and we would return to the top of the list … History has completed the round! 🙂 

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