What to do if you fell in love with a girl much younger than you

According to statistics, around the age of 40, men begin a period of rethinking of values, the so-called midlife crisis. From the outside, it looks like this: he refuses to psychologically put up with the approaching old age, he tries to hold on to the paraphernalia of the passing youth, like a lifeline.

Communication with a young girl full of lively energy has a tonic and rejuvenating effect on a man “at the end of the reproductive function.” Let’s talk about what a relationship with a young companion gives a man from the point of view of emotional health, what an adult man can be interesting for a young woman and what is the optimal age difference? What society thinks about unequal marriage and examples of historical and famous personalities.

Girls much earlier than their peer boys are ready physically and psychologically for serious relationships and family life. They are often flattered by the attention of an adult, experienced, caring man.

What gives a man a relationship with a young companion in terms of emotional health

  • With a young companion, it is easier to lead an active lifestyle and play sports.
  • The presence of a young girlfriend raises the status in the eyes of friends and acquaintances.
  • Statistics show that the life expectancy of men married to young women is longer than those of the same age. In fairness, it should be noted that bachelors live less than married people.
  • A young woman is more likely to give birth to healthy children.
  • A sense of superiority from one’s own importance in the eyes of a loved one.
  • A surge of vivacity, strength, the return of the sharpness of sexual relations.

What can be interesting for an adult man to a young woman

  • His social status.
  • Financial stability, material security.
  • Experience, knowledge, intelligence.
  • The possibility of creating a family.
  • His sincere love and admiration.
  • Often in a man, a girl looks for paternal care, which was lacking in childhood, especially if her mother raised her alone.

Optimal age difference

According to various sources, a man should be 5-9 years older than his partner.

The concept of psychological age implies the correspondence of personal development to certain age categories. People with similar psychological age have many common interests. A 40-year-old man and a 25-year-old girl may well feel like peers, listen to the same music, like the same films, have a similar worldview.

Public opinion about the big age gap

Modern society is much more tolerant of married couples with large age differences, but prejudices still exist:

  • “She has a mercantile interest”

A young girl is more interested in the financial side of the relationship, and not the personality of the man. Sometimes it happens.

  • “Razluchnitsa”

Even if by the time they met the man was already divorced, there will be those who want to accuse the girl of destroying the family.

  • “In 10-20 years, he will become an old man, and she will remain young”

An active lifestyle, proper nutrition, and the absence of bad habits will allow a man to remain attractive and youthful for a long time. After 10 years, when the girl reaches mature beauty, the age difference will be less noticeable.

  • “The inevitable decrease in the sexual activity of a man will not suit the young woman and she will leave”

There is a belief that the heyday of female sexuality begins at 35 years old, and male 50 fades away. This is nothing more than a myth. Satisfaction with sex at any age depends on the state of health. The quality of sexual intimacy can persist into old age.

You’re already eighteen, I’m only thirty-seven…

History knows many marriages of famous people with a big difference in age. Among the nobility, marriages were very common in which the spouse was 15-20 years older.

  • The wife of the Decembrist Prince Volkonsky, Maria, was 17 years younger than her husband.
  • Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin had a 13-year age difference with his wife.
  • Semyon Mikhailovich Budyonny was almost 33 years older than his third wife. They got married when the famous marshal was 54 years old, and lived in a happy marriage for 36 years, waiting for grandchildren.

Among the star couples there are many marriages of different ages:

  • The age difference between the famous director Andron Konchalovsky and his fifth wife Yulia Vysotskaya is 36 years.
  • The famous TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov is 26 years older than his third wife, and the age difference with his fourth wife, Polina, who bore him three sons, is almost 30 years.

When love and respect reign in a relationship, and a family is united by common interests, age does not matter.

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