Top 10 Sex Positions for Maximum G-Spot Stimulation

Did you know that with the correct positioning of the body, you can enhance the effect on the secret button – an almost mythical, but still existing point G. We offer you 10 positions that can give unreal pleasure to your beloved.

1.V on the table

Slightly enhanced sex using a prop. A kitchen table, a tall windowsill, or even a car hood will do. The partner sits down on the tailbone, throws her legs over the partner’s shoulders, then docking takes place. In this position, the head of the penis will rest against the front wall of the vagina. Another advantage is free access to the clitoris.

2. Modernized missionary

Dull classics can be modified in a positive way, for this it is enough to put a few dense pillows under the lower back. The natural flexion exposes the 12-o’clock area and guides the penis on the desired course. For more intense stimulation, do not only reciprocating movements, but also circular ones.

3. Swing

The principle is based on the beloved “Rider” – a girl on top, a guy on the bottom. Then the partners come close, bend their knees and thread their arms through the hole below them. To prevent the structure from disintegrating, you should hold on to the back or body of the beloved. Frictions are made towards each other by means of synchronous swinging.

4. Birch

The girl recalls the school physical education course, lifts her legs up, propping her torso with her hands. Place your ankles on your shoulders and begin the race for amazing orgasms.

5. Vertical

A guy should have remarkable physical abilities, but persistence in the gym will more than pay off in moments of intimacy. The girl jumps onto her partner’s hips, he supports her mistress by the buttocks. Jerks are done using micro squats .

6. Leaning Tower of Pisa

The partner saddles her boyfriend and leans back in slow, undulating movements. The intensity of stimulation is completely under the control of the lovely lady.

7. Dolphin

The girl raises her pelvis high, the guy grabs her under the knees and pulls her towards him, slightly lifting her feet. The shoulders and neck are the points of support for her.

8. Waterfall

As an inventory, you will need a hard chair or a stool. The boyfriend sits down as comfortably as possible, the girl enters his erect penis, and then the fun begins. She wraps her legs around her lover and rolls over backwards, laying on his knees. The guy leans a little towards her and makes frictions while massaging his breasts.

9. Pressure

The woman lies on her back, the man enters her and presses his knees to his chest so that the pelvis rises slightly.

10. Deckchair

The boyfriend sits down with his legs outstretched and rests on his arms, straight or slightly bent at the elbows. The girl throws her feet on his shoulders and lies down with a “jack”. Stimulation of the Grefenberg zone is achieved by sliding along the horizontal axis. Experiment and do not stop pleasing your passion in bed. Believe me, she will still thank you! 

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