What does the rune look like from impotence and damage

Previous generations could not do without the help of runes in solving magical issues, which are skeptical today. Some people to this day can make a runic becoming from impotence and damage. To deal with adversity, you need to know how to deal with it.

What are runes and how are they applied?

These are symbols that are applied to paper, things or some other surface, you can also carve them on wood. It is very easy to carry out the procedure yourself. It is important to remember that the applied signs must be sprinkled with their own blood. Only it is not recommended to engage in such things for people who do not know about the ancient alphabet and the conditions for handling it.

Rune signs reflect the essence of a particular energy that affects the environment. If they appear next to a person, they will certainly begin to work on attracting their meaning and purpose of creation. To break the connection, they are hidden away from the eyes in a bag.

What is becoming

This is a combination of runic signs that should not contradict each other’s meanings. They represent a spell.

The action of the staves is very fruitful, they can be aimed at solving a specific violation in life. Compiled according to principles that must be strictly observed. Especially if you decide to act independently. Runic formulas are highly effective, their action has been proven by numerous reviews of those who have experienced it on the forums.

You can influence the increase in potency by drawing the runes in a certain order.

Compilation principles

There are several rules that must be strictly adhered to, especially for beginners:

  • Do no harm! When activating symbols, in no case should you think about the bad. The signs will begin to work in this vein and will soon force the culprit of the troubles of another person to be punished for the committed evil deed.

If necessary, to get rid of the enemy, the envious, there are special runic combinations that work in this direction. Their action is aimed at creating favorable living conditions for the suffering side. If the offender exists in reality, then he will be defeated.

  • Do not achieve what you want by depriving this other person! Do not convey the negative associated with the environment to the signs. If you want to get rid of male impotence, do not think about someone else’s success among women, think about how to improve your own. The combination will work as it should, and not focusing on your desires. Believe in what you do without a trace, do not impose your opinion. Do not make the enemy become impotence, imagine your own well-being, and it will come.
  • Three characters. Simple consists of three characters. The first means the situation that has arisen. The second is the path of development, improvement or way out of the current circumstances. The third is the end goal.
  • Don’t go wrong with combinations. The energy directed during writing or composition is harmonized. It will be very difficult to change the finished version. Beginners should use only proven runic staves. You can find such combinations in the sources.
  • Make sense carefully. Your personal position should develop in relation to your needs. In this regard, layouts are used that are designed for a particular situation, taking into account the semantic load and participants in the process.

Effect on potency

Becoming a potency is necessary for a man with male impotence. The drawn signs instantly begin to transform the surrounding reality, restoring self-confidence. They are able to give courage. Designed to increase sexual desire.

Let’s analyze the combination of the necessary runes

Gebo – comes first in the list of combinations of runes to increase sexual desire. It means “gift”. In our formula, this is the gift of partnership. The energy of the symbol will increase the attraction of the opposite sex, and start the processes of natural magnetism. Most importantly, attraction will not go unanswered.

Uruz is a sign of strength and power. The runic symbol contains the power bestowed by nature. The rune speaks of good health and excellent potency.

Dagaz – desires, special tastes and inclinations of a person. Removes doubts, obstacles on the way to the goal, works on self-esteem. Opens up new spaces. Eliminates weakness, giving strength. Removes barriers in the head.

Inguz is a positive, most powerful rune in fate. Symbolizes God Inga, responsible for fertility. The kingdom of abundance is manifested in her face. In case of violation of male erection, she will direct the force to eliminate violations in the natural balance and broken forces of the body.

Runic becoming from impotence will work without fail. Its action is based on the inner faith of man. If you intend to conduct it yourself, then remember the rules for casting a spell. And find out the correct spelling of the characters in the sources.

Remember that you can not intentionally compose runic formulas for male impotence. The evil thoughts you send to the object will come back to you. Any magical effect in the form of the evil eye and damage has serious consequences not only for you, but also for your family.

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