7 enemies of sex you didn’t know about

Most of the problems with sex can disappear without a trace if you take into account those problems that you might not have previously imagined. We will reveal 7 common problems that prevent you from getting the most out of sex.

Sex should be pleasant, passionate, desired … This is exactly what gives our life pleasure and brightness. Sex is not a basic need or obligation that a man and woman must fulfill. This is one of the most desirable processes in the world. But this is theory. And in practice, sex sometimes becomes a difficult and not very pleasant thing. Some simply do not have the time, others believe that they get more pleasure through masturbation than through sex with a partner. Why is this happening? Despite the fairly common causes of problems with sex (physical or psychological illness, vaginismus, etc.), there are those that hinder us every day. Summer is a time of sexual activity, and if there is something that prevents you from getting maximum pleasure, then it’s time to start dealing with these problems. We have learned from sexologists what problems you can solve on your own in order to improve your sex life once and for all.

1. Excessive information
Yes, everyone seems to be talking about sex all the time. Internet, television, movies, print … We get information about sex from many channels, even from works of art. However, in this flow of information about sex, people lack a clear understanding of what sex is. Because of this, we are often disappointed in partners and in the process itself. So be able to analyze all the information yourself.

2. Unjustified expectations
Another problem that we hear and talk about a lot is unjustified expectations. This is due to the flow of information we receive from conversations with girlfriends and movies with passionate sex scenes. However, we forget that movies are fiction, and girlfriends often embellish reality. Thus, a misconception about sex or certain partners is formed. So all we get is disappointment. Well, let’s return to the first point and remember that it is important to analyze information on your own, and not blindly believe in fictions.

3. Stress
Our body gives in to temptation only when it is comfortable. In stressful moments, it turns on the survival mode, which is similar to the energy saving mode in a smartphone: only basic functions work and a small amount of energy is wasted. Of course, sex is inappropriate here. Sexologists recommend learning to avoid stress or to deal with it correctly, to control its manifestations. One of the ideal ways would be meditation practices that promote concentration and release from stress.

4. Unwanted Concessions
Do you often make concessions in sex? Doing often what you would not like? You may even agree to oral sex even though you don’t like it. In fact, it is wrong to make concessions to a partner without getting mutual pleasure. This may end up with one of the partners feeling like a spectator, starting to think about some rules of decency, instead of getting maximum pleasure. We need to get rid of these social prejudices and understand that sex is always different, no one has a set of rules to follow. Moreover, you cannot go against your will and do what you do not like.

5. Domestic problems in a couple
Many couples are very surprised when they come to a sexologist for a solution to a problem and expect to be given a list of positions and exercises to improve sex, and instead receive absolutely everyday tasks: to distribute household chores, decide who chooses films for sharing, etc. We often think that sex life has nothing to do with everyday problems, but in practice this is not the case. Some even put up with sex after domestic conflict. However, this is not the case with everyone. Remember that sex can also be affected by financial problems in the family, long-standing grudges, complexes. In such cases, we must not forget that the most important thing between two loving people is communication, respect and common decisions.

6. Lack of interest in the desires of a partner
Everyone loves deep penetration, right? Or not? Does everyone like it when they kiss on the neck, caress their nipples, whisper tender words in their ear? It seems to us that these generally accepted things are suitable and like absolutely everyone. However, it is worth accepting that no two people are alike, that not everyone likes coffee or sweets. It’s the same with sex: everyone has their own preferences. Therefore, another problem with sex is a lack of interest in the desires of a partner. Fix it and check the result!

7. Low Self-Esteem
To enjoy sex, you first need to love yourself. You can’t be afraid to show your body and have sex with the lights off. Lack of self-love provokes fears, shame, insecurity, guilt … Therefore, before contacting a sexologist, think about how much you love and respect yourself.

A severe psychological state is not a sentence for a relationship, and even more so for sex. Try 12 magical sex positions for those who are depressed. Perhaps this is what will help you get out of the oppressive state and build relationships with your partner. 

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