3 reasons why couples have less sex

Psychologists have identified the most common causes of decreased intimacy in a couple. They are associated not only with relationships, but also with external factors. But they can be controlled so that the passion does not fade away altogether . So that the amount of sex does not decrease, it is worth revising the lifestyle and timing. 

1. Work

As long as the couple is dating, there is no responsibility for the common future. And when he begins to live together, the understanding comes that it is necessary to stand up for a common future. Both man and woman begin to wonder how to improve their lives. And as a result, they strive to earn more. And to realize this, you have to work harder.

Being busy leads to fatigue, and there is no longer enough time and energy for flirting, dating. Even sex no longer always seems to be something pleasant and useful, because it takes a lot of energy.

How to change: work and high income are good, but you always need to devote time to loved ones. It is important to set aside time for rest to feel more invigorated, and time for sex. It is clear planning that will help you find a “window” for making love. And although there is little romance in this, it is a manifestation of care. 

2. Inconvenient conditions

The appearance of children changes family sex, it becomes less. The first time after the birth of the baby, the woman does not really want intimacy, and then it turns out that she cannot relax. Excessive sounds can wake up the child and attract his attention.

In a house with a child, it is not always possible to moan loudly, to arrange long foreplay. There is not enough time for full-fledged intimacy , and also constantly have to listen that no one woke up. It is especially difficult for couples who live in a small area, in which case sometimes there is not even a place for solitude. How to solve? Schedule time and leave the child with a nanny or parents. Make special moments of privacy that are dedicated to each other. 


3. Boredom in bed

Sometimes a couple is simply not interested in the bedroom. All movements are predictable, everything is repeated over and over again. And this no longer causes delight. And although this is how you can get an orgasm, it is still not as desirable an experience as it was at the beginning of the relationship, when the couple just got to know each other.

Boredom is easy to fight – you have to experiment . Any sex toys will help you try something new. There are dozens of items worth trying: vibrators for couples, anal stimulators, nipple clamps, intimate massagers. Erotic costumes and even BDSM attributes will not be superfluous . It is better to choose toys together. In this case, it is better to share your fantasies. As a result, there will be a moment of anticipation of the purchase, and already there will be more sex. Then came the period of experiments and first experiments. And each device can be used in different ways, so sex will happen more than once, which was required.  

What sex toys will help a couple make sex brighter?

There are 5 most popular items that are needed in every marriage. They are recommended by psychologists and sexologists. And users themselves buy them more often than others:

  • Mini vibrator. This little thing is suitable for caressing any external erogenous zones. You can touch the nipples, neck, feet, clitoris, head of the penis and scrotum. Vibrations cause arousal, help you reach orgasm faster. 
  • Vibrator for couple. It stimulates both, therefore it is suitable for every sex. Placed between bodies, complements the sensations. By changing the speed, you can bring closer or remove the moment of maximum pleasure. 
  • Butt plug. A toy for women and men. Anus caress is pleasant and unusual. It is ideal to use the option with a motor to feel not only fullness, but also vibration. 
  • Cock ring with vibration. A little thing that helps control the duration of intercourse and enhances her arousal. The special design is designed to stimulate her clitoris, which helps her reach orgasm faster. 
  • Vibrating egg. Remote controlled models are suitable for experiments not only at home, but also on a walk. The toy is placed in the girl’s panties, and the man controls it. And the vibration is silent, no one else will know about what is happening. 

Using sex toys won’t get bored in bed. At the same time, sex will not be too energy-consuming, because devices will help you pass the path to orgasm. Using additional items will increase the amount of intimacy, help bring passion back into the relationship.

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