Masturbation in the bathroom. How to improve?

In the bathroom, people masturbate most often. And this process can be improved. By adding simple accessories, you can have fun in the water faster. Or achieve more memorable sensations.

Why masturbate in the bathroom

Surprisingly, for thousands of people, the bathtub is the only place where you can retire . Not everyone has a separate room, and if there is, they can burst into it at any time. Not all relatives are able to observe personal boundaries. Therefore, people masturbate only where they manage to close. And most often it is a bathroom or toilet. At the same time, it is important not to make noise, so as not to attract attention , not to betray yourself to others. And there is not always enough time for the process, often you need to do it “quickly.” At the same time, self-satisfaction in water is a great opportunity for the body to relax. Warm jets can remove any tension, and an orgasm during washing to correct mood. And it can still be improved using special accessories. 


How to improve the masturbation of a woman in the bathroom

You can masturbate in water in different ways. Three methods are most commonly used:

  • Hand stimulation. Fingers caress erogenous zones. Reaching an orgasm takes time. 
  • Caresses with a stream of water. She is sent from the shower or from the tap. The impact is intense, but it is difficult to regulate the process. 
  • Exposure to sex toys. Methods that give maximum pleasant sensations. And you can use dozens of special items, getting hundreds of orgasms. At the same time, a peak can be reached quickly or slowly. 

It’s better to choose waterproof toys, because they give more sensations than other methods. Ideal to try the strong-willed clitoris stimulator, rabbit vibrator or full-size dildo.

Add grease. It will be useful even in a humid environment. But you need to choose a lubricant based on silicone, it is not immediately washed off with water. Lubrication will help to slip, any touch with it is more pleasant.

How to improve a man masturbation in the bathroom

Men most often stimulate their bodies with their hands. But this method is not the most interesting. Using special items, it will be possible to expand the range of experiences.

  • Masturbator copying body parts. It can imitate a mouth or an ass. Often they buy copies of the vagina of a famous porn actress. A special relief massages the body, causing bliss. 
  • Masturbator with an unusual relief. Such stimulation is difficult to compare with anal or vaginal sex, it is unique. At the same time, there are very compact sizes of sex toys that fit in your pocket. They are easy to hide. 
  • Automatic masturbator. Model with vibration. She does everything herself, a man does not even need to direct the toy, just turn on the desired mode and enjoy the pleasure. 
  • Anal stimulant. In the form of a prostate massager or butt plug. Helps to expand the range of experiences, and also helps maintain male strength for many years. 

Even for water procedures, you can use a vacuum pump. It helps to improve blood circulation in the penis, helps to cause a stable erection. And if you use it regularly, then it also allows you to cause penis growth.

Add grease. This recommendation is suitable for men. If you apply a lubricant to your hand or toy, the movements will be more realistic.

What sensations to expect from sex toys in the bathroom

The sensations of using any intimate object in water are different from using in the air . It is very sensual, but completely different. Therefore, it is a must to test a toy in different environments. But it is important to understand that for experiments in water, devices are used that are not afraid of moisture. They do not fail if they are immersed in water. At the same time, they preserve working capacity. 

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