5 mistakes in using sex toys

Improper use of sex toys can cause them to malfunction or give less pleasure. There are mistakes that should not be made so as not to be disappointed in the sources of pleasure. Avoiding them is easy if you know about them. 5 mistakes in the use of sex toys that are dangerous to health and deprive the user of pleasant emotions.

1. Do not wash on time

It is important to clean the toy after each use . It is necessary to wash off traces of a lubricant and secretions from it. If you do not do this, bacteria will multiply on the surface, which will lead to dysbiosis. For cleansing, it is important to use a mild soap or a special cleaner for sex toys. Once every one to two months, you can disinfect all devices with Miramistin or Chlorhexidine. It is important to cleanse the sex subject well before the first use . In the process of production, dirt, dust could get on it, it must be removed. There is no need to fear that someone has already used it, it is impossible if you buy a model of a famous brand. But disinfection is still needed. Why is a mistake dangerous? 


 The occurrence of diseases when using a dirty toy. Perhaps a violation of microflora or inflammatory processes.

2. Throw out after the first attempt

The first application does not always reveal all the advantages of using the device. And if something went wrong, do not immediately abandon the subject. Sometimes it takes time to appreciate a sex toy. It is worth trying different experiments : use in pair, use for masturbation, stimulate different zones, change the intensity of work. It will take several days, and this is normal. Sometimes the optimal method of application is not immediately. Why is a mistake dangerous? The item may be set aside as unsuccessful. But just was not finding the right approach. A good sex toy is useless because there was not enough time for experiments. 


3. Transfer to other partners

A toy can carry infections . If the person using it is sick, then the toy is infected. To transfer it to another, you need to wash it very carefully, and sometimes it is impossible if there are a lot of small parts. The transfer of even non-pathogenic bacteria from the anus of one person to another can also adversely affect health. This provokes indigestion, disruption of the digestive tract. Sex products are things for individual use. You can use them together only with trusted partners. And if transmission is necessary, it is important to use a condom. Why is a mistake dangerous? The possibility of getting sick. It can be one day of diarrhea or months of treatment for some kind of infection. 


4. Use maximum power

Vibrators have many modes, this is a thoughtful system that allows you to gradually increase the impact , reaching a peak. But if you immediately start with the maximum, this effect will not work. In addition, very strong vibrations are somewhat addictive. The nerve endings perceive the usual touch then not too bright. Sex without a vibrator may seem boring. This is a temporary effect, it is worth abandoning sex toys for 2-4 weeks, and everything will return to its original sensations. Powerful vibration is good, but it should be alternated with lighter touches. Why is a mistake dangerous? Loss of interest in this vibrator. The desire to constantly enhance stimulation, and as a result – dissatisfaction with most devices. 


5. Do not use grease

Sex toys that glide over the body must be used with plenty of lubricant. It improves movement, reduces the likelihood of chafing. And with her, the sensations become more pronounced . Add lubrication with vaginal, anal penetration, when touching the clitoris and even the nipples. A lubricant with sex toys is best used on a water basis. It does not interact with the surface, does not spoil it. Suitable even for realists who are the most demanding in care. Why is a mistake dangerous? Not getting the whole range of pleasant sensations. The occurrence of microtrauma: cracks, abrasions. Avoiding 5 mistakes in the use of sex toys, it will turn out to experience a maximum of pleasant sensations from operation, as well as extend the life of the products. 

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