Original and gentle wishes good night to your girlfriend

Women treat words with great trepidation, so wishing good night to your beloved is an integral part of a harmonious relationship.

Original wishes and written in your own words, gentle wishes good night to your girlfriend, in prose and in verse – there is enough room for imagination, and our tips will help you get closer to your loved one.

Gentle good night wishes for your girlfriend

Evening is a time for long reflections, it will be great if you send a good night message to a girl at this time. This way you will let her know about your serious and decisive intentions towards her. What can be written to be beautiful, original and sincere at the same time? Let’s see.

  • I wish you the same magical, incredibly beautiful dreams as you do. I want the moon, without taking its eyes off you, to admire your beautiful sweet features, so that the wind conveys my kiss. Sweet Dreams My Love.
  • My beloved, I wish you to rest after hard working days, so that you wake up happy and joyful, ready to conquer this world with your impeccable beauty.
  • I want every line of my message to penetrate into your every cell, so that you feel the full extent of my strong feeling that I have for you. Good night, my love.
  • I am immensely grateful to fate for the fact that you appeared in my life. So immaculately pure, bright, beautiful … I want the dreams that you have to see today to be as flawless as you, princess.
  • Evening comes, and your image scrolls in front of me again: your incredible smile, your languid gaze, graceful wrists … Now you are going to sleep, I remember your curves, smooth lines and I incredibly want to hug you, protect you. I hope you feel my presence near. I love you.

Sincere wishes

To write good night to a girl in your own words, and she reciprocated your feelings, it is not at all necessary to express thoughts artistically, it is enough to be sincere.

  • Good night, part of my soul. May your dream be guarded by a beautiful guardian angel. Let it not be disturbed by the noise of the leaves on the trees, or the joyful singing of birds at dawn, or the noise of passing cars. I wish to wake up with new ideas and ideas that you want to implement.
  • Dear friend, I want you to have the most amazing dreams this night, so that after reading my wish, you know that you have support and support. Remember, you have a person who will be with you, regardless of the circumstances and obstacles that arise on a thorny path.
  • Tonight I want to confess my love to you. You have such an incredible appearance, delicate eyes and a loving heart. I wish that the dream you have today is as magnificent as you.

Good night wishes in prose

If you do not know rhyme and poetic style, wishes can be written in prose. At the same time, they will look as impressive, impressive and unforgettable as poems. Consider the main options:

  • Darling, I want to write about how much your peace of mind, happiness and emotional state means to me, it is important for me that you feel good, not be sad and be truly happy. Now I want to wish you the kindest fabulous dreams. Good night, dearest person. I love you so much!
  • Dear, I know that I am not always right and fair with you, however, your well-being and mood are very important to me. I want the coming night to bring you a magical dream, faith in the fulfillment of desires and love.
  • My most significant person, I want to wish you sweet dreams. I wish you colorful and serene fantasies. I anxiously await meeting you in your dreams. Good night, your beloved.
  • Even if I cannot touch you with my hands, give you a gentle sensual kiss, stroke your silky hair, I know that you feel the power of my irresistible love without words. No distance will be a barrier to our senses. Good night, dear woman.
  • Now, when the night has come into its own, I think about you: about your exciting shoulders, soft gait, the blueness of your eyes. I imagine watching you while you sleep, gently removing a strand of hair from your forehead and kissing you for a long time. I hope that you, too, would like to be next to me now and fall asleep in my strong arms. Goodnight!
  • Incredibly miss your peaceful snoring . I hope we will fall asleep together soon. Kiss!

Wishes in verse

If you want to wish a girl good night in an original and unconventional way, you can send her a message in verse by choosing one of the following:

This serene night

With a wish of love –

The purest, most tender

I will dedicate my poems…

For me the only joy

Wish you peaceful dreams.

My reward, happiness, sweetness –

I know we will meet again soon.

I’m crazy in love with you

And happy that you are with me.

Go see the most wonderful dream

I hope we meet there…

It’s great that I have you

Beloved, so beautiful.

May all your dreams come true

In the coming dream, I protect you.

Good night wishes for a girl

Of course, the wish of a good night to your beloved should penetrate the soul and overflow with warmth in the heart. Here are some examples of warm and sensual wishes:

  • On this good evening, I want to wish you fabulous dreams so that you can see the sea, with its restless raging waves, which are so similar to our crazy feelings.
  • I consider that I am a happy person, because I have the opportunity to wish good night to the most beautiful girl in the universe.
  • My beloved, let the night wrap its arms around you, the light of the moon illuminates your beautiful face, and I will guard your peaceful sleep and look at you with loving eyes. Goodnight!

Original good night wishes for a girl

Any man always wants to do something unexpected and pleasant for his girlfriend, to surprise her. What words and wishes will look non-trivial? Let’s see.

  • On this warm romantic evening, I want to tell you about your importance in my life. You are the focus of all my aspirations, desires and dreams. I want to feel your breath, see how sweetly you sleep every day, wake up in the morning, make plans for the next day and feel your presence in my life.
  • Beloved, I want to wish you the most incredible dreams, in which there is everything that is important to you in real life. I really hope that you have given me a special place in your dreams.
  • It’s hard for me to fall asleep without your touches, without your sensual kisses, without peaceful measured breathing, from which I feel good and calm, and the whole world seems to be not so hostile and embittered. Goodnight, my Love.
  • When it is incredibly beautiful outside the window: the stars shine brightly in the sky, the moon modestly moves along the celestial horizontal, a light breeze barely stirs the leaves, I remember the same beautiful, incredible girl as this night.
  • I wish the most incredible, most beautiful, stylish girl the most unexpected fabulous dreams.
    I may not be the most ideal person on Earth, but I sincerely wish you good night!


In the article, we examined the most interesting and unusual wishes for a girlfriend. When writing to her, remember that the most important thing is the sincerity of your feelings and intentions that you have for your soulmate.

Words will be found by themselves, promising phrases weave their threads like lace, conveying your romantic mood.

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