Top 10 Foreplay Ideas Before Sultry Sex

For sex to be as enjoyable as possible, one should not forget the importance of pre-play. Here are 10 simple tips to help you take your fun to a whole new level.

1. Techniques of kissing

It is difficult to imagine foreplay without all sorts of lip touches. The mere thought of a passionate or tender kiss from a loved one makes many people tremble. Master a variety of exciting kissing techniques to drive your partner crazy. 

2. Edging

Do you want to diversify foreplay in some unusual way? Then try to apply the edging technique , because it can be used not only during sex, but also on the eve of it. By increasing and decreasing the intensity of foreplay, you can increase your arousal. 

3. Pompur

Inspiration for enhancing voluptuous languor is also worth looking for among the secrets of the pompur technique . This is an ancient sexual practice, during which the partner squeezes the vaginal muscles, which makes the wallpaper of the sex participants pleasant sensations. Many people overlook the fact that it is possible to squeeze the vagina not only during sex itself, but also in the process of foreplay, creating an unforgettable sensation. 

4. Bondage and domination

BDSM toys will help to diversify foreplay . Calm down, it doesn’t hurt. Use a variety of masks, bandages, handcuffs. Ticklers will help to evoke new and pleasant body reviews – these are special ticklers with feather brushes. 

5. Strengthening sensuality

Use techniques to train your sexual sensibility to fully experience the pleasure during foreplay and sex. Such techniques will develop the ability to touch, perceive visual and auditory pleasure, and also fully experience tastes and smells when you give or receive affection. 

6. Aphrodisiacs

Explore a variety of stimulants for sexual pleasure and enhancement. We recommend paying attention to harmless aphrodisiacs. It is not advisable to use means for expanding consciousness (both synthetic and natural). If you are attracted to such experiments, we recommend that you study the disadvantages of sex under the influence of marijuana. Take care of your health and do not go beyond common sense. You can have a romantic dinner with different stimulants of desire: with chocolate, strawberries, cream or seafood. By the way, did you know about the unusual aphrodisiacs that were used in different centuries and by different peoples?  

7. Erogenous zones of the partner

We – women – are rather selfish about foreplay, with little reciprocity. To make the night a success and your chosen ones also enjoy the foreplay, study the erogenous zones of men. Some guys are madly in love with foot massage, others get kisses on the inner thighs (after all, there is their holy of holies next to it). 

8. Role-playing games

If you have never participated in a sex role-playing game, then urgently correct the situation. Each of us has hidden fantasies in which we act in different ways. And someone wants to see a partner in a new role. You can use popular RPG ideas or create your own characters and scenarios.  

9. Stimulation by heat and cold

Do you feel that your body and / or your partner’s body does not respond vividly enough to the usual stimulation during foreplay? Try making some changes by adding a Physical Response Enhancer that combines warm and cold. You can use ice cubes (don’t keep them on your skin for too long), heated massage oil, menthol cream, cool cream, or candle wax. Alternate between warm and cold, but consider a few factors: Warm objects should not be too hot, and cold objects should not be too cold. The main thing is that you reach agreement with your partner when choosing stimulants.

10. Sexy wardrobe

Outerwear can be as sexy as underwear. By the way, did you know that there is lingerie that you don’t need to hide? Enrich your wardrobe with sexy bodysuit or bralette outfits and wear them before foreplay. Your men will be delighted, and you will feel incredibly seductive and desirable. Expand the sexual experience by bringing interesting ideas to foreplay. Do you want your follow-up sex to be perfect? Then learn about awkward moments in the bedroom by learning how to avoid them. Love you and mutual bright orgasms. 

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