5 unthinkable sex gadgets from the future are already with us

Gadget manufacturers are cunning people: they try to get into not only heads and wallets, but also into our bed. And consumers are just happy. Don’t believe me?

A person loves to turn any technology into pure sex. Soon after the invention of photography, the first erotic photographs appeared (then it was considered real pornography!), The video camera gave the world the first porn films, and of all electrical household appliances, the vibrator was invented the fifth in a row. He was overtaken by a sewing machine, fan, kettle and toaster. But the electric vibrator has become an indispensable device for doctors who used it to treat women from hysteria in the 19th century (which, it turned out, was caused by banal chronic sexual dissatisfaction).

Total: for all 113 years of its existence, the vibrator has come a long way from a medical unit to an accessory that gives relaxedness to any owner (even if it just lies unused on the far shelf of the cabinet).

Rating of the most sexual achievements progress

However, technological progress is moving inexorably further, working for the benefit of the sex satisfaction of humanity. Modern sex toys indulge low instincts in every possible way – they change in size, moisturize, heat up, pulsate and even ejaculate – just like living owners. But what really, if soon they promise the appearance of a vibrator that will analyze the behavior and habits of its mistress, adjusting to her individual characteristics.

The Pleasure Remote vibrator has already been created, which connects to special software, is able to listen to the actions of an outside user (it can be either a husband or a random Internet stranger), work to the beat of music (do you want to experience a real rock and roll orgasm?) And even to realize what is happening in the porn film in parallel with the video sequence on the monitor.

And for music lovers, there is a vibrating baby OhMiBod Freestyle W, created separately for exactly musical pleasure. The gadget vibrates to the beat of the music and can be connected to an iPod. You can wriggle to your favorite rhythms for five hours in a row in seven different stimulation modes.

Fashionable sex toys LovePalz and Vibease Vibrator are available in pairs to interact with a partner from anywhere in the world using a special mobile application. Phone sex is likely to fade into oblivion soon. For additional sensations, you can order an exact copy of the intimate parts of the body of your half.

The most intriguing reviews come from We Vibe – more than just a vibrator. The gadget can be controlled by a remote control, a mobile application, but the most interesting thing is that it is designed in such a way as to get double pleasure – from sex with a live guy and a vibrating gadget, the shape of which allows simultaneous penetration.

Top weirdest sex gadgets

Not all of them have a clear and clear purpose, but, apparently, they also have their fans, because demand generates supply.

1. Electronic condom

With the help of a pair of wires, the contraceptive is transformed into a sensory enhancer. Observe fire safety! (Joke).

2. Self-detachable bra

All ingenious is simple. In order not to pant, wasting precious foreplay trying to unbutton the bra with one hand, men came up with this wonderful thing. It is enough to clap your hands and a woman’s breasts will remain defenseless against the animal onslaught of passion.

3. Gaga

Many, learning about this device, can only say one thing: “Stop the planet – I’ll go down!” Alas (or fortunately), there is nowhere to go, but those who like to play at the gynecologist are happy – a vibrator with a built-in camera.

4. Dildomaker

The device looks like a large sharpener and is intended for people who believe that even a cucumber can be a sexual object. You insert anything into the sharpener (the same carrot) and you get a phallic object at the exit.

5. SexFit

A ring that is put on the penis and counts the calories spent by the owner during the act of passion. Moreover, the device will provide data not only to the owner, but also helpfully offer to post them on Facebook. So what? The digital age …

Here I would take – and start worrying. The dominance of gadgets is already distracting people from living relationships, what will happen when the perfect orgasm no longer depends on a real partner? However, the author of the article sincerely believes that live sex – dirty, barbaric, wet, brutal – will not go anywhere. Humanity has more than once made sure that there are no utopias.

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